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banks is Abu Abu kodama counselor hey Kylie in guindy back Naga grabbin Nile now it ain't good in Minamata in a twenty HIV Hovis entities Bubba meet you gotta watch in a single Toledo booty inner the HIV Guam also call orange inside a bamboo teens are not until she intends on patient care worked like the Dominions at once people are tested positive in the community they are referred to the health facility and to be initiated in the treatment so that's where lay counsellors play a vital role in educating them and counseling them giving them the information on watches treatment all about why is it important to adhere to treatment when our project started in 2011 in all clinics that we are working with we find that patient have hiver and load in an acapella suppose I was obeying Woburn excess no one was cuddling client in terms of their for a load result so they will take blacks but the results won't be given to them I mean people they need to be reminded why they are on air fees some people start ervice while they are very sick and when they get better they tend to neglect their treatment Toby to an earlier pencil her jewels of Maharashtra my peers a shower for aleppo so when we do enhance experience this is kind of reminding them of why do they start treatment in the first place they will tell you because I want to see my children going to college I want to be healthy if you have these goals how are you going to achieve them if your viral load is high because now you're going to get sick and you not going to be able to reach your calls and I think that is helping them a lot because we see improvement after doing it in general manager James Iran generate a cocoon news is only right ikkaku EMP floor no army no bond rakov elena with Dina Willner allocco virality a meteorite in the city folk are damaging your right hand and I king wok season and genuine on tivo phenomena event pitches relation which is a la matanza auto shuttle home Billy Pidgeon even awake insanity I was a rapper women you

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