[Applause] hello everyone this is J I'm back again and today we're going over to Manila Bay we're going to see if they close it already hopefully they didn't suck I show you guys the bay but we're going over there we're going to see how it looks and just see the renovations that they're doing but pretty soon they're closing down their fencing it up so we're going now we definitely want to get a look at how it looks because you see it on pictures all the time we've seen it in person before as well but we want to see exactly how it looks right now so let's get to it yes so we made it over here by the bay we're not by the main part right now I got out here because I want to walk up the strip and just show you guys how it looks now before usually when I will go past this area you see a lot of people in poverty all-knowingness bay walk over here so I just hope that the government has to work for them to go because a lot of the people over here that were in poverty they're not connected to their families in the province anymore so they have kids they have family friends all out here that are in poverty so I just hope they have somewhere to go [Applause] here swimming in the water yeah what an axe make you feel itchy if they feel itchy that's something you know about a superdate I think this lady over there is washing with the bait water I definitely wouldn't advise that so this is a coming up right now that the lady that was actually showering in the way you see right there she's so wet she was wiring I don't think she had soap tool maybe she's a quad so close okay don't be asking that's some questions working his Georgia there's a dirty lizards will you know does she wanna wash had to do hot room did her wash our clothes in the water yes cable can have a beautiful gate of journalists guys too she's too shy to ask to ask questions so this I can definitely see the vision over here for the bay just by looking at it you know it's definitely lifted a walk over here and also it's like a Miami style area it's a lot of hotels over here so this is actually a great area for foreigners to visit as you see they have the hotels over here it looks like something out of Miami Beach so if you understand the turf days vision what he wants is when you see all these uh hotel ships here they actually should be the ones that are funding this and also helping but it will help them but make more business so I can actually see the plan from a business standpoint so I totally understand what the tert days trying to do if if he wants to make this sort of like a beach area it needs to be clean because this is a mission a lot of money in this area of the different tourists that he can bring in if this was cleaned up but like I said before the only thing I suggest is he to provide something somewhere to go for the poor you know places like Tonto over here where you won't see right now but actually poor come here and sleep at night as you see that you've seen earlier the kids were over here diving in the water and we actually seen a lady over here actually washing in the bait so I just pray that there's some way that they can find them some somewhere in some way somewhere to stay in some shelter because it's definitely needed in this area so yeah we're going to walk out of here I can definitely see I can see their vision for this area so let's see how it comes out and in the crazy thing is the crazy thing is that if there were once he gets it to the point where you know he can do this with every area as you see come on just look at this right here at this at this level I'm at it looks just like Miami back there put the palm yeah with the palm trees you see the hotels and then you turn around over here it's the same thing as hotels this way and it goes all the way up the block over there then it goes all the way down there so it goes for miles and kilometers I should say of hotels out here so you know you have to see the vision he you know he's thinking of a way to make this a main tourist area meaning it's definitely a lot of tourists out here now but he wants to be the he wants the whole Philippines to be area that makes money because it is a lot of foreigners come here you know to where he would like to bring in some of that traffic that's coming from Thailand and these other places you know actually Philippines does have a lot of work to do as far as the queue scene and make getting it to the point where it's like Thailand qz n– and things like that but it has the potential if people do take pride and the end cuisine and also preparing their food the same as they do in Thailand so the Philippines definitely has some work to do but it does have that does have the potential so just look out for the Philippines just definitely on the rise and I think it's gonna be some good turnarounds and I'm happy came out here when I did Thank You Kuya thank you chuckling okay do we get you fresh one [Laughter] no waiting thank you so let's let him get one you're killing yes yes yes yes one let me get one okay be nice bro come on now he's not gonna get it she's gonna get it okay okay she's gonna get it he's gonna give me a fresh coconut let's see this picture yes Victor get drunk alone this McKay skills he's going up I remember nice to be able to do that Wow what it's professional care come on now he's a professional you got it he's up there safe – okay come all the cameras okay G full I can catch him yes okay okay sit step back I know move I understand right on my head oh that's somebody juicing that's a good one you won't drink some it's good coconut you crazy please being so so sure he's not gonna fall okay he doesn't run a regular basis he's a professional you don't want that you do the daughter now that good woke up a little beige are you the man you're the man you opening it fresh coconuts we almost occasion I adore do people moment [Laughter] so scared in the street going minigun hey dude what is you giving good all right I put it away on iodide beginning a salad eat a hundred chairman and I have so I had an idea and a nickel yeah have any video on the great together me close this yes so that was that was cool that's the thing in Manila let's say for instance if you want a coconut you can get one right up the tree you know and it was worth to giving them the money because they took a risk to climb up there and get it for me and also the hustle on the right way so why not all right so they're allowing people to go Nick close to the water yeah I guess this is gonna be the beach beach air it makes sense and they're gonna expand it so how they're gonna keep it I guess when it's low tide maybe all right but this is like the small beach here that guess they're gonna make bigger so starts about right there with a rock star right there which is about 20 feet away you turn around and then this is like a little small beach area or if they want to make it a beach they definitely may need to expand that here goes the beach area over here it was over here right now and excitement waiting for it to come but already just from talking about it just from building the craze about it people are coming and they didn't clean it up somewhat already see where you don't see any garbage around at all so they have cleaned it already they just need to somehow get the smell out but believe it or not it's not you don't smell the smell too much over here you smile it down there which is weird but over here I really don't smell anything you know some other bulbs over there right yeah yeah yes word whatever they did I guess is good because it does not stink over here I still wouldn't uh get into water yet and go swimming but I've been on some beaches and it's worse than the smell over here so this is pretty good especially from another base there's still that more work to do sorry should we still walking up [Applause] and this relaxing it's like a little small beach it's kind of like the size of a small private island say when you're island-hopping or something like that that's about the size of it like a very small private island but even though it's not a private island that's gonna work there like I said before with the hotels here and everybody coming from other countries like I said before makes sense why the Turk day wants this area together okay he's a big welcome channel over here we almost at the end nor defeat we go around this way it's Facebook city here Facebook city alright so you're going we almost have to at the end over here okay so right over here we're almost about at the end

Glenn Chapman


  1. Bro it's been a long time since I caught your channel! Glad to see you're still representing in the Philippines! One of these days man 🤔 I'm going to come meet you up over there mark my word! Respect from LA!

