Meet Lamar, Housekeeper at Renaissance Village Murrieta

my name is Lamar mark and anima housekeeper I've been in this industry with assistant living over 20 years I started in the dining room for five years and I transferred to housekeeping and I've been doing it ever since I always liked working and talking to older residents my grandmother lived with me so I just loved the stories their experience and I enjoy how I like being around older people because they have a lot of history a lot of good advice I went to for early child development and then I went like a trade school for a dental assistant but this is the most I like this industry mostly all the time I just feel more comfortable with it you know I worked at sunny Rose Glen for four years and at Cherry Hills for like almost 14 years I liked it because as a housekeeper I can interact with my residents I get to talk to them I also like to sing so I'll sing to them and they really enjoy that you know I feel like I'm a part of their lives they're part of my yes I think even in the dementia area or music hits they just like it blows them away they're really enjoying it and I really enjoy it because it's it's amazing how they can interact with music once you start singing or playing it I like work you with my co-workers because we can work as a team if there's anything that needs to be addressed we work together as a team to get the problem or the solution salt what I like working with residents is that I enjoy their company I enjoy some of the things way back that they lived through and they could tell me about you know like the depression difference history that they lived through it so that's why I enjoy it I've been married for years I just got recent this is my second marriage my first husband passed away and I've been blessed in fact we worked together that's how I met him no he retired from there but we were really active over there with all the residents and stuff when I'm working yes I have four children have with janae shamash of Vinson and a palm there were four about my first marriage my first husband David had the two boys and I raised them together with our two daughters so I love to go hiking I love to work in the yard and I love to cook plant flowers right now we have a vegetable my husband made up a box him and his friend bill so we're going back to dolls green bell peppers chili just different stuff we just started I like the outdoors a lot a little cookie enchiladas I like to bake anything I like to try any Meo sake also I like music used to sing in a church and at first I was kind of holding back but then well I had a resident that was very ill going to pass on I started singing to her so I felt why should I keep it to myself I need to share it so I share it all the time when I can I would share with them they need to be with other people their age they need to be they need to socialize with other people their age and plus meet other different people they try to encourage a lot of independence which I like because they still need that but also the help when they need it you really have to be compassionate you really have to care and if it's really a blessing it's a blessing I'm a social butterfly I like to welcome people in the end this community because it's it's something new for them and I don't want him to be scared I want up to build as comfortable as possible

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