Jam Jam meets Seventeen! [The Return of Superman/2019.11.10]

– Jam Jam is cold. / – A long time ago, – Princess Jam Jam lived in Cold Land. / – Uncle. Be careful not to catch a cold. Thank you for your concern. (Princess Jam Jam looked after all of her villagers.) Be careful not to catch a cold. I will. (Coughing) Are you cold? Here. – What a sweet princess. / – Thank you. You shouldn’t catch a cold! – Help me. / – One day, she met Prince Heejun who was trapped in Cold Castle. Help me. (Struggling) (What do I do?) Help me. He’s stuck so tightly. (What will be Princess Jam Jam’s choice?) Wait… – She pushed him. / – She pushed him ruthlessly. Jam Jam! I don’t think he can get up. She’s pulling on his hair. – She’s pulling his hair. / – That hurts. – He has to get out. / – He’ll have to get out. – Hurry up. Hurry up. / – Don’t overdo yourself. Thank you. That was close. (Be careful not to catch a cold.) Princess Jam Jam decided to build a cool new house for Prince Heejun. I’ll make you a house. Is she making a house out of books? (Princess Jam Jam starts making a sturdy house!) – She’s so good. / – Gosh. It’s a house. Jam Jam. Jam Jam, you made a house. I’m so happy to have a house. Thank you. – Try lying down. / – “Try lying down.” – It’s so warm. / – There’s enough room to lie down. Put your blanket on. – Is the blanket also a book? / – It’s so nice. Gosh, thank you. Thank you. It’s so warm. Would you like some water? Okay. Thank you. (She helps him drink water.) – She’s feeding him. / – Is she? Really? What a nice house. It’s so delicious. Thank you. I want to go to the bathroom. Where is it? This is the bathroom. That’s the bathroom? – Is this the bathroom? / – Yes. Poop. (The bathroom is quite small.) – Good job. / – She loves playing with her dad. Poop. What are you doing? (Did you like it?) (I want to live here forever.) To celebrate moving into his new home, they’ll hold an exciting dance party. – Jam Jam. / – Of course. Princess Jam Jam is famous for being a good dancer. Her dance is getting better. She has her mom’s DNA. Look at her jump. (You have to exercise hard.) She has a bum dance. I’m tired. She’s copying her dad. (It feels like my cold is going away.) Tambourine? Here, tambourine. (Wait a minute…) She’s not happy about something. – The pink one is mine! / – That’s right. – She has to match. Of course. / – Of course. (Princess Jam Jam is super excited.) (Princess Jam Jam and Prince Heejun’s climax) She has so much fun with her dad. (Let’s not catch a cold!) So Princess Jam Jam and Prince Heejun lived happily ever after. The end. (I’m hungry after all that playing!) Do you want to sit? Let’s eat cake. Let’s eat cake. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – Good job. / – How cute. That’s right. She wants to blow out candles. (Rehearsing by herself) It looks like fun. It looks like fun. – Let’s try it. / – They’re really having cake. – Ready… / – Go? Go? – Go. / – “Why isn’t he saying ‘go’?” (Happy birthday to you) – Kids love blowing out candles. / – I know. (Happy birthday to you) (It’s not Heejun’s birthday.) (Anyway, happy birthday.) Now blow it out. (Blowing) (This sound isn’t coming from my mouth.) Don’t cover your mouth with your top lip. – One more time. Try again. / – It’s not working. (I’ll give my everything to blow out this candle.) – She’s sputtering. / – That’s it. – How adorable. / – She’s so cute. – She doesn’t know / – One more time. – how to blow out yet. / – No. – Good job. / – She’s so cute. – Was it wind or spit? / – It was her spit. – She’s so adorable. / – Good job, good job. (It’s time to eat the rainbow cake!) Give me a fork! – I’ll give you a fork. / – What about you, Dad? I’ll… – She knows to eat it by layer. / – Good job. Is that how you eat it? (Elegant Jam Jam) – Let’s do a cheer. / – Cheers. They’re doing a toast with barley