march madness. economic woes. pentagon budget cuts. // Auto-Tune the News #1

Mr. Gingrich, what do you
think about Obama wanting to cut down on nuclear weapons?
In the key of C. And… go! Uh, I just think that it’s very dangerous
to have a fantasy foreign policy. And it can get you in enormous trouble. What’s wrong with fantasy?
I like fantasy and I live in the sea! We must rebalance this
department’s programs in order to institutionalize
and finance our capabilities. Yeah, forget about the jets; Use our super soakers,
get Al-Quaeda wet. Tar Heels: rolling on to Monday night!
Another convincing Carolina victory. Ooh, that’s cool, but it ain’t time
to pop the hennessy. Michigan State: heading to the
national championship game. Your team responded late here,
coach, how did you do it? Three words: Vi ag ra. There will continue to be job losses.
The remainder of this year. The question is will they
continually go down Before they begin to rebound?
Before they begin to rebound. Will they go do-do-do-down?
Before they begin to rebound. And now it’s my pleasure to present the
2009 National Championship Trophy to Coach Roy Williams
and the North Carolina Tar Heels! You can just tell the unity you had.
It’s something very special. And we saw it on the floor tonight. Oh yeah… Michigan thought
we was playing some football. Lions’ stadium;
they played like the Lions. Throwin interceptions on the first down; Watchin us dunk on their ass.
Goin home cryin. Congratulations, Wayne. I know you’re emotional.
Talk about what this feels like. Feels great.
You know… You never know what this feeling
feels like until you experience it. It’s something that you
really can’t explain.
(Yeah, yeahh…) (Yeah, believe in your dreams)
Yeah, yeah. You know you can
never explain the unexplainable. Auto-Tune the News (auto-tune the news)
Auto-Tune the News (auto-tune the news) Tragedy sounds better auto-tuned – Ok, so… so you’re saying you like…
– So you… But you like… Oh. You like the double interview?
You like both of us asking questions… – At the same time. You know… More…
– Is it, is it distracting? He… I think he likes it.
The double… interview. – Yeah. Double. Two.
– Two… – Two times as good.
– Ten times. – Ten times as good. With two people.
– Yeah. – Three people. Including you.
– Yeah. Yeah.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Thumbs up if you hate people who asks for thumbs up. Errrr… what the hell?

  2. Turrets said "Auto-tune the News" at/near the end of the vid.

    I swear.

  3. @yaahman74 Its not the "CW" it just looks like that. Its called "CNN"

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  5. Set to this melody, they could be telling us the skies are falling and somehow, it'd be OK

  6. and i hate people who hate both people who ask for thumbs up and who comment on the people who ask for thumbs up.

  7. Its been years since they made a new one. Why aren't they making anymore vids? Your fans miss you guys and gal.

  8. the lady is so funny to me, especially the mustache rebound part lol 

  9. You think Newt Gingrich isn't a good politician, and then you realize he is the first person to be featured on Autotune The News…

  10. How do you do this (With the autotune)? I can't find a tutourial :,(

  11. We just did not deserve this. What a brilliant piece of Internet history.

  12. You guys have grown so much, brings a tear to my eye. keep on doing what you doing, I will follow you until the end of time. or until I die, whichever happens first.

  13. i was right this did exist, i wasnt just insane
    also this has been on my favorite list for 6 years now, amazing

  14. I feel like this is where they got the inspiration for the Schmoyoho theme song.

  15. I love the green halos! I absolutely love these! How have I never gone back this far?!

  16. Wow the news used to be so quaint. So much nicer than the Nazis and children concentration camps today. I guess they don't make these anymore cause the news ain't funny anymore.

  17. Comment post time: April 11, 2019 – 12:01am ET

  18. The only thing that doesn’t age well is the green screen keying.
    Everything else got better as they went on.
    Here’s to another 10 years 👍

  19. Here’s to another ten years of beautiful bops and unintentional singers

  20. I remember when this was new, and holy crap that chroma keying is terrible lol.

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