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all right well right now we're going to do a short video on lip and labret piercing and just some basic info and aftercare for those of you who don't know lip piercings or piercings on the side of lip and labret piercing as of tracing right in the middle lip okay let's start with a lip piercing first with the lip piercing usually you're going to start off with two different types of jewelry you can either do a captive bead ring or you can do a labret Coast or some people like to refer to as a flatback now your captive bead ring in general is going to be two sizes or it's going to come in two size options you have a sixteen gauge or yellow 14 gauge okay and that's just referring to the thickness of the ring 16 gauge being thinner and 14 gauge being a little bit thicker now you also have diameters okay now diameters are going to be either a 3/8 or a 7/16 and that is something that your piercer is just going to have to figure out for you okay and he'll help you he'll help figure out what size your lip need in general I like to pierce a lot of guys with a stick with a 7/16 Sandler and if yours most girl to a 3 clamor and now there's always exceptions to that rule but in general that's how I measure those now and you also have the labret post or just a flat back for those guys usually they're going to be 16 gauge a 14 gauge as far as the thickness goes 16 gauge seems to be a really calm and a popular slides right now but you also have 18 gauge for those guys too now it's engaged a lot of times in making some really neat really cool 18 gauge labret post or flat back post and they're they're kind of picking up steam and becoming more and more popular those are great but I was usually you're going to come across a 16 gauge are 14 gauge for all you're going to have a couple different lengths now your lengths are going to be 3/8 or 7/16 I usually pierce some females with a 3/8 link and it should clear skies with a 7/16 length okay and that is going to give both of them just enough length to stick out to compensate for like swelling and healing and stuff of that nature your swelling and healing you know you're probably looking at around a week to two weeks of swelling so just know your lips going to puff up and you're going to glad you have a little bit longer host in there which is what a 3/8 or 7/16 is going to be put a little bit longer post so when you get Pierce set up a bet it's going to stick out a little bit of like an antenna in the beginning and then you're listening to silly stuff to puff up over the next week or so okay it's going to fill up that space you'll be glad you had that extra length in there you leave that longer post in there for the first month and you're probably around three to four weeks and then once that things are sticking out which no sooner than three or four weeks once it starts sticking out like an antenna a gank that someone's gone away you can go back into this into a shop or just get some jewelry that's a little bit shorter usually 5/16 it's a pretty standard downsized correct for a lip piercing and then that same thing applies to the captive bead rings now the captive bead ring they're going to be a little bit looser hoop you know in the beginning to allow room for that coiling and healing those first few weeks and then you know three four weeks right on that month time frame you can get a tighter fitted one in there if you wanted to also you could also switch to a different type of ring just push someone without a bead in there just know that you never start with a ring without a bead you can always push to it later on the ones that out of bead they have a little steams in them and they're not the best for sealing once you're healed you can switch to one without a bead no problem the kappa beading just really good to kind of prevent the seen or anything from going inside your lips luckily now with little Brett same kind of general thing the only difference is you usually don't pierce elaborate with a ring now you can but usually you don't and if you do pierce the ring and elaborate it's gonna be a really big giant ring looks kind of goofy so usually for a labret you would start with a stud once again usually being 16 gauge or a 14 gauge and the same thing as far as the length goes 3/8 to 7/16 both keels review around 2 months if you wanted to put a ring in there at that point you can that's totally fine no problem but also in around 3 or 4 weeks you can downsize that to a shorter 5/16 post if you want to all available and they're like I said before with the 18 gauge as far as the lip goes you know that is always an option too if you're like a smaller girls really 42:18 you want is really tiny piece of jewelry 18 gauge is awesome and like I said I don't usually pierce with them but I know they're kind of becoming more popular and I really seeing anything too wrong with them right now now as far as aftercare goes I'm going to kind of reiterate what I said earlier you're looking at two to three months of basic healing for those piercings and then about a week of two weeks of swelling for those piercings okay three to four weeks was roughly around a month is when you can downsize your jury or swap your jewelry out but for the most part don't go just changing it or mess with it too much until it's fully healed which is right on that two to three month mark and that's also the same timeframe you'll be doing your aftercare two or three months just like any other piercing no touching it no playing with it your rotating or spinning the jewelry just know you have a scab in there and when you spin around and move it's like taking out a scab the more movements going to get where this with your tongue your hands or whatever the more scarce you're going to build up and really tend to see the scar tissue building up on these guys on the outside of the piercing a lot so be really cautious with it and and leave it alone and just let it heal now never ever put hydrogen peroxide or alcohol or neosporin or back to mean or any of that stuff on there that's all way too harsh just way too harsh and this does a lot more damage than good saltwater soak and saltwater soap only now for your salt water soaks really really simple go to go store get a gallon of distilled water you know once again it's in the drinking water section pretty cheap and easy okay then go to the salt section and get either like a non-iodized for an all natural sea salt also pretty cheap easy easy all right when you get both those items home it's going to be four teaspoons of the salt to the one gallon of water all right shake it up that's going to give you a big jug to keep on the house now once or even twice a day take a shot glass or coffee cup always black or porcelain or something of that nature never paper or plastic paper plastic can contaminate your solution so don't use those only glass of porcelain so coffee cup shot glasses work really really well still one of those up with a salt water solution microwave for a few seconds so fairly body temperature okay so it's lukewarm or body temp leaning forward push it up against your chin and almost like you're taking a drink of water but taking it from your chin okay and just going to tilt it back and submerge your lip in there or your labret okay whichever one you got here but submerge it in there and let it soak up seven to fifteen minutes pretty simple there's no reason not to do it once you're dumped the soap rinse it off with some water really really will kind of hold your head in the sink rinse it off you'll just get that excess salt water off of there and then it's not a bad idea to rinse out that saltwater solution also take another cup fresh saltwater solution fill it up and just rinse out for 30 seconds spit it out now if you really want to go the extra mile you get a little water ball you can kind of carry around with you fill it up with a salt water solution and when you're out and about say like any time you you go out to lunch or dinner or anything of that nature basically anything goes in your mouth just rinse out for 30 seconds yeah that's printed so it I guess one last thing just like any other piercing also avoid public fires the water oceans pools lakes you koozie stuff like that lots of kissing trying to avoid and also any oral contact so hopefully that's kind of answers any question you might have about lebreton literacy and uh yeah that's it guys thanks

