Jiyong “Thank you for marrying me” AWW [The Return of Superman/2018.09.09]

Seungjae, that girl will do it with you. You have to throw flowers as you go in. Can you do it like a prince? (Seungjae’s partner flower girl) (Seungjae, where are you going?) Hello. – She’s a princess. / – Hello. – You look so pretty. / – I’m sorry I was so busy. No, you look beautiful. It’s a princess. How does she look? She looks pretty. You’re like a princess. Thank you. – With the girl… / – Her? – Her or her? / – This one. What’s your name? – Dahyun. / – Dahyun? – How old are you? / – I’m six. You’re six? I’ll turn six in the winter. (I’m turning six soon too.) He would never say that he’s five. – Good luck. I’ll watch. / – Okay. (I know you can do a good job.) The water is green, and the sun is warm. An uncle and a princess will shine. Will Seungjae do well as a flower boy? (Mom and Dad are nervous.) (Is Seungjae nervous too?) Hey, my shadow is taller than yours. I’m… (She settled everything with a hand gesture.) Hello. Hello. We’ll now start the wedding of this beautiful couple. (We’ll start the ceremony.) (Nervous) The groom will now enter. Please welcome him with applause. Come on in. (The groom is entering.) (Congratulations!) (Congratulations, Uncle.) Next up is the star of the day. The beautiful bride will now enter. When the beautiful bride enters the room, please welcome her with loud applause. It’s time for him to go. (The bride is slowly approaching.) He’s doing well. (Seungjae is throwing flowers on her path.) He’s so serious. He’s doing his job well. Good job. Good job, Seungjae. He did well. – He’s serious. / – He is. (Here comes the bride.) Thanks to Seungjae, she’ll walk on flowers. Be quiet. Stay quiet. That’s what I wanted to say. (The bride’s father is reading a letter.) (Overwhelmed with emotions) Do you remember our wedding? All this time… For some reason, I can’t remember it. – Me too. / – Isn’t it strange? I was too nervous to remember. I can’t remember. I really can’t remember. (He promised to do everything for her.) (They were so young back then.) (What kind of promises did they make?) We just promised to live well. All of that is useless. When you’re faced with reality… (Hitting his back) You have to try living together first. We should try to just understand, but it’s very hard to do. I’m putting up with a lot too. He must be the one just letting it out. I’m putting up with it too. I mean it. I’m raising two sons. What kind of promises did we make? We promised to have three children. That’s what we promised. I think that promise will be broken. – I’m sorry. / – How can you say that? I’m sorry. We made the promise, so let’s take our time. I’ll turn 50 if we take our time. What’s so wrong with having one then? You can do it. Now they’ll be exchanging rings. (It’s time to exchange rings.) I’ll be delivering the rings. (They arrived in front of the couple.) (All he has to do is hand over the ring.) Are you putting it on for me? – The ring? / – He should pass it over. It’s the groom who should put it on. He’s driving me crazy. (Seungjae, what are you doing?) (The princess is now married.) (He’s a little sad.) Next is Ko Seungjae’s special song. (It’s time for him to sing a song.) Let’s give it up for him. (Good luck!) He has so many jobs. Mom, can I sing a new song? All of a sudden? No, you can’t. No. You can’t sing a new song. (The bride and groom are relaxed now.) (All he has to do is sing well.) (Hesitating) Look at your uncle. – Ready, go. / – Ready, go. You’re… (Is he going to sing or not?) I’d be so nervous at this time. (Please, Seungjae.) Everyone’s nervous. (Please, Seungjae.) (He’s finally starting to sing!) I’m so relieved. (“You Are My Sunshine”) (Even a five-year-old can tell) (I can tell how much you love each other) (You’re my sunshine) It must’ve been hard to memorize it all. (She’s harmonizing.) (His key and beats are off.) (Go on a trip for just the two of you) (Pain, sadness, and happiness) (You two can be together for it) (You two can be together for it) Good job. Congratulations on your marriage! – He even has a comment. / – Be happy! My goodness. Good job. (Good job, Seungjae.) (With the couple’s march,) (the wedding came to an end.) (Today’s biggest helper is clapping too.) (The reception with the relatives) Let’s have a drink. – Congratulations. / – Thank you. I saw him sing the Dok Island song. I was so surprised. – He sang it all. / – Even I can’t memorize it. Hey, how old are you? I’m six. What