Meningitis Trust Support Services – Counselling

my world fell apart you know we lost a wage I felt all kinds of things really i felt guilty I felt a complete failure that I hadn't got better from this illness in time to carry on work basically I mean it just it absolutely floored me I mean I mentally I just was a wreck I just couldn't cope with it at all and that was when the meningitis trust really really had me out because they put me in touch with a counselor and I'd never had counseling for any reason at all in the past but I can honestly say that she was wonderful and she turned my life around because I think without her you know I was just in this tunnel of doom and I just couldn't see the wood for the trees I still felt awful physically never had a day go by where I felt even remotely well and is she enabled me really to do see that I hadn't failed at anything I hadn't done anything wrong therefore I wasn't guilty of anything and that actually I had to move on okay life wasn't going to be the same game and I had to leave that all behind me yes okay grieve for it and say goodbye to it all but it had to stay in its proper place and I had to move on so that was a big turning point really because although at that stage I've still wasn't capable of very much it did sort of it was a stepping stone really at a springboard to getting on with my life as things slowly started to get better

Glenn Chapman

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