Jam Jam the car racer [The Return of Superman/2019.12.08]

The first family we’ll meet today is – Jam Jam and Heejun. / – Where are we, Jam Jam? – Let’s go this way. / – Where is she? I want to get in a car. – Do you want to get in a car? / – A car? Where is my car? It’s here. “Kids’ Electric Car Club”. (Jam Jam’s car) It seems Jam Jam is highly interested in cars. There’s a club that tunes kiddie cars and holds meet-ups regularly to let the kids get in the car. Someone I know runs the club. – Hi. / – Hello. – You’re here. / – Hello. – Welcome. / – It’s been a while. – It has. / – It’s been a while. – Hi, Jam Jam. / – The members of such clubs become friends quickly. – Are all your kids here? / – Yes. Both of your kids are here too. (Kim Yideun, first son, six-year-old) (Kim Yisol, second son, three-year-old) – Hello. / – Say hello. – It’s nice to meet you. / – Hello. – You’re in a helmet. / – They’re all wearing helmet. (The kids are eating jelly.) – Jelly. / – I think she wants some snacks. – Oh, she wants the jelly. / – Is that what you wanted? (She wouldn’t miss her jelly.) I’ll open it for you. – Great boy. / – Aren’t we going to tune Jam Jam’s car? Yideun is opening it for Jam Jam in case she can’t. Yideun opened it for you. – Is it tasty? / – Yes. Car. – Do you want to ride a car? / – Yes. There’s a line of kiddie cars brought by the members. There’s a whole variety. There are cute characters electric cars as well as classic electric cars and flashy sports cars. The kids must love it. – May we try this one briefly? / – Sure, go ahead. Get in here, Jam Jam. Come here. – It’s done. / – She’s ready. (She’s ready to drive.) – Is Heejun controlling the car? / – Yes. I’m going. – We’re going. / – Be careful. You little kid. Hello. Hi, let’s go. Where are you going, my friend? Wait for me. Jam Jam is driving. (Jam Jam is enjoying the speed.) It’s so fast. Aren’t you scared? – I’m not. / – It must be as fun for the dads as it is for the kids. – Is it fun? / – It’s fun. This is exciting. It was so fun, wasn’t it? (Jam Jam already finished doing a lap.) Jam Jam, wasn’t it fun? Let’s go ride another one. (Jam Jam looks for another kiddie car.) What is this? This is… This is my car. – That’s so cool. / – What is it? Do you want to ride with me? Let me ride it. Let’s go. We’ll leave now. Hold tight. (Sweet) (Rattling) – What is that? / – What? – Is that a cultivator? / – Is there such a thing? It even sounds like a real cultivator. Where are we going today? – Goodness. / – I love this music. We’re going to the field. – A field? / – I’ll pick apples for you. I like apples. I’ll pick lots of apples. My goodness. I love the cultivator sentiment. (Remember, they are not in the countryside.) She saw something. (Jam Jam spotted something.) (It’s a flashy red sports car.) A sports car. Hello, cultivator. (What is this car?) (The sports car passes the cultivator.) It’s really fast. – Bye. / – It overtook him quickly. It’s a piece of cake for it to overtake the cultivator. (It’s a little slow, but the cultivator boy is happy.) You may stop now. (I want to try other cars too.) – This… / – Was this fun? Do you want to ride other cars? Yes. (She gets in the car that overtook the cultivator.) – The sports car. / – It overtook the cultivator earlier. I’ll be back, Dad. Be careful, Jam Jam. Let’s go to the sea. – She wants to go to the sea. / – Step on it. (Vroom) Let’s go to a cafe. – The engine sounds like the real thing. / – Go, go. He’s running after it because it’s his. “That seat belongs to me.” (They are enjoying the speed in the sports car.) He doesn’t care that his brother is running after him. That’s great. He’ll feel it as if he’s actually driving the car. (They are enjoying the speed in the sports car.) You’re a great driver. Is it fun? – Yisol is here. / – He’s here. – I’ll get in now. / – He’s upset. I’ll get in. Jam Jam, don’t you want to ride your own car? Where is my car? – Your car? Let’s see where it is. / – Jam Jam’s car? Your car is here. – There. / – What is this? – It’s Jam Jam’s car. / – Jam Jam’s car. – What is that? / – Jam Jam. – Let’s show it to people. / – Let me show you. – Let’s see Jam Jam’s car. / – Okay. Are you excited? (How will Jam Jam’s car look?) They’re uncovering it. How does it look like? (It’s Jam Jam’s first car.) It’s Jam Jam’s first car? Look at the color. – It suits Jam Jam perfectly. / – Right. – It’s Jam Jam’s car. / – How luxurious. It suits her. I want that car too. Jam Jam, how do you like it? (Marveling) It’s so cool. – Jam Jam, shall we drive now? / – He can control it. – Shall we try? / – It may be dangerous at first, – Of course. / – so Heejun will control it. