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Retrieval Service | How can hiring a record
retrieval service free up my staff for a more efficient workflow? Are you utilizing each
staff member of your firm effectively? If you still handle your record retrieval in
house you may not be. Usually in house record retrieval is handled by a paralegal or a secretary
who also has other important duties and emergencies that may arise. Tracking a paralegal’s billable
hours can become tedious as does tracking payments made to facilities. The amounts of
mailed and faxed records coming in also affects your team because these must be sorted and
filed appropriately. Outsourcing to a record retrieval company allows your firm to focus
on the important legal matters at hand. Accountants can rest easy because there are no billable
hours to process or checks to cut, you receive one encompassed invoice. Paralegals utilize
their time for more important legal matters such as reviewing these records for discovery.
& there is no more sorting the mail or waiting for packages. the records will received by
the retrieval company then organized and indexed online for your viewing. Outsourcing your
record retrieval is the secret to utilizing each member of your staff proficiently. Let
Nationwide Record Retrieval show you the difference. Go now to nationwiderecordretrieval.com or
give us a call at (844) 515-3800.

Glenn Chapman

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