about you? – She’s nine. / – You. We talk about it a lot. He’s so smart. He’s such a troublemaker in person, right? He’s so smart. People keep asking us whom he takes after. (The two boys are bickering.) Who do you think he takes after? I wasn’t as bad as him. Was Jiyong a calm boy? I wasn’t as crazy as him. – Isn’t that Seungjae? / – They look so similar. (The bride came into the reception area.) Princess! The princess is here. I want to sit next to her. Do you want to sit next to her? – You can’t. / – She’ll come over. (He pushed away his chair and left.) Princess. (Princess, I’m here.) (Princess, I’m here.) She’s here. (Hello, again.) (Giving up) No, I want to sit here next to the princess. He’s letting Seungjae sit there. Gosh, Seungjae. Not today. What are you doing? Come here. Princess, please marry me. (What a brave boy.) They just got married. (Confused) He’s so brave. She got married today. She just got married. (Innocent) Seungjae, come on. – No. / – Come sit between us. I’m going to marry the princess. The princess already married a prince. Then I’ll marry her tomorrow. (If that’s the case, I’ll marry her tomorrow.) (Seungjae’s comment makes everyone laugh.) We’ll come back after we eat. He did that because you’re too beautiful. (While the bride stepped away,) (the groom walks out secretly.) (The groom is holding a bouquet.) One moment, please. Each one of you can give her a flower. (Will you assist me for a surprise?) He prepared that for her? (Seungjae feels bitter.) (She’s very jealous.) Seungjae. (Seungjae will be starting off.) They’ll take a flower each, then hand it to the bride. (They’re ready for the surprise.) I saw it in a film. The bride was really moved in it. (That’s when the bride came back.) Now. I think he just gave away a signal. (The bride’s father is getting up.) (He’s giving his daughter a flower.) She’s crying. See? It must be meaningful. It’s not easy to thank each other while meeting eye to eye. They get a chance to share such a moment. (I see.) (Princess, please hang on!) (He’s on standby.) Seungjae, thank you. Gosh, it broke. Have a good life. (He’s so cool about it.) (She’s moved by the overflowing love.) (I’m so jealous.) (The bride is moved by the surprise.) (The groom is kneeling behind her.) (The sweet uncle’s surprise is a success.) That was really sweet. (All of a sudden?) I like things like that. – You should do one. / – No, no. No. (Yangim is back from the bathroom.) You’re eating this much? Where did Dad go? He’s gone. Where did he go? Come follow me. I’ll take you to where Dad is. Do you know where he is? You’re going to be so surprised. Where are you taking me? To the beach. To look at iguanas. To look at iguanas? Did your dad put you up to this? (How did she know?) I’m going to just leave. Where are you going? If you go by yourself, someone will take you. (There are tourists taking pictures.) Come here. (I think I’ll just join your picture.) (He’s even holding their hands.) (What is wrong with him?) (He can make friends with anyone.) Something must be happening here. There he is. Dad, we’re here! Here. (Thank you for marrying me.) – My goodness. / – Give her one too. I’m cringing. Should we do a surprise for Mom? (He decided to surprise his wife.) – Can I have a flower? / – Did he ask for one? He borrowed one. Thank you for marrying me. (Thank you for marrying me.) Seungjae, give her one too. Yangim, marry me! (Yangim, marry me!) Thank you. She’s still so happy. Really? (Come here, honey) Mom. If I wasn’t married to Dad, I’d marry you. (Proud) – Did you borrow these? / – I did. (These flowers look familiar.) Thank you. All of us should just get married! (All of us should just get married!) Okay, let’s get married together. Let’s get married. I love you. Let’s get married together. (The family became one through marriage.) Would you want to marry Jiyong again? I’m not sure. (Giggling) (Peeking) What? Would you marry me? I’ll marry you if I ever get married again. If you get married at all? Yes, if I get married at all. That means it’s you. He always talks so curt and unromantically. It was really not romantic at all. How can I sound any more romantic? You could say it differently. I didn’t want to get married. But when I met her, I dreamt of getting married. Happy? He shouldn’t have said that. Is that better? Even if I get married again, (Well…) I think I’d marry Yangim. That’s if I get married again. Really? I’ll think about it. (I’ll see how good he is to me first.)

