LEGO GBC #17 improvements that I made to my modules

hello LEGO Begineer here and
welcome to my 17th GBC video this is an update video I’m doing this video to
show you all the changes that I made to my GBC modules since I made videos on
them and the first module up it is the circle in the sky this I made quite a
lot of changes first thing is like these cross supports which really helped
the with the stability issue the next thing is the gearing I geared it down a
bit more since the original video and also has less friction now but one of
the most important things the inbox is finally less than 10 bricks tall it was
a little bit over 10 bricks tall before I just moved to this down this whole
thing down a little bit and that was surprisingly easy to do I did have
to move this back but it was pretty easy also the inbox is bigger now as well
that improved this module okay so the next module I’m gonna show you
is the stepper module originally the motor was back here and came
out from here and then it went up a shaft powering it from the front which
was a lot of friction now it’s just powered right on here
just connected there and it straight up connected that makes that go up and down making it go up I took this mechanism from the brick wall Chicago
workshop module 2019 which really helped out with this the reliability of
this module so yeah next module is the inverted conveyor belt module I made the
inbox bigger so it’s 8 by 8 on the inside and a little bit over 8 by 8 on
the inside and because it was a little bit smaller than 8 by 8 originally
I added these so the balls cannot fall out there which it occasionally did
when I put too much Balls in there another thing is this is more slanted to
get closer to the inbox of the next module was originally higher up and the last
thing that I did was make it so it can be able to be driven by an M motor
instead of an extra-large I’m gonna be using the extra large for a different
module so I would rather have an M motor for this module and extra large for the
other module and because I switched up the gearing I geared down my quadruple stepper so now
it goes slower than before it was fine in the way it was before but
I couldn’t gear it more down because I didn’t have the gears for it but after I
changed out some of the gears for the inverted conveyor belt I could change
the gears for that this was just a minor change from my sweeper module but I
added 2 16 tooth gears to make it so like when you put like in Brickworld
Chicago they use train controllers and it’s always flipped to one setting
so if it if your motor goes the wrong direction need one of these to reverse
the polarity of it so I just added a two more gears to make it so I don’t need to
switch the polarity of it for this thing I did the same thing originally motor
was not on this side but was on the other side so now that’s on this side I
don’t need to switch the polarity of the motor at Brickworld Chicago my Sweeper
with the brick separators so those are the changes that I made to my
modules it took a while to test it and make sure it works properly and
keep improving my modules it’s always improving so thanks for watching bye

Glenn Chapman


  1. I wish I had those parts so I could build those modules….
    Nice vid anyway…I’m a subscriber πŸ˜ƒ

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