Glenn Chapman


  1. when i got my labret done for the first time i got it done with a ring and i ended up taking it out because my lip swelled to much that it filled the ring๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ (iโ€™m finally getting it redone a year and a half later with a flat back this time๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)

  2. I use tea tree oil to clean the area and antiseptic mouth wash which is alcohol free.
    Never ever had an issue with any of my piercings and they heal just fine. OH! and Vit E oil too.

  3. I just got my lip pierced and the piercings pretty tight. Should I get a longer one. (Its a stud

  4. I want to get my lip pierced. Should I reconsider/what should I do if I get a cold sore by the piercing?

  5. Ugh, I can't wait to change my labret stud. The back is really hurting my gums.

  6. Thank you! I plan on getting one soon , so Iโ€™m glad to run into this ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi !! I have some questions and concerns about my inverse lebret piercing

  8. I want to get this done maybe this weekend but i smoke daily. Do i have to stop smoking for the healing process?

  9. I pierced my lip myself 100% wrong today…. i didnโ€™t completely sterilize my 16g needle but i just stuck it through my lip then put like a 20g earring stud in my lip, oops ๐Ÿ˜ฌ I hope I donโ€™t get a terrible infection although itโ€™s very likely. Nobody come at me though because I know exactly how to do it but I didnโ€™t have all the tools since I couldnโ€™t afford it. Fml ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜ญ

  10. I just got my peircing two days ago and ive noticed that the lip is kinda healing or trying to heal over the back of the peircing? Its definitely not too short and I keep it clean/dont touch it etc.

