MICE INFESTED Car Restoration 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT Part 2 – Complete Disaster Car Detailing

welcome back guys to Stauffer Garage part two of the
pontiac fiero project this one is going to be a doozy because not only have I
found mouse turds still remain and inside the car so we still have mice in
there but we’re also going to go ahead and find out what’s underneath the
engine bay for the first time today I picked up a battery so we can power that
power all the electronics inside the dashboard inside the car figure out
what’s working because the main goal for today is I want to rip everything out of
the interior I want to pull it all out find the mice nest mouse nest mice nests
anyways find the nest figure out where it is
because I need to get them out of the car before winter truly gets here I mean
right now it’s 34 degrees so it’s a bit chilly but I don’t want to be getting
any colder and I want to get the car inside the garage so we can really get
started on this project so if you guys are new and you guys enjoy these
restoration projects hit the subscribe button down below give this video a
thumbs up join the Stauffer garage COO and let’s
go to get started all right here’s the moment of truth
let’s see that’s not promising this is supposed to be the hood or at least
solenoid right here it looks like we have no power whatsoever all right we’re still not releasing all
right don’t be completely honest I have no idea what to do now. I looked online
they said drill it out that didn’t work. they also say bust open the taillights
as a last resort. I just found a mouse. the last thing that somebody mentioned
was take a chainsaw to the rear decklid I don’t know what to do guys that’s actually the craziest thing those
little guys right there are metal inserts that clip in and there’s a screw
behind it but they’re metal tabs whereas today those would all the plastic
push ins you guys got to see this before I pull
this out alright guys so yesterday we left off
with project Fiero and there was rain coming in and it was getting really
nasty so I had to stop but yesterday the main goal was just to start figuring out
where everything was and we definitely figured that out we found all of the
mice nests at least currently inside the cabin bay I’m gonna start pulling out
the panels today I want to get the carpet ripped out but all the panels
have to be literally sprayed down with vinegar bleach or Lysol something to
potentially worry about getting rid of all the urine and poop and potentially
the virus that mice can carry yeah that kind of scares me but this is day 2 of
the Fiero part 2 well I bought this bolt set and I bought the wrong ones so I
can’t get the seat belt off so I can’t get these column pieces off because they
wrap on the seat belts but to be honest it ain’t a bad thing because if you look
at the seat belts I think that’s the mice that did that that’s the only thing
I can think of is they actually chewed through the seat belts that stinks look
like I’ll be in this looking out for new seat belts too so we’re going to the
store real quick let’s go to the store and let’s go get some star bolts it’s
alright and we’re back. Thank You autozone for having the right bits in stock it’s crazy you can see here the
insulation that’s gone this is what the mice have taken and chewed out right here
as well to get to the to build a nest so it just shows this thing had been
sitting for a lot longer I think than they said there’s no way this thing
had only been sitting for two years no way no way
here let me show you something you can see here down in the bottom of the door
they built the nest inside there as well so this is a seat belt that have been
chewed through alright now it’s time to get the headliner oh this is gonna be
yucky that’s why I didn’t go over there and do
that ah dang it hate when the glasses fog up especially
in a car this nasty that’s typically what happens with
headliners they’re so brittle and thin and this one in particular I mean it was
already broken in several places but it just literally falls out but to be
honest the roof don’t look too bad bare like that either
let’s get this back piece out because this is where the nest was the biggest
one right there in the back one thing I recommend that anybody does if
they’re even into cars at all or if they don’t just taking apart a car like it’s
such a cool learning experience to be able to take a car apart and to work on
it by just pulling everything out you learn so much so now that we’ve gotten to this point
it’s time to clean up the both sides where I have all the bolts and
everything and then get the carpet pulled out and then start working on
pulling out some more of the das especially the HVAC system it’s like the last piece
cuz I got the mouse nests in the top but probably down in the blower assembly is
a whole bunch more so get that pulled out and then we’ll we’ll go from there
oh this is not good you guys guessed it let me show you this one those were some
of the carpet stains were coming from it’s a hole
you got another hole down there it looks like you got more rust more rust this is
pretty rested but that’s a big-ass hole and then there’s some rust up there from
the mice but that’s definitely where they were coming in and over there all right so driver-side carpets out and
they still got one hole two hole and then it’s all rusted but it’s not punch
through yet but that’ll all have to be ripped out I
mean you can see the mice where I’ve got a nest in there too got a nest
everywhere and the whole back side of this as I messed up they’re all inside
there I have to find it and rip it out so to be honest guys it’s kind of to the
point now where I’m questioning whether or not project Fiero needs to be project
scrapped if it’s floorboards of that rusty I’m concerned like the subframes
and everything especially in the back where the engine is because I mean I
still haven’t even gotten to the engine bay yet to see how bad that engine bay
is and see if that subframes completely rusted through to because if it is I
mean I can patch the floor in the driver’s side and the passenger’s side
and reweld in new metal pieces but if the whole frame is rusted I mean it’s
just a matter of time that it falls apart so

