Latest Milestone on Hank’s Journey toward Complete Recovery from Stage Four Mantle Cell Lymphoma

To my friends and Followers of the Christian Research Institute the Bible answer man broadcast the Hank unplugged podcast I I wanted to share my thoughts about another milestone that I have Just crossed In in in my battle against mantle cell lymphoma as many of you know, I was diagnosed April 15th 2017 I’ve been in remission and then out of remission and At this point I am definitely in remission And I’ve crossed another milestone last Last 24 hours were very significant in that. I got a report From the doctor on a bone marrow biopsy that I did last week And my bone marrow has no indication whatsoever of the disease on top of that My my cells T cells Aren’t grafting well And I’m feeling stronger every single day I have energy that is absolutely beyond belief and So I’m so grateful again for the prayers and the thoughts of God’s people who sustained me during this journey Certainly this journey is not over There are other milestones to cross But at this point I am doing extraordinarily well Now I’ve been back in the office for quite a while and I’ve been working on some Incredible new projects some of which I want to share with you in the near future I just wrote an article For the promotion of my book for newspapers and so forth and and it really deals with the collapse of Western civilization and so often when we think about the collapse of Western civilization We point our finger directly at pagans and we say look what the pagans are doing Look what governmental agencies are doing Look what environmental agencies are doing. Look what the educational institutions are Are doing But I think the real thing that we ought to look at is what the church is not doing The church is called to be salt and light To make a difference and yet the church has lost its way The church ultimately is charged by our Lord To be salt and light not hidden under a bushel, but on its stand it Is the antidote? to the collapse of Western civilization and Yet the church in many ways the body of Christ which he purchased with his own blood in many ways is Derelict in its duty Instead of educating our children we ought to be equipping our children So that they’re always ready to give an answer a reason for the hope that lies within them with gentleness and with respect so that they can withstand the onslaught of professors that are now telling them That there’s no meaning or purpose to life That there’s no such thing as right or wrong That morals are merely human Convention That there is no such thing as a divine lawgiver You might as well believe in Santa Claus These are the kinds of things that are taught for example a Duke a prestigious school or you have a philosophy professor Dr. Alex Rosenberg Who is telling students that there’s no meaning or purpose to life? And you can imagine if you are telling your students impressionable young people That life has no rhyme or reason that history doesn’t matter that The only thing that really matters Is to place progressive genes Into the next generation Children hearing this Teenagers hearing this Those who are going to be the leaders of our country Now have a completely new prism through which they look at society And unfortunately, dr. Alex Rosenberg is not an outlier His colleagues and the educational institutions are myriad And we can curse that darkness or we can build a lighthouse in the gathering gloom and That lighthouse is the church the church According to Scripture is the ground and pillar of truth And I fear that all too often we walk By churches, you know the churches used to have graveyards and we whistle as we walk by the church graveyard Forgetting that the church is in sharp decline in Western civilization and that includes in sharp decline in America I promoted a book by a John Dickerson And in that book titled the great evangelical recession He talks about The church going through a vast demise But it’s not just an evangelical recession it is a global church recession And So we can curse again the darkness or we can build a lighthouse in the midst of the Kathryn gloom And how we do that is we get back to basics Recognizing that we are not lone ranger’ Christians That we cannot make it apart from the church if You have God as your father. The church has to be your mother Why because it is within the context of the church that you receive the nurture that is necessary For you to be a change agent a cultural warrior one who changes not by might nor by power but by God’s Spirit We need to see that the church is The place where we are offered Grace’s that transform us from one glory to another as Paul says with unveiled face as we go from one glory to another The church Is the body of Christ which he purchased with his own blood Within the church we received the nourishing SAP that Comes from being connected to the vine Connected to the Lord Jesus Christ and connected to other Christians as well But the church is also a spiritual gymnasium in which we are to gymnast eyes ourselves unto godliness And that means that the basics must become Part of the warp and woof of our daily existence. I’m talking about prayer I’m talking about the tendon between prayer and fasting I’m talking about the spiritual disciplines of reading the Bible of meditating on the Word of God memorizing the Word of God Mining the Word of God for all it’s substantial worth You and I Cannot do this on our own And as I write about in truth matters life matters more We can be energized as the Apostle Paul put it with all his energy which so powerfully energizes us In other words we can work on our own energy We can be on the sidelines not doing anything at all Or we can be energized with all his energy which so powerfully works in us And so as I Have the privilege of giving the good news with respect to my health. I Think beyond the physical health to the spiritual health Not only of my own life But of those who are my friends and family members of Those who support the ministry the Christian Research Institute We can’t forget the basics Because it is the basics that transform I’m today going to start some physical therapy To make myself strong again in areas of my body that have atrophied Through being in the hospital for a long period of time and then in partial isolation But that takes discipline and Just as physical disciplines transform us So to do spiritual disciplines Tom Landry said that a good football coach Makes men do what they wouldn’t ordinarily do in order that they might be what they’ve always Wanted to be and in this case. That means we want to be christ-like. We want to be imitators of Christ And so I urge you As friends family members supporters of the ministry to not neglect the spiritual disciplines and now as in getting Back into some physical exercises you don’t try to do everything all at once It’s a gradual build-up So don’t set unrealistic goals, but maybe set yourself a goal of memorizing a verse this week Something That is transcendently Significant and you want to have in your memory trace? sometimes it’s even a saying I’ve been memorizing Sayings that are so profound by the early church fathers What I’m in my memory trace and then as I speak God can bring them out as he sees fit But if I don’t put him there, it’s unlikely. The Holy Spirit is going to pull them out when I most need them I need them in the sense of edifying encouraging exhorting the body of Christ So today’s video simply is to Express my gratitude to all of you who pray for me. I Pray for the ministry of the Christian Research Institute support the ministry of the Christian Research Institute I want express my gratitude, but also exhorted encourage you To be the church Because it is not pagans ultimately that will determine the destiny of Western civilization. It is Christians Pagans are going to do what they’ve always done They’re going to exercise their job description The question is are we as Christians going to be serious? about Exercising the commission that Jesus Christ gave us Well, let your light so shine before men that They may see your good deeds and Praise your father who is in heaven? Thanks for tuning in to this impromptu video I was just going to say something about my health But I got carried away saying a lot of other things that are on my mind Thank you for your prayers for your support of the ministry of the Christian Research Institute We Can’t do anything about past generations We are not responsible for future generations But we have this moment today so seize the moment seize the day Make a difference God has placed you on this planet at this time Not to tread water But to be a change agent not by might nor by power, but by his spirit So long for now