  2. I remember you talking about working online. Could do an updated video on that subject again.

  3. I was in Manila for Christmas. The whole city has a bad smell. I stayed in the Sofitel Plaza witch I liked. I want to go stay in the Philippines a few months to be with my fiancée but I need to know how to make money online. I like your videos. Keep them coming.

  4. Palitan nio na c erap. Sana magising na ang metro Manila.. Nakita nio naman nung president cia. Wala ciang kwenta. Naging mayor cia ng metro Manila.. Wala pa rin ciang nagawang maganda.. Sana maging eye opener na sa inyo ang mga nang yayari sa Maynila Bay at buong metro Manila kng gaano kadumi ..kaya hwag nio iboto c erap please..

  5. This is how Filipino's ignored the signs not to swim there. Most Filipino's are very undisciplined and hard headed. Only in the Philippines!

  6. I'm a 35 year old Black American born in the Bronx.Your videos have convinced me to make that move to the Philippines in 2020.Can you make some budget videos?

  7. tweet: Leaders, redirect swimmers to the permitted swimming waters nearby—provide a ferry boat to transport them safe beach where swimming is safety and permitted. Is there a beach swimming water where these swimmers can go? Is it far away?

  8. Filipinos are STUBBORN and lazy,everyone wants to live in Manila and Makati and they don't care wether they stay in slums/squatters as long is cheap .The TRUTH is the goverment have the money for the public especially the poor and the impoverished..anyway,thanks a lot mr DUTERTE.

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  10. Hello Brother….I was wondering if I came to the Philippines with 10 thousand dollars, How far will it get me?

  11. It is a Miami seashore by a quick glance on the video. 😳

  12. Marami talagang pinoy na estupido na hindi marunong umintindi.Wala silang pakialam basta ang kanila ay kung ano ang gusto nilang gawin tapos pag may nangyari sa kanila aasa na tulungan sila ng gobyerno.Setbwe.

  13. amazing i never seen manila bay like that wonderful now we can compete to the other country in near future keep it up philippines i"m proud of u.

  14. I still see a lot of buttheads swimming in the area , hay nako, i hope those people not following the rules would pay fine., those kids are strong lol


  16. Mga politico tulad ni erap mas gustong maraming mahirap kc magagamit nila s political ambition ambunan mo lang ng bigas at kunting pera iboboto k n ang kapalit makaupo s pwesto o mayor ng maynila aminin ntin totoo hindi lang c erap karakihan s kanila sana maging maingat s pagboto lalo n s nalalapit n election

  17. Millions around the world have witnessed the Rehabilitation of the Manila Bay that once a tourist attraction. We are hoping to see the sincerity of all Filipinos in restoring the cleanliness & beauty of the bay.

  18. ang tigas talaga ng ulo ng mga kabataan dapat sa mga yan hulihin at ikulong ng magtanda sinabi ng BAWAL MALIGO sus ginoo..

  19. It’s been four decades since I left Phil. Give 👍 for Pres. Duterte 👌you’re no☝️

  20. fine the lawbreakers & send them to jail if they can't the pay the fine ….. that's how you maintain it like what singapore government did to their country not only manila bay but the whole country ….. san carlos city already did it, that's why their city is really clean …. good job everyone who volunteered cleaning the manila bay …….. mabuhay !!!

  21. The government have a budget for the relocation of the displace illegal settlers.

  22. tigas talaga ulo ng mga filipino, sinasabi na bawal maligo kaya wala asenso pilipinAs eh. nakakahiya sa mga ninunono natin,

  23. Mga dilawan bobo pilit tawagin manila bay clean up. Ang katutuhanan it's manila bay rehab. Malaking pag ka iba yan kasi kahit sa time ni panot lagi naman may clean up pero hanggang doon lang walang tunay na action laban sa mga nag dudumi sa manila bay. Iba na ngayon meron nang ipapasara at multa.

  24. Clean up your mess and put it in the trash! Do you know that there is fine for 500 pesos and community service for 8 hours.

  25. Manila Bay will be temporarily closed soon for sixmonth, and after cleaned up rehabilitation. Everyone can swim and enjoyed the beach and no need to go at the Provinces. 👍👍👍 So while it's still open you can just go around and Watch /See the most beautiful Sunset 😍😍

  26. During 60s and 70s that bay was so clean and so fresh, if I want to get crabs and clams just walk along that sandy shore. The beach sand was about 30 meters from the sea wall.

  27. Wala man lang naka puna sa US embassy sigurado ba kayo hindi nagtatapon yan nang basura direct sa dagat.

  28. A lots of filipino are ignorant of sea water see their maps it soroundings of vast sea and islands..but they like to swim in dirty water..

  29. Manila bay clean up drive rehabelation is useless if the reclamation approve 😴😴😴😴clean for what

  30. Siguro mga 1 year or 2years later marami na maliligo jan maliban na ang tubig malamang Puno ang mga tao jan un lng alang cottage?

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