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (Jam Jam is driving today.) (Jam Jam’s flashy steering skill) “Flashy steering skill.” (Jam Jam’s flashy steering skill) Aren’t I cool? I’m cool, right? Yes, you’re very cool. (Driving is fun.) (The car suddenly comes to a halt.) It won’t go. There’s no gas. There’s no gas? Come fill your gas. (Heejun’s gas station is open.) Is there such a thing? How much gas do you want? (How much should I put?) Full, please. – Okay. / – You should fill up the whole tank. (Wide-eyed) It makes a sound too. – It’s so fascinating. / – I’ve filled up the tank. So give me one dollar, please. (Here…) Thank you. We give jellies to those who fill up their tank. – Do you want some jelly? / – Yes. (I love the service here.) – Eat your jelly. / – You need to take your gift. They usually give you 500ml of water, but they give you jelly here. – It’s a mini world. / – This is a moving gas station. – I agree. / – Come fill up your gas here. – You’ve lined up for this gas. / – They are lining up. Thank you. She gets to drive the car herself now. She looks so happy. She’s good now. (Jam Jam is back to the gas station.) – She’s back. / – Her car isn’t very fuel-efficient. Take your jelly. You come here too, Jam Jam. Go. (Jam Jam is here again.) Why are you back? I filled up your tank earlier. – I need gas. / – She’s finished her jelly. – Jelly. / – Are you here for the jelly? Gosh. – She got caught. / – Then, I’ll give another jelly just for you. – Have it later. / – Okay. You can go now. – She’s eating jelly again. / – Go on. I have some jelly. She’s back again. – It’s never-ending. / – She keeps coming back. (Jam Jam doesn’t stop loving jelly.) Let’s race. Kids of all ages and cars who came to this club have gathered. I see. They are going to race together. I really want to win. It sure creates some tension. – This kind of excitement is needed. / – Right. I want to drive now. Go! (Start the race.) Hold the wheel with both your hands. (The front cars take the lead.) Dad, faster. All the other boys have gone. Okay. I’ll drive faster. – Dad’s driving so slowly. / – Wait for me. Wait for me. (Slow) – Faster, Dad. / – Gosh, others are a lap ahead. They are so fast. (Screeching) (Power drift) My goodness, they can do this too? (It looks like a real car race.) (They drive perfectly in-course.) You won’t be able to catch up with me this time. You’re so cool. (The sports car came first.) First. Second. Completing the race is the whole point. Thank you. You’re in. Come and eat some food, kids. – Look at this. / – What’s your name? – What else? / – What are you doing? – She’s so excited. / – Goodness. Jam Jam, be careful. (Yideun comes right after her.) Yideun is coming to you. – Goodness. / – Come here, Jam Jam. Let me see if you hurt yourself. He’s worried in case she’s hurt. He even let her ride the sports car. How sweet. It’s done. Thank you, Yideun. Come here, Jam Jam. Let’s eat something delicious. – Heejun brought food. / – Come here, Jam Jam. No. She decided to sit here. – He must feel so sad. / – Look at his face. – Jam Jam. / – Jam Jam. Is it Dad or Yideun? Who will Jam Jam choose? (I’m sure she’ll eat with me.) Yideun! – Will you eat with him? / – It’s Yideun! Will you eat there? Do you want me to eat alone? – Goodness. / – Oh, no. – What about me? / – Heejun is upset. I would cry if that happens to me. She’s happy that I’m feeding her. Weren’t you two in his car for quite a while earlier? It’s so sad to watch him eat alone. (Happy) She’s eating so well. My gosh. (Cute) – What’s that? / – She’s acting cute. It’s different from the cute acts we’ve seen. I know. Goodness. (Jam Jam’s cuteness melts Yideun’s heart.) She’s so lovely. (Jam Jam loves playing with Yideun.) (Cute Jam Jam) – Dad, let’s come again. / – Okay. Shall we come back? Let’s go home now. (No.) She doesn’t want to go. Why not? We need to go. She drove a lot and made a lot of friends. What a fun day.

Glenn Chapman


  1. People who are convinced that "baby Yoda" is the cutest thing out there right now obviously have not seen Jam Jam. Such a sweet, kind, loving, beautiful child.

  2. น้องน่ารัก เป็นเด็กที่ร่าเริงสดใส

  3. Yo jam jam and Neaun is getting all the mans attention xdd and here I am not getting any attention from them 😂😂😂😂

  4. I can't stop rewinding the part…
    where Jam Jam needs to choose between Appa and Oppaya… Lol
    And Appa Heejun looks sad and a bit jealous he he

  5. Jamjam should hav her own tv show, i would pay to just watch her cuteness everyday!

  6. Others commenting on how cute jam jam is. While I already visualizing adult jam jam being courted by all these childhood oppas or have an unexpected reunion in the future- just like Korean drama… 🤣

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