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Our Bogar has worked hard to include every useful and essential information which is required for a healthy and balanced life of the people… In an era where no downloads or xerox was practiced, our Bogar has gifted us ‘Bogar 7000’ with the assistance of his disciples and saints It is of no wonder that we are still gaining benefits from the information provided in ‘Bogar 7000’ as it is so apt for the well-being of people even in this technological era Even after many adaptations and explanations, the main reason behind the usage of this book is because of its great value In this poem, our Bogar has mentioned a medicine which can also produce gold using rock salt and mushrooms Let’s have a look, shall we? ‘Thazhaikkave innamoru karumaanang kel’ For better health and to yield profit, this method was recommended by our Bogar ‘Thaariniyil…’ Our Bogar has specifically mentioned this for the betterment of the people Rock salt (280 grams) should be grounded to a fine powder Mushrooms that bloom in rain should be collected and the extracts should be collected ‘Vaangiye jalamennum jeya neerale’ The mentioned ingredients should be made into a paste with pure water, molded into small flat circles and dried in sunlight This should be stored in ‘Ottupaathiram’ (earthen pot) and should be burnt in a process called ‘Kozhi pudam’ ‘Kozhiyendra pudathai potu’ On a flat surface, manure (cow dung cake) should be layered and the pot should be placed on top. With other cow dung cakes, the pot should be surrounded, tied and burnt. This process is called ‘Kozhipudam’ The prepared flat circles placed inside the pot should be burnt in the process (Kozhipudam) as mentioned ‘Pudamadhudhaan aariyapin eduththup paaru’ After the fire is put off, the flat circles (made of powdered rock salt and mushrooms mixed with pure water) tend to be tough after burning in ‘Kozhipudam’ method The obtained toughened ingredients should be made into a paste by adding water and the entire process (Kozhipudam) should be done again ‘Podave pudamadhudhaan aarip pinbu’ With care, the burnt ingredients should be taken aside The obtained product becomes powerful enough that it does not dissolve in water or get vaporized or turn into ashes if subjected to fire The obtained product should be made into a paste, molded into flat circles and the whole ‘Kozhipudam’ method should be repeated for 10 times Our Bogar has mentioned that this can be produced only by ‘Sivayogi’ ‘Sivayogi endraale metha vundu’ There are many characteristics of ‘Sivayogi’ Some people tend to act as if they have seen the almighty himself (Lord Shiva) in person Some tend to dress like Godmen and behave very knowledgable by naming themselves with powerful names Our Bogar has also added that they tend to attain more wealth and riches; They also tend to perform actions by controlling their breath like a corpse and also preach that they are at the top of the world with abundant knowledge ‘Thaamaana parpathai seyya maattaar’ The mentioned people do not take efforts to read or prepare the prescribed medicine ‘Thaakaana sarkuruvai kaana maataar’ In fact, they do not seek or know the procedures and wouldn’t even have seen any sort of herbs or metals used They tend to sing, dance and preach things…’ And mention that they are just in the caterpillar phase and has loads to learn Though they appear humble, they tend to cuss and curse people in less than a second With voluntary actions, advice, suggestions, and performances, they tend to wriggle like a worm with shame after their true colors are established ‘Nadunguvaar parpathin nermai kaanar’ In short, they might not understand the importance, value, and quantities of the medicine And if questioned about the medicine in particular, one can find them tremble This medicine was included only after proper research and practical experiments If this medicine is applied to ‘copper’ vessel, the odor of the vessel will disappear With 10 parts of copper, one part of ‘Gurusunnam’ should be added (1:10 ratio) ‘…Guruthanaiye thaakki daaye’ ‘Guru’ refers to ‘Thurusunnam’ (Mayilthutham or sendhooram) Along with copper, ‘Gurusunnam’ should be added ‘Thaakavae ravidhaanum katti pogum’ As soon as ‘Gurusunnam’ is added, the medicine tends to solidify This gets absorbed by copper, turning it into colours Silver should be added in equal quantities of copper ‘Paakave vandhidaikku…’ Gold should be added in quantities equal to the total of silver and copper (Gold=Silver + Copper) By melting the three metals in mentioned quantities, the value of Gold increases, making it pure ‘Kaanave parpathai anubaa naththil’ Even if this is not used to purify gold, it can be used to improve health by dissolving ‘Panavidai’ (Tamil measurement) of the medicine in water or any liquid ‘Panavidai’=488 milligram The prescribed quantity of medicine if consumed for 48 days (mandalam) 8 types of ‘Kunma noi’, 9 types of gas troubles, 6 types of ‘Paandu’, 18 types of ‘Soolai’, ‘Magodharam’, ‘Peeligai’, stomach pain and ‘Vimmal’ will leave no trace, making the consumers healthy ‘Poemedhaan kudarpirattaal vaai neerural’ ‘Kudalvaadham manurvaadham patcha vaadham’ ‘Kandavali’ ‘Kavusu katti’ ‘Veekam’ Neeroombal=water/ fluid retention and swelling and hiccups will be cured 40 types of ‘Pitham’ and infertility problems will be cured Our Bogar has mentioned that no other Godmen or saint has shared this medicinal use of rock salt ‘Sonnome sitharmuni sithar thaamum’ Out of selfishness or with the aim of maintaining this information for many generations to come, no one has shared this medicine made of rock salt and mushroom Some who have shared this medicine has not shared it as clear as it is described in Bogar 7000 Only after complete research and successful practical experiments, our Bogar has mentioned it in Bogar 7000 With this poem, we can understand that there lived people who faked power by disguising themselves as the devotees of Lord Shiva It is important and useful to know how this medicine, made of rock salt and mushroom can be used to produce pure gold Good to know, right?

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  1. ஐயா, 48 நாட்கள் காயகற்பம் உண்ட பின்பு உணவில் உப்பு, காரம், மாமிசம் சேர்த்துக் கொள்ளலாமா.

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