Mean son [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.07.08]

Glenn Chapman


  1. If I talked my mother like that I would be dead meat although that mother is also wrong

  2. The mom should be more understanding. She should have relate to his son because he has the exact same behaviour and both of them are hard headed. I am truly disappointed with the mom because she totally against her son dream even though she haven't seen him playing soccer before. That's so unfair. No wonder her son did behaving rudely to her plus his personality is exactly like his own mom. That's why they just keep fighting to each other. I've experienced this before and I'm the one that stuck in the middle. It's so painful

  3. "But sports aren't my plan."

    That's your son's life.

  4. i really suggest the mom to watch Sky Castle K-drama so that she will understand it’s his son’s life.

  5. Hey mother , why you didnt trust your son ? Why didnt take it postively? Its began with you first

  6. If you see his reaction when his mum called him "my son hosong" you can see how lacking he is in terms of love and supportive words from her, she made him like this

  7. Host : Why not just let him do what he likes?
    Mom : He isn't good enough to go pro.
    Host : You've seen him play?
    Mom : No.
    Also mom : He doesn't have the talent.
    Host : So have you ever seen he play?
    Mom : No.

    Me : Hahaha… Bullshi-cago…

  8. I'm so jealous to his son. He already made a path for his future and here i am still not sure about my path. I hope his mom would support him play and not became a hindrance because most of those kids that are being stop would literally end up his career and just stay at home and became hard headed.

  9. Its mostly the parent's fault😡 but they dont realize it and act innocent, blaming it on the child lol😤 the mother was lookind down on him too which can be very mean for the child.. so what they mean is that she can be mean & heartbreaking to the son and the son cant do the same to the mom? Its unfair and the mother is just taking advantage to act all innocent just because she's the mom

  10. Well thats a typical tough asian parent. But the son is a typical rude white brat hes not even a child anymore. If they continue doing things they will regret in the future, they will spend the rest of their later life with regrets especially the mother. She keeps playing tough shell keep growing their gap. A child will get over quickly but a mother will always bear the pain. Good luck with that

  11. I really wonder if they can invite blackpink..? Cuz I really want to see them on this show, it’s my fav show everrr

  12. i dont take the son's side but i think what he said about when his mom lied to him buying toy if he got good grade, its actually a good point.. if u look at it from a business perspective, an employee do his best to get good results is because of the compensation/the reward the company give him.. what would happen if an employee, who did great get nothing? i bet he gets frustrated and might consider resigning and the company lose a good employee.. might seem so simple in this son's case but its actually an important thing..

  13. The mother is so negative towards her son. Be supportive everyone has their own strengths!

  14. Im so so sorry but this looks like a creepy drama, where the woman acts nice but she is a weird psychopath

  15. I come all the way here to see the comments and I’m glad I’m not the only one who find the mom is… off? she tries to control her son too much and want everything goes by her plan but it’s her son’s life! omg 답답해!!!

  16. the mother is right. she wants what's best for him. he's stubborn and says he's dumb so that's why he wants to pursue something that wouldn't require "proper" education. he's taking the easy way out because he doesnt like anything and knows he's not academically capable and that's why he's so annoyed with his mom takking concern for his grades and how he's doing in school.
    becoming PRO soccer player is HARD AND COMPETITIVE.
    he's a fucking spoiled rotten ungrateful turd. let him try to be a soccer player. he will fail and see his mother and brother was right and see how foolish is was for him to treat his mother like that just because he "wanted to chase his dreams".
    its harsh, but not all dreams can come true.

    more into the episode I can see he's an immature kid. so annoying.
    you're all saying the mother is bad and that you hate her or people like her, but its because you're all unrealistic and immature like this kid.

  17. She seems like the kinda teacher that tells her student they can do whatever they want in life, but sees everything that her OWN son does against her will as problematic. Nah, I wouldn't want a teacher like that.

  18. and suddenly today i am so very grateful to god than ever before that this educated women with great profession is not my mother… if my mom had her personality i would've run away from home

  19. we all know both are at fault…but his mom should first open up more to her son because she is a mom…she is more matured… she just wants her son to understand her feelings her sadness without any expression without telling him what hurts her which is the worst… and she just totally look down on her son's dream without even seeing him play… she's just trying to control his life his future…. no never… he should experience the worst also…

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