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  1. Motivating a person to be positive to lead a healthy life.thank you Anita.

  2. how do we just change our feelings ??? if you feel sad its very difficult to feel joy ?

  3. You cannot tell a manic depressive to buck up. I appreciate Anitas` wish and her passion for the work she is doing but my life experience is that making any change to the operating system is a reiterative process for a very long time. Hypnosis is one of the tried and tested way to access the unconscious mind and hence the operating system. In Anitas` case it took a NDE.

  4. Love the way you are changing peoples life by giving them more awareness Kind Regards Garry

  5. Hi Anita! My fear is be alone if I get sick and old. Having no one to take care of me. I try to change my thinking, but it comes again.

  6. Me again – if you are interested – new video just posted, Auras – Speculative & Evidential Mediumship and Animal Communication – thank you…. 😉

  7. Great. Thanks. You mean a feeling of Sat-Chit-Anand ie truth, blessed and blissfulness.

  8. I’m Siti from Singapore. I love you Anita❤️❤️❤️. Your video is so inspiring.
    I had a question.

    I’m a single Mother with 3 children
    My eldest Daughter 30 yrs has just recovered from mental illness. My Son 26 just graduated and just started work 3 weeks ago. My youngest Daughter 22 now In Northwestern University. My Son got scholarship and my Daughter got financial assistance from Qatar foundation.

    I still need to work to pay my housing loan n bills and expenses for my children.

    My question is
    Pls guide me on how to love myself when I still hv to support my children? And sometimes hv to sacrifices.

  9. Thank you so much for your lovely message! I listen to yours before go to bed and which helps me feel amazing beautiful more and more:)

  10. You are so lovely. Exactly what I needed to know at this point in my life. Thank you for your work. Hope you have wonderful holidays with your family! 💖

  11. Hi Anita. How do you focus on loving self when you are still attached to someone you love but left you. I feel so stressed about the loss.

  12. I am from Indonesia.. Thank you again Anita, I love your speaking from the space of love as always. Just a quick question for you to answer: What should I do to always be able to work eagerly, passionately, happily… I charge my battery by morning meditation, it works for me, but sometime it comes the day where my energy was too low, eventually my productivity is also affected… thanks.

  13. In one of her other video, she said that we should not deny any negative emotion. Denying a negative emotion means judging ourself and we are not fully expressing ourself. And in this video she is saying that we should refrain thinking and feeling negative. What should we do? I'm confused..

  14. Abusive and dysfunctional relationships stemming from childhood play a role in why we are angry and fearful. If we can just understand it was not our fault. We deserve to be loved and to love ourselves.

  15. Hi, Anita. Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful vacation and reunion with your mom. Tell her from me that all your viewers are very proud of her, for she gave us this astounding person which you are. Thank you so much for this insightful and enlightening video. Sending you much love, harmony and abundance. 🤗💞

  16. Real love comes from Jesus give your heart to him and get to know him and he will fill you with joy and love 💗.

  17. Thank you so much Anita. Your message is one that I’ve been speaking for some time. We Are Our Thoughts and E-motions. We create our own world with our Thoughts, Beliefs, E-motions, via what we Speak…. Thank you for sharing your message with humanity…

  18. I know you are absolutely correct however it take tremendous effort to enjoy anything when you have chronic pain such as fibromyalgia. I can take the moments when its not at a 10 level and enjoy them but most of the time the pain IS a 10 and its impossible to find any joy especially when one has to reserve energy to work to support oneself. I will read your book because its inspiring and I know you speak the absolute truth. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  19. Hello Anita- Thank you. You are Gods gift to people who are living now. I am a very fearful person. I am the OPPOSITE of a people pleaser 😂. I am so outspoken so no problem people walking on me but I'm fearful people will hurt me because I'm so truly sensitive. Love of self is very difficult. I only feel love of myself when someone loves me. 😞. The world feels so cold. Im lucky to be healthy in the body but not in my mind.

  20. Thankyou dear that was a short n good presentation..Lots of love n gratitude 🙏😇

  21. great video,,,,,,infact,,,,,one of the very best i have watched,, thank you anita

  22. Real life to live fullest without any hiccups need biggest tregedy to remind you

  23. How do i change ? If i focus on joy instead of rage and anger that i have ,is it not running away from that?

  24. Its interesting how the masses can learn from soul Experiences of a few but dont inspired…western medicinw has to build fear to survive $$$$$$$$$$

  25. Anita ~ you are a true being of light 🥯🌮🍝🍷 I hope one day to meet you & tell you my story ✨..🤗❤️❤️🌟👋🏼✨

  26. Especially enjoyed this video and your energy today. Happy for you to be enjoying your family time.💟

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