Glenn Chapman


  1. Seung jae is lucky to have them as his parents. His parents are also lucky to have seung jae. 😊

  2. If she was me.. I will say yes.. Seunjae is the most reason n so thankful fo having seungjae in my life.. Soi will marry him again.. Hahaha..i said If she was me 😂

  3. I thinks Seungjaes going to collect the hot girls when his got older! He will be a chicks magnet his so cute

  4. guess what? I AM NOW OFFICIALLY NUMBER ONE FAN OF THE GROOM..sorry to princess but your prince is too hot for me to handle

  5. She had the surprise
    She had the flowers
    But why am i crying 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. I don't know why my tears just fell when Jiyong and Yangim talk about their tb wedding 👰😢

  7. I literally choked when I watch 11:28 haha ko seungjae 😂😂😂 you're going to kill me with your cuteness

  8. I just realise at the half of the video I didn't ON my captions and I understand it WTH!!!

  9. Idk If its just me or the Husband That Just Got Married Looking at Suengjae and thinking (This Kid is Ruining our Wedding) its just my opinion..

  10. Love all the way from Philippines. Seungjae made my day❤ because of TROS, i finally wanted to learn more about children

  11. This is so cringey watching. Jiyong is so awkward while kneeling. Lol

  12. That 110 dislikes are from the guys who had a crush with jiyong appa’s wife. Hahahahah.

  13. In their future, Everytime the couple looks at their wedding album, it will be full of Seunjae😂😂

  14. imagine you're taking pics and seungjae suddenly joins you, cant relate cuz im not in korea :((((

  15. When Yangim laughs she look like Rakhul Preeth Singh. (an Indian actress from tolloywood)

  16. Haha *i'll marry her tomorrow
    *i think i'll join ur pic
    (sweet family)

  17. You are my senpai~
    My only senpai~
    You gave me dokis and shades of grey~
    You never notice me but I still love you~
    You're sugoi, kawaii, desune~

  18. Wait did seungjae just took over the groom's seat to be next to the bride 😂😂this kid is something else
    And when he went to take a picture with the tourists 😂😂i lost it

  19. 12:17 Yangim, Marry me ! Is sooo cute ! He finds his mom is pretty! ♡♡

  20. Jiyong and Yangim are like from kdrama i luv them both. It seems like their family is the continuation of every "lived-happily-evr-after".

  21. Ko Jiyong wants to use 'sit in between us' on Seungjae

    It was ineffective.

    Seungjae used ' I'll marry her tomorrow'

    It was very effective

  22. When Seungjae canta mejor que tu but es porque el es coreano y tu no :''v

  23. I would love to have a son like seungjae .. hahaha it must be kinda difficult because he is so active but he’s so loving, caring, cute, smart and a lot more honestly it’s like a perfect son for me 😂
    I hope they will always be happy and healthy
    I love this family a lot

  24. I like seungjae's mom and dad relationship, they are so chill. Even tgey don't share their feelings you can just just feel it

  25. princess just marry me they just got married hahahahaha sungjae is sooooo cute and when he gave the bride flowers he said have a good life this kid is ❤️❤️❤️

  26. I love this family so much after watching seungjae I wish to have a kid like him 😍😊😊😊😊

  27. I love how during the dinner Seungjae was being unruly without being a nuisance. Like he wasn’t sitting still and he did run around a little bit, but he wasn’t going around making a mess, destroying things or being extremely loud. Especially when he was arguing with his dad 😂😂

  28. i know what seujae singed a popular filipina girl singed that cuz its hers i cant belive theres a kid version of that
    "you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy" thats what i know

  29. What a beautiful family. ♥️ anyways, congrats to the newly weds 🌷

  30. I love this family and Seungjae, i love him to bits he is a smart little kiddo, just wish we have a kid, makes me sad sometimes.

  31. What was our promise?
    We promised to have 3 kids

    I'm sorry to break that promise

  32. i came here for Seungjae and ended up wanting for his parents moments every ep. i love this family so much. adopt me please!😂

  33. Even if he speaks unromantically, but the words coming out in his mouth is romantic already for a man who thinks being cheesy is cringey.

  34. waaaahahahaha! this never fails to crack me up 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ watching again after a year?! 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ ‘cause I love this fam so much 💕 Jiyoong may not be that expressive, but you can clearly see the love from his little actions 👍🏼☺️

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