Loss, Additions, & Reintegration of the Kiko Doe Herd

hey guys welcome back stonycreek here we've been super busy here on the farm lately over the weekend we drove down to south central oklahoma and brought home some things we got these from our friend of ours I'm gonna wait till another video to tell you about these but they're for the goats if you remember about three weeks ago I told you we had a loss out here on the farm is actually pretty significant for us she was our herd Queen doe and she was also one of the very first Kika does that we ever got so granted she was pretty old so it was expected but you know even with old age you never want to see one of your animals passed away I'm gonna throw up a couple of shots here just to remind you guys about her I talked about her in one of the earlier videos and you could see that she had really lost a lot of weight and just age was getting to her but she did live a long happy life and when she did pass she passed that peacefully in her sleep now if you recall back when I first talked about that loss I also told you that we got a couple of replacement does now of course there's never going to be an animal that replaces another they're all significant unique in their own way but we did get a couple of those so I want to go out into the pasture and I want to show you those now one of the other things that we got accomplished over the weekend we reintegrated our doe herd so breeding season is officially over for us I didn't get that on video but all of our dozers are back out here in the pasture the Bucks are back over and they're complex so everyone seems to be pretty happy and settling in now of course when we first got the doze back out here there are some head-butting going on as they were reintegrating and figuring out their pecking order but everyone's done pretty good now now a lot of you that follow me on Facebook you heard me talk about my alpha dog see if I can get this she's kind of camera shy this is my alpha dog right here this is her daughter but when I was talking about my good outfit dog watching the goats this is her let's go up and find the herd I do want to point out this doe real quick let me zoom in on her for those of you that it's also been following on facebook this does been under the weather but you can see that she's up and about and doing really well I certainly appreciate all the words of encouragement and all the well wishes and just to give you the update she's doing fine and it seems like right on cue here comes the herd now one of our replacement doe so I'm going to zoom in here is this one right here let me see if I can walk up on her a little bit better now this doe is the one that we're pretty excited to add to the herd her name is SDF Sheridan's dot and she is a Cherokee Fiddler's daughter now one of the cool things about this goat other than she's pretty big little girl and we really like that she's coming to us already confirmed bred and she's bred to shared and splint who is an exclusively blue Sun and his Dam is out of MGR Thriller so the offspring from this dough should be pretty amazing lighting of course isn't too good in the woods here I'm just gonna try to pan around I have a little mysterious here this particular dough was one of the very first kids that we had born on the farm here a few years ago that's her mother I don't know what you guys think but to me goats is pincher boys TV I could actually just sit out here and watch them all day if I didn't have other things going on in the farm I will tell you that we're pretty happy to have the DOE herd back together having four different breeding areas was kind of a pain to keep everything fed in waters so having all the dough's back together it's just so much easier for us this will also give the Bucks a chance to calm down and come out of Retta now this girl here is GCR Irish she's also one of the very first Keiko's we ever brought to the place she's taken over the role of herd clean now wherever she leads the rest of the herd will follow consequently the good thing with her ever since she started having kids she has always had triplets out here this is one of her daughters here that we kept back this will now be her second breeding season this is another one of her daughters the week cat this will be her first breeding season so I told you that we got two dough's and that was only one let me go show you the other one now that second billing we got is actually a January 2018 model so we've got her in the winning pin with all of our other 2018 Dolan's here's one of the other projects that we got accomplished over the weekend you guys have seen a previous video and I'll put a link to it if you're interested again how we clean our area out by annually but that's cleaning out the barns and everything we've got a new bale in here we just cleaned all this area out I didn't think you guys wanted to watch another video of that now as we go in here you can probably already hear there's a couple of noisy little girls in here we moved my son show goats out here with the rest of the doling so they can learn to be goats but they are so used to people that whenever they see us they just hoot and holler and they want to be played with they're more like puppies instead of goats so we're hoping that they learn how to be a goat because the next show cycle is not going to happen until the spring so just to make things easier for us we wanted to combine everything so when you see a couple of odd ducks in here that's pretty noisy you know the story on them we're not in to raise them boars I'm gonna tell you that and for those of you that don't know boars the type a goat and it's spelled Bo er not bo AR it's not like a pig as Borgo comes from South Africa but we're not into raising boars but you'll see a couple bored goats in here here's one of the noisy little buggers and there comes her sister the rest of these are all homegrown Kiko's oh well we're here here's something to point out little go jumped on me if you remember when I showed building this and putting this rack system in I actually had to turn this upside down if you recall I told you that it wasn't really designed for goats it's more for sheep well it's certainly not designed for smaller goats they were this should have been the feet and they were crawling up underneath here and they'd crawl through these holes because this is that looks small with my fingers but it's little goats bothering me here but it's actually about 18 inches that's actually about 18 inches right here so they would just crawl under there and it was a mess so we turned it upside down now no more goats are getting in there before I find the one that I wanted to tell you about this little brown girl right here is the daughter DeRose who passed away so we don't know yet if we're going to keep her up but at least we've got one of our offspring here okay this little girl here is our second addition she's a hundred percent New Zealand Oh her registered name is MC RH 181 well I'll tell you we're not gonna holler 4-h 181 while we're out here the wife and the son call her sandy Sandy's got some old sandy here's got some pretty good breeding on her as well she has iron horse on the top and ECR rusty and sports cat on the bottom so she's got some really good breeding we're looking forward to watching her grow up and seeing what she turns into and hopefully throws us some good kids here in a couple of years we'll breed her next fall I'm trying to back away so you guys can see all the girls but they're following me there's the little brown girl that standing up now little mocha she was the twin her sisters already been sold and is living in Missouri now we're pretty pleased with our 2018 kid crop these goings are drawing out just really nice now we've had tons of rain over these last two three weeks they'd I don't remember last week maybe this week before last week I think it was it rained almost every day that week we've had an exceptional wet fall so it's really slowed me down on my project but we're hoping next week that we're actually going to start that barn project and then that should be a pretty fun project to watch well guys I know this has been kind of a short video but I wanted to give you the quick update certainly show off the new additions to our herds as always appreciate you guys watching appreciate your support be sure to stay tuned for some of the stuff that we've got coming up and certainly knowing what's on the back of that trailer and as always we'll see you next video

Glenn Chapman


  1. Breeding season is officially over for us! All the kiko does are back out in the pasture. I talk about a loss in the herd, the two new New Zealand Kikos we have added and show the reintegrated doe herd as a whole. Thanks for watching!

  2. I aways say goats and chickens make the best TV too. Nice dogs too.

  3. Nice looking ladies. How many kids are you expecting this winter?

  4. Sorry to hear of the loss brother!! All the others look right nice tho!! Good share!! Dan

  5. Sorry to hear about your doe. I didn't know that goats head butted to establish a pecking order.

  6. Can you explain the ear tag system there please? In the uk any farm animals being sold have to be tagged or branded. But I see plenty of goats sold on homesteads over in the states some are tagged and some arnt.

  7. The goats are looking good. I like watching them climb up on the trees. good luck with the barn project.

  8. So sorry you lost her. If you keep the little brown doe, you will always have her there. The new editions are interesting, but Sandy stole my heart. Best wishes on your upcoming new babies.

  9. So sorry to hear you lost her but she was pretty old. Always said to loose a family member. Looks like you have a lot going on to keep you busy for awhile. Your babies are looking so cute! Hope you folks have a great rest of the week!

  10. Great update, Bill! Glad to hear that the herd is getting into a good rhythm.

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