Glenn Chapman


  1. I haven't memorized a verse in so long. But you've just given me a jump start on it again. Thanks. So happy to hear that you are doing well! 🔥

  2. Hank, this is AMAZING NEWS! You're looking great, and much healthier. Praise God!

  3. You have blessed me when all I had was a radio while cleaning homes and real estate. Been 4 years since I quit working ( 8 grandchildren is a lot of work and praying right now)! Thank you for putting on YouTube. The Lord bless you as you continue resounding His Truth.

  4. Amen.I was inspired by your messages bro Hank.The great work of our dear Lord Jesus manifest in you.we love you bro Hank😊

  5. Let your light so shine, Hank, that our Heavenly Father might be glorified by those who may see the good works, which God prepared in advance for you to do!

  6. Man, when I dwell on my personal problems I looks at you. You’re a breath of fresh air brother. God placed you here to be a tremendous blessing to others. And you’ve been doing so for a very long time now.

  7. God bless you, and help you in all your deeds… To read your book is a "must do" thing for me!

  8. O my, you look so good Henk, congratulations on having come so far!!! I too had cancer but in my bone marrow. However by now I am nine years in remission, and at 75 I am not on any medication.
    I get my always needed medicine every Sunday morning during the Eucharist. Besides memorizing the Scriptures I love our morning and evening prayers, plus others, like the prayer to
    the Guardian Angel as well as Archangel Michael, St. Panteleimon, and many others. These too are so worth knowing, and memorizing along with the Scriptures.
    Wishing you many continued blessings yet to come!!!!!

  9. Glory to God Hank!! I am amazed at what God is doing in and through you! Praise His name!
    Regarding the church, What I am concerned about is the lack of reverence for the Lord. Many people in the church no longer feel it necessary to fear the Lord. Our worship, preaching and teaching has such a low view of Christ and the gospel.
    Please join me in praying that God will grant repentance.

  10. Hallelujah on your health! Hoorah! Pumps me up!! And you rally the troops, General Hanegraaff. Inspires me for sure! Thank YOU , you're so right.

  11. Thank you friend. I only recently come across your ministry. And this is the first I heard about your health. I will keep you in my prayers for your continued recovery.

    Thank you for what you do. God bless

  12. Hello Hank, I am so so happy to hear that you are getting better, praise God. What a wonderful news. We sure need more people like you. May God be with you at all times.

  13. God is so faithful!! Thank you for continuing to update as we surround you with prayer!! We love you so!!

  14. God bless you Hank, your life and words are edifying to me. Glory be to Jesus Christ, the savior of our souls!

  15. You are looking good Hank! Blessed Holy Theotokos pray for you and all the saints ☦️☦️🌹

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