Glenn Chapman


  1. At least open up the rest and have a look! If nothing else, and the engine is still in good enough condition you may be able to make some cash just from selling parts! Those cars are very rare and any real car buff wants original parts if they're good!! But I wanna see it all! I know you was excited and probably very disappointed but it was amazing to see it come apart!!

  2. I'm watching @ the 5:29 seconds and I wouldn't have the persistence to keep going! WOW TO YOU! HATS OFF AND NOW BACK TO THE SHOW

  3. I would see what it'll cost to be professionally rewired, and check the frame and engine bay, go from there


  5. Get rid of it! I hope you didn’t pay more than $100 for that piece of shit!

  6. if you continue with this, and can't find a way to lure the mice out, i recommend a live trap. mice are smart, if they see a mouse trap with a dead mouse in it, they're gonna steer clear.
    get a bucket, at least 12" tall. put 1/2 inch of oil (vegetable oil usually works fine) and then a heaping glob of peanut butter in the middle. wild mice will jump in easy, but the oil inside stops them from getting enough traction to jump back out. mice are empathetic, so once you get one, more follow in a (vain) effort to rescue their companions.

    if you don't want to deal with live mice afterwards, increase that half inch of oil to 1 or 2 inches.

    hopefully this helps if you decide to continue on with the project

  7. youre gonna have to install a whole new floorpan and a whole new wiring harness, not worth it, it was cool to watch, but not worth your time

  8. Shit yesterday i found mouse droppings snd a nesy in my glove compartment and mu carpet backing eaten and spread all over my truck outside and car inside the garage…

  9. i think you should just scrap it … if you continue to restore it …its a ton of money spending right there…

  10. Not worth it bro, all the wiring you would have to replace and welding new pieces….. Scrap it and get something better as a project…

  11. Ok now I have ripped my car apart now how do I fix it back ????? Yep was an amazing experience….. And I learned that i should just give it to the professional s

  12. I tend towards the view of many others, that the Fiero is probably a scrapper. Draw up a point by point list to aid your decision, (a) rewire required, (b) rust repairs to floor, etc. these are known issues. What is the state of the (c) frames, (d) the engine, (e) the transmission, (f)brakes will need a rebuild (or a re-manufacture?) and so on.

    Is it a hobby, a learning experience or a job for a return? This way it can become easier to reach an objective decision and be able to say enough is enough, I should not do more.

  13. I'd say keep going, rust can be fixed but the wiring will be tricky, either you need a donor car or a custom wiring harness

  14. Where did you get the face mask? Also, what are some tips you have for one starting detailing?

  15. If you're not up to re-wiring the car (good excuse to do an engine swap), part the car out.

  16. I'm a new subscriber to you channel I'm a part time detailer I've really been enjoying your content and how you put everything you use in the links thank you for doing that this will really help me step my game up looking forward for you future videos thank you again a please have a great day

  17. Do some pricing the cars are starting to come up in value but might not be worth it. Being you haven't opened the hood or the trunk.

  18. Vomit Worthy at the beginning of this episode..but yet, i couldn't turn away! Greetings from Hampton

  19. Nah scrap it. Not worth the money, time, and possibly even worse things could be.

  20. I have enjoyed watching the effort and I really wanted to see the completion of the restoration but sometimes you gotta go with your gut and call it a day.