tea. (Chewing) (Admiring) (Cake and barley tea go well together.) – It’s orange. / – There’s an orange one. I’m eating a rainbow. (The taste of the rainbow is wonderful!) (She’s full after her snack.) (Meow!) What a pretty cat. – It’s a cat. / – What a pretty cat. You have a pretty tail. Jam Jam is into cats these days. You’re going to be so excited when you see a real one. Jam Jam, shall we go see a real cat? I used to have a dog, however, I didn’t know I was allergic. I just thought I had a cold all the time. I only found out after I went to the hospital that I’m allergic to fur. We can’t raise a dog or a cat, but I want to show her a real cat. There’s a famous cat I know. – A famous cat? / – I decided to take her there to see it. – Let’s go. / – What is that? – Let’s go see a cat. / – Okay. – Jam Jam, isn’t it heavy? / – It’s a stuffed fish. – Shall I hold it? / – Is she going to feed the cat? Give it to me. – Where are they going? / – Jam Jam, this is the TV station where I go all the time. Hey, they’re here at KBS. Jam Jam, there’s a cat here. Let’s go and see. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s a cat. (Hello, my name is Bok!) This is KBS’ famous cat, Bok. It’s so cute. But why is it at KBS? It showed up a lot when singers were on their way to KBS. Hence, it’s nicknamed “Cat of ‘Music Bank'”. This cat is a hot star on social media these days. I hear the cat has a KBS employee ID card. Good. This is your big sister. – How cute. / – She’s a baby too. (Bok is so soft!) Do you want to give her a snack? She’s your little sister, Jam Jam. (Licking) Is it good? It must be tasty if it’s from Jam Jam. – She’s so beautiful. / – Yes, she’s beautiful. – Gosh. / – What? – What is this? / – Welcome. – Who is it? / – Hello. – What is this? / – Welcome. – Heejun. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – Isn’t that SEVENTEEN? / – What are you doing here? (They’re an idol group who are masters at dancing.) SEVENTEEN are famous for their dances. They’re also very charismatic. They’re a nice group that is known globally. (Everything is nice about them.) They met Heejun through a television show, and became close friends ever since. That was perfect. They’re a very talented group. When they’re offstage, they’re very innocent. They’re so lovely. We went to eat after “Immortal Songs” and got talking. We became close after that. Jam Jam! – Jam Jam! / – SEVENTEEN is here, Jam Jam. – Jam Jam. / – Hello. – Jam Jam is so popular. / – Hello. – She’s so pretty. / – Jam Jam, are you a doll? She’s so pretty. – Hello. / – Say hello to the uncles. – Bok. / – Where is she going? – She’s looking for the cat. / – Jam Jam – only cares about the cat. / – Jam Jam, we’re… – They lost to the cat. / – We’re SEVENTEEN. Do they look like your brothers or uncles? Gosh, what is that question? (What will be Jam Jam’s decision?) – Uncles. / – “Uncles”. Yes, uncles. Are you going to cry? The day that we’re called uncles is already here. I want a daughter like Jam Jam. – How old is she? / – She’s so cute. Can you give me a hug? Gosh. (You’re going to make me melt!) – You guys must be hungry. / – Yes. Shall I treat you? – That would be nice. / – What do you like? – Let’s go to eat. / – Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – Goodbye. Senior idol Heejun will be treating. – Jam Jam / – Jam Jam and SEVENTEEN came to eat. What will be today’s menu? – Jam Jam. / – Shall we have some soondae? Soondae? Jam Jam likes soondae. (She eats soondae?) I’m hungry! Jam Jam, I’m hungry. (She walks in between her uncles.) – How nice. / – Do you know how to pour water? A cup… Is she telling him to drink water for now? (He feels closer to her thanks to the cup.) – Thank you. / – They react really well. Please give me one too. (Here you go!) Thank you. Dad too. Shall we drink water? Iron Man! Iron Man! – Iron Man! / – Iron