Mada Eliza Dalian: Healing into Consciousness with Mada

The transformation that I’ve experienced internally..just
words just cannot even, cannot describe or do justice to the difference that I now feel.
And it just feels like I’ve been born again. It just feels like my life has only just started. I’m talking about the rocket that needs to
break out. You are the rocket. Undeniably probably the single most powerful
experience that I’ve ever had in my life. In 1997, Eliza Mada Dalian, a modern day mystic
and self-realized spiritual guide developed a groundbreaking new healing method to help
people quickly and effortlessly transform their psychological and physical pain and
suffering into health and consciousness. She just has a gift to go in there, read your
energy and oh boy did things make sense! My experience, umm of that session…how can
I explain it? ..do you remember Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in the movie Greece?
and when he said it was electrifying? That’s what it was. By directly accessing and identifying the
root cause of one’s blocked energy her method would permanently remove the self-sabotaging
suppressed imprints that prevent health and wholeness from the body’s cellular memory. She’s able to read the thoughts in your unconscious,
even from previous lives, that are stuck in your body, and making it impossible for you
to live fully. And so she’s a rare self realized person who does hands on healing for you,
tailored for each person. As her bull’s eye technique and jet speed
method turned her into an internationally acclaimed master healer, people would travel
many miles just to see her. So I got on the computer [typing] “could you
see me as fast as possible?” and she saw me ..Monday I emailed her…she saw me on Friday.
So I grabbed the plane, flew in, saw her, had a session, got my feet and my feet went
into the earth for the first time ever I could stand. It was an amazing experience. Absolutely
amazing. The Dalian Method uses a system of breathing
and verbal expression to erase the causes of energetic blocks and ground consciousness
in the entire body. I didn’t realize before I went to see Mada
that there was an absence of energy in my leg and my foot, but when I got off her table,
the feeling of movement, of energy, of life, in my leg and foot that was there made me
aware it had been absent prior to that. And that feeling persists. Oh, the pieces of the puzzle just kept coming
and coming and coming and ah so you think you have all these issues and what I found
was that we dealt with the one which had all these branches coming from it..because I also
had this issue and that issue…but they all fed into that one big core. Ya. And it’s huge
for me. I can’t even express my gratitude enough. It’s huge.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Hi Eliza,
    I know that I am a healer awaiting expression. I'd like to know what educational/experiential path you followed so that I may take note of your example and move forward into embracing my ability further and being able to assist others on a professional level in turn.

    Much gratitude,

  2. ✰ƸӜƷ  THANK U  for Sharing Your Beautifull Healing Work ♥ ƸӜƷ I CAN FEEL IT IS GREAT , WHATEVER U DO *•.ƸӜƷ✰ I LOVE U  ♥  ◠‿◠)  ☼ ღ¸☆☼ ☼  WE ARE THE FAMILY OF DIVINE LOVE & LIGHT ღ ☆☼⋰  I do Believe in what You do  ♥  ◠‿◠) Blessings of Infinite Love & Light & Peace to You & All  ♥  ◠‿◠) A Quote taken from Mada Eliza Dalian`s Site : http://www.madadalian.com
    "The fundamental core of the DHM (Dalian Healing Method) is consciousness – it views healing of the body, mind, and spirit as a by-product of growth in consciousness. The DHM is a “bull’s eye” healing method that helps to quickly identify the root cause(s) of pain, anxiety, depression, and illness (i.e. chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthma, thyroid, Crohn's disease, etc.) and quickly remove the layers of suppressed thought-forms and emotions that create energetic blockages, pain, and illness from the body's cellular memory "♥  ◠‿◠)

  3. Thank you Anne for your kind worlds. We are all part of the same family 🙂

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