Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Reintegration Fellowship

I very much enjoy living in London it's a very dynamic and cosmopolitan city with plenty of energy there's something for everybody I'm Spanish I was born and raised in Japan and I did most of my studies in Canada my expertise I guess is in human genetics of infectious diseases which is what I continue to do now this is my second Mary Curie action fellowship it's the reintegration grant it has allowed me to come to London at Imperial College to continue work on my initial postdoc studies which was on the human genetics I work on the genetics of herpes simplex encephalitis herpes simplex encephalitis is actually a very rare CNS infection life-threatening infection of children the results from the research will help the children by identifying those at risk we can treat them with antivirals to prevent encephalitis from occurring I'm trying to contribute by bringing my expertise that I've gained in my postdoc in Paris which is understanding the molecular genetics there is probably no more important aspect in science than fresh and creative ideas and by bringing the thinking of one group for example the group in Paris that vanessa has been working with to a different way of thinking of our group in London there is always a new creativity which develops from this exchange I'm passionate about human genetics and the ability to contribute to science is what keeps me going so the major hurdles in continuing research is obviously to find financing for the projects and obviously the mercury actions has been extremely helpful for that having your own funded research is always a positive thing and it's definitely contributed towards sort of my maturity as as a scientist marek your actions encourages women in science it gave me two opportunities which I have benefited from greatly and I know of other fellows who are mercury funded and have been able to take advantage of the maternity benefits which is always there's obviously a problem for women in science the key benefits of mercury actions is well not only does it allow you to pursue the science that you want to do but it also bears in mind that you're a person meaning not only for that project but you're trying to build a career and they do have a lot of networking opportunities and development opportunities which are lacking in a lot of the other fellowships when you look at CVS and see what people have done somebody who's gone through a selection process which is very competitive which only takes the the most promising and high level candidates and is successful in obtaining a prestigious award like the Marie Curie fellowships that is already an important thing on your CV plans after this Fellowship is to establish hopefully my own group Marie Curie actions is highly regarded by all in the community a very prestigious thing to have associated with my work

Glenn Chapman

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