“Lieutenant Naeun” and the Korea’s National Football Player [The Return of Superman Teaser / ENG]

(((Visit our official website
to check when it will be aired on KBS World TV))) (On a train in Taiwan) I’m starting to loosen up now.
I want to get some sleep. You are here to play! Your daddy got tired.
Let’s get some rest. You sleep alone.
I’m leaving. Yup~ I will sleep here alone. I will leave you here! (Can’t leave my dad here alone!) I won’t care even if you cry. I think our roles are changed. Naeun will wake you up.
Get some sleep. (Good night my bro!) Take a look! Nope, nope. Take a look! Daddy can’t see below. /
Why? Daddy is scared… Hold still! Stand here! Stand still! Attention! No, closer! Are you ready? Uh… I think so… WHAT IS THIS? HOLD ON! Don’t swing it!
Don’t! No, no! (((KBS WORLD TV is airing this on
December 15 (KST))))

Glenn Chapman


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