Massage Therapy : How to Give a Healing Massage

Hi there, I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae and
I’m going to give you a few tips on how to give a healing massage. Now the very first
thing you want to think about is you want to create a healing and relaxing environment,
which means you want to dim the lights, you want to light some candles, you want to play
some really nice, soothing music and you want to get the client ready to accept that they
have to relax. Their breathing’s going to slow down and they’re going to be ready to
accept this healing massage and all that massage can bring. Now, the first thing you want to
do in a relaxation massage is you want to just go ahead and start to relax a client
which means long, nice, uninterrupted strokes. And this is called effleurage. This is one
of the basic techniques in a Swedish massage. Now a healing massage can mean many things.
A healing massage can be a deep tissue massage. A healing massage can be a Cranio-Sacral massage.
We’re going to do, we’re going to do thee example and this relaxation massage today
because it is very, very healing to the body mind and soul. Now one of the other things
you want to remember is to go only as deep as the client is ready for to go. You want
to really relax that tissue first. You don’t want to go too deep because if you’re going
to stress a client out, they’re going to lock up and you’re not going to be able to get
in there. So you really want to create a really nice, relaxing environment. You want to create
strokes that feel good to the client. And you want to make them be able to relax. You’re
going to increase circulation, increase range of motion, increase flexibility. The second
technique you use is called Petrissage and this is the French term for kneading. You’re
going to take your two hands and you’re going to knead that tissue right in between, you’re
going to lift that tissue up, create lots of space for blood to flow, increase circulation
brings clean oxygen and nutrients to each part of your muscle tissue keeping it happy
and healthy all the time. Now, the third technique used is called friction, and this is just
circular compression, just like this. Compressing the muscle in a circular motion and that’s
a great way to increase circulation, increase muscle tone, and a great way to decrease muscle
pain. The fourth technique is called vibration, and this is actually just taking your hand
and vibrating it on the tissue. You’re really waking up that muscle and that nerve tissue
underneath, increasing circulation and creating a nice environment and the last technique
you’re going to use is you’re going to use Tapotement and this is an alternate method
where you can use your hands in different types of movements. You can use Tapotement
this way with your fists, with your hands in alternate movements increasing circulation.
You’re going to see that his skins going to start to get red. That’s the increased circulation.
That’s the blood flowing to the surface of the skin. And also, you want, can do this
in many different ways. You can do this fist beating, or you can cup it as well. These
are great ways to increase circulation in your client. So those are just a few tips
on giving a healing massage. I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae. Take care.

Glenn Chapman


  1. This woman sounds like a radio disk jockey. I can't relax with the way she talks. She stresses me out LOL.

  2. With the right haircut I bet she would be smoking hot! She's got a killer body. Anyone else agree?

  3. …And I'm mondae from unnatural mondae. I give the kind of massages that make my clients scream like a girl.

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  6. very interested in massage; may change career to this not sure yet. Helpful video though.

  7. thank you, Sundae! Very good video. Clearly explained, very personable, and not overly long. Well done!

  8. Aaaah ! It was just a normal massage …. where is the healing part ? Is that what you called "Healing Massage" ???? 😉 Please don't misguide …. :-O

  9. She's only been doing for 2mins and sounds like she's already out of breath…

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