Lotus Birth | Cleaning The Placenta

here so we wash enough to said to him what we don't you want tell what you're doing so I'm handling this listen to light me and it has blood clots in it okay let's see here blood falls out he's actually looking at me music can you I don't want the latest bright you gonna close his eyes when the late summer day yeah okay so let me see the cord loses connected to his stomach right okay so the cord right there binnacle cord connected percent okay go ahead forth and tell me what you got no one else and then I'm just rinsing it off and I rinse it off every forty thirty shadowy yes you said yeah like I suppose it a little right here and it was pulsating you could sit through the policy mm-hmm are you still feeding off their he's you know feeding and then we have a basket with herbs in it can dry the placenta it's chamomile and rosemary chamomile was married okay and more for the top of it so I can do it okay you wanna bring it over you think it's changed retains do we change the towels to every 46 hours 46 dollars just yeah you can put it on there big – yeah so it'll dry out and smell good because it's flesh so you know and then I'll dry all the way out and naturally fall off the baby at the bellybutton Cassie your stomach says he's done well he got a shirt on so descender he's like wait a minute well he got a pamper twosome listen it's okay jungle baby let's get it back to mommy oh yeah we got to put the towel on top – yeah there's a towel there's more towels down there okay we do that yeah you know what I'm in the video right here I'm on myself I am like [Laughter] right I am lying I am light I am lying

Glenn Chapman

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