  11. very informative and helpful! i just pierced my own lip and had the basics but this brushed up my knowledge! thank you very much โ™ฅ๏ธ

  12. What if your lip is fatter any way? Whatโ€™s the next size up from a 5/16? Or is it okay for it to be kinda snug?

  13. People: "it's pronounced 'la-brey'"


  14. How often should you change the jewelry after its healed and what type of jewelry should you stay away from?

  15. I did my vertical labret piercing 10 days now and itโ€™s healing beautifully. I keep my hands away from it unless itโ€™s washed, I use the saline solution up to 6 times per day and non alcohol mouth wash throughout the day also.
    The first day I did it, I literally went out that same night ate drank, smoke weed ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ luckily the next day I had no issues however I stopped the smoking, at least until itโ€™s fully healed to be on the safe side. ๐Ÿ˜ When the piercing is done right and you take care of it then the healing process will be great!!! ๐Ÿ˜‡ oh I also use the q-tip to apply a tad of olive oil to moisturize my lips ๐Ÿ‘„ stay away from the pierced section because your lips will get dry thatโ€™s a must ๐Ÿ˜‘. Also used the q-tip dipped in saline solution to clean any crust or anything around the rings balls. Hope my info helped somewhat! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  16. okay but I can't be the only one thinking he kinda looks a lot like Paul from American horror story; freak show ???? dgufxhgdhhhc

  17. How long do I have to wait to go swimming with a vertical labret?

  18. Iโ€™ve been wanting to get my labret piercing maybe for over a year and I havenโ€™t yet. This video is helpful, thank you. But Iโ€™m more concerned on the after stuff. I know people that have it and they said it never bother their gums and thereโ€™s people in the comments saying it was hard to eat and talk a day or so after bc of it getting stuck in their teeth or irritating their gums.

  19. I just got snake bites yesterday and i contacted the people that did it cause the inside of my lip piece which is flat on the inside of my mouth was/is going inside my lip he told me this was do to swelling said i should suck on ice or use ibproufen to bring the swelling down…
    I would like conformation/advice if this or true or what this may be or how i can treat it cause i don't wanna lose them

    Any feed back much appreciative

  20. Just got mine done today, it's so hard to eat I keep yanking on it with my bottom teeth, not really painful just irritating

  21. Just wow. Almost everything he said not to do. The person told me to do. But luckily i didnt have too many problems

  22. The first time I got my lip pierced the swelling made my skin go over the ball from the post this time I got a longer bar and it's way better

  23. A month ?? I didn't get any swelling .its been 2 weeks can I change it now ? I have a huge thing sticking out .

  24. I've been told to use liquid dial soap n water to clean the outside of the lip piercing or the sea salt soaks, which would best to use?

  25. Don't do what I did and go to a Slayer concert a week after your piercing

  26. hi i just got my lip pierced yesterday and i noticed that there is an indent on the inside of my lip, should i be worried? the bar isn't too short (it's 12 mm)

  27. When I got my piercing the guy who pierced me said (after I asked about aftercare) "a rule of thumb is never but anything on your piercing that you wouldn't put in your eye"

  28. I thought the labret piercing was the one across your lip horizontally ?

  29. I have a hard knot up under my piercing what can I do to get rid of it I've only had the piercing for like 2 to 3 weeks

  30. So my piercer gave me a fishtail? Which has a super long bar that goes through the piercing it's self and my piercer bent the bar so it would go around the front of my teeth and told me to move it to the other side of my mouth every night. I was just wondering if that was normal??

  31. Hellooo! Iโ€™ve had my labet pierced for about a month now and the inside has a shit ton of scar tissue and Iโ€™ve been cleaning it every time I eat or anything! And havenโ€™t been playing with it much so i dont know whatโ€™s wrong with it. Any idea on how to get rid of the scar tissue??

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