  21. I made the mistake of reading comments before I watched it so I was expecting a lot worse.

    There is a fiero specific junkyard. Might hit them up for a harness.

  22. Leave it gutted, patch floors and drop an LS1 in it for a drag car. No worry for wiring except for engine and tranny ????

  23. I think it's probably scrap. That is a serious amount of welding to get the floorboards in shape so I can't imagine what the engine supports/subframe looks like.

  24. At this point your only hope is a good donor car however it is likely it will suffer similar issues. Looking like a lost cause.

  25. If it was an 88 GT it may be worth saving… maybe but an 87 that needs that much… you’re like $700 in just the taillight lenses… it’s only a $4-6,000 car in great condition.

  26. Scrap it! cost of parts to reassemble will be much higher than the value of the car. Too much work and zero return in the end. Fiero is hardy a classic.

  27. This should have been project scrap from the beginning. No matter how much effort and money and skill and technique you put into it, you are still left with a FIERO. Not worth the effort, IMO.

  28. Yeah, I'll say scrap that thing, it's not just a matter of the rust, but if you installed the new battery and there was no power anywhere, that means the wiring harness is chewed in places that you have no idea where are they. So that means welding new floor panels, wiring harness and God knows that else. It's up to you my friend.

  29. You could have your seatbelts rebuilt. Matt1989 does that as well as crazy wonderful upholstery

  30. I love these cars… but this one is simply too far gone. Just the wiring alone is too much let alone the rust and all the cleaning and redoing the interior

  31. Part it out. Don’t just scrap it. There has to be some parts that other people can use for their cars

  32. Just a quick suggestion – you can expedite the process of cleaning out the interior (and be outside of the car) if you use a large backpack leaf blower to blow into the dash/headliner/etc with both doors open. It will obviously stir a ton up but point away from the garage and it can get alot of stuff out and far away from the car without you having to be “in it”. Shared from someone who has had to deal with similar issues when building racecars from abandoned street cars 🙂

  33. RUN AWAY. Take that to the scrap yard and find a detailing project instead of a full auto rebuild…

  34. As much as I like your videos, spending any money or time on this car is a total waste of your talents

  35. Sad to say, but scrap it. It's a nightmare of problems that would just be a money pit …

  36. Everyone is saying scrap but if hes willing to put the effort, money, time, and love into it, I'm down. This would be an incredible fix

  37. Make sure you HIT Subscribe to see more videos like that and more detailing transformations!
    Seems like the verdict is to ditch this build and scrap it!

  38. Hey, guy, do you know this kind of product call Herbalvet (Brasil) ou Sanytol (Portugal). They kill bacteria, virus and fungus. Find something like that to spray and really make the car safe. In this care I wouldn't agree on use only vinagre. Its your safe. Please take care.

  39. I think it's worth finding a different car. But I'm not a good judge. You've already battled through so much. It really does make sense to start a new one though. The rust level is high, and if that's what was under carpet… Whew.

  40. Just a heads up I think your Vlog channel link is broken. Leads you to a channel that is just one video that’s a linked video, not even from the channel itself

  41. Don’t restore it to original, maybe do a restomod. Then nothing of original wiring has to be used.

  42. You could use it as a content material, many of us would like to learn more about fieros, besides there's not many videos about them in YouTube, Not saying to restore it but use as much as you can to teach people or do tutorials

  43. I’m all for restoring old cars but at this point, I would use this car as a parts car and fix up another Fiero and sell that one.

  44. I had the same exact car and loved it but that one sadly is too far gone IMO. That will cost far more than it's worth and there are still plenty of them around to buy a better one.

  45. Bought a Jeep XJ recently with mice in it. Four old school mouse traps with peanut butter on them for bait fixed that problem. Also with all the rust and chewed wiring I would use this car for parts.

  46. After seeing rust and wires, I don't know that the car would be worth enough after all that time and money

  47. My jaw DROPPED when the headliner BROKE off and just made the whole car a dust bowl.

  48. No way would I want to discourage anyone. I really feel you will be more into this project than, its actual worth. I personally would sell the parts and scrap the rest in hopes of recouping some of your money. There are a lot better Pontiac Fieros out there for whatever your endeavor was for this?

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