James Brown performs "Please Please Please" at the TAMI Show (Live)

Glenn Chapman



  2. James,to me, was FAR BETTER with The FAMOUS FLAMES , then he was as a solo artist, with just him and his BAND. Just LOOK at this performance. I mean , LOOK at it !!! His "Mr Dynamite" R&B years with The FLAMES, Bobby Byrd, Bobby Bennett,and Lloyd Stallworth , were BY FAR his BEST !!
    His GFOS Funk years , on the other hand, to me, got old really quick…and while everybody today tries to focus on THOSE years, to me, without The FLAMES, it just wasn't happenin" !!
    The ONLY reason that he focused so MUCH on the BAND during his Funk years, was because THE FLAMES were no longer there. Once they QUIT him in 1968, The James Brown Show lost a very critical and important element that it NEVER GOT BACK.

  3. My grandma was actually in the audience there, she told me her and her friends knew they would never see something as incredible as this performance again

  4. No te vashas Willi!!!! Mestá doliendo como dedo chiquito golpeteado por pata de mesa ratona!!!

  5. No one cannot convince me that James didnt steal this from Sanctified Preachers. When they would have the deacons come put a robe on them after preaching then pray for the preacher at the close of the message while the music was playing. Preacher would then get back up and leave audience in a frenzy with a closing word and benediction.

  6. How far has music fallen! I want to go back in time – 2019 and beyond!

  7. Hands down one of the greatest performances of all time!!! Sheesh! I wish someone could put a cape on me every time I need consoling. I need to go buy one just in case. Lol!

  8. People be like : " Why black artists/sport players are so good?".

    My answer: They have to work harder to get notice.

  9. What a legend. What a great man😢R.I.P. James Brown
    “The Cape Man”

  10. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Bring talent like this back to planet earth.

  11. Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis Presley and many others inspired by the late great king of soul, James Brown.

  12. The man is begging Please don't go!!! RIP to the greatest to ever do it. Blessed I got to witness this greatness even if it is just on youtube.

  13. All the vintage James Brown clips we can find at lightscamerabackbeat.com

  14. Wow he really put his whole body, heart and etc into this. Some day you will have to tell me all about him. This could go on forever I hope. SMILE

  15. Jesus fuck !!!!!! All that pain, he let it all out ! All those years he suffered mama Mia . I’ve got goose bumps. Man none of these fake dumb ass artists can do this !! RIP JB

  16. Don't leave me, don't go, he really got the audience emotionally 🔥 up, I saw the same performance at the Regal theater in Chicago back in the day, my mom took us to see James Brown and the famous flames perform.

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