Marianjoy's Driver Rehabilitation Program

hi I'm Anne Hague Berg and I'm occupational therapist and certified driver rehabilitation specialist at Mary Android rehabilitation hospital in Wheaton Illinois Mary Ann joy has the most comprehensive Driver rehabilitation program in the state we have six different vehicles in our fleet including both high-tech and low-tech fans in addition to Illinois we also provide services to individuals in the surrounding states the first step in the driver rehabilitation process is a clinical evaluation this includes assessing the individuals vision cognition and motor skills because driving relies heavily on vision we use the vision tester to ensure the individual meets the state vision requirements for driving we assess the client acuity depth perception and peripheral vision funded here good attention memory and concentration are also required to drive so cognition is also evaluated in the clinic last but not least we look at the physical abilities of the individual to determine if they will need adaptive driving equipment the first step is getting into a vehicle and either storing the wheelchair or driving from it this adjustable ramp simulates the angles of various wheelchair accessible minivans enabling an individual to practice in our clinic prior to purchase a power lockdown device used in the driver station of the vehicle to secure the drivers wheelchair in places available and the seatbelt system allows a person to wheel into an already buckled seatbelt for safety purposes because some individuals have weaknesses in their arms this steering simulator allows us to measure their strength throughout the turn of the steering wheel we can also measure the force requirements in their own vehicle if adaptations are required we have a vehicle with reduced effort steering these remote controls can be placed anywhere in the driver station to access the gas brake and steering there are wide variety of hand controls that can be used for acceleration and braking this pedal guard is used to prevent a foot or prosthesis from interfering with the hand controls and this left accelerator pedal is for someone unable to gas and brake with their right foot what's the clinical portion of the evaluation is complete we're ready to drive for the purposes of this video we're going to demonstrate mary enjoys hi-tech van the individual enters the minivan through the power operated side door the floor of the van has been lowered for additional Headroom the wheelchair is maneuvered into position to enable them to transfer from their wheelchair or to drive directly from it the equipment that our client has practiced within the clinic is now configured to be used in the van to maximize their abilities behind the wheel the hi-tech van is equipped with a touchscreen that controls the ignition gear shifter as well secondary controls like the windshield wipers lights and windows although the individual may have many years driving experience driving with adaptive equipment is a new and challenging experience that's why all our evaluations take place on the campus where the driver will encounter minimal traffic and slower speeds following the evaluation the next step is behind the wheel training this varies based on the individuals prior driving experience as well as the type of equipment they're going to use during training all aspects of the driving task are addressed when a person is ready to road test with the Secretary of State it's done in one of our vehicles the final step in the process is working with the mobility dealer to fit all the equipment to the clients personal vehicle based on their individual needs the Mary enjoys specialist is available throughout the process to help answer questions and give input for more information on Mary and Joy's driver rehabilitation program call 1-800 four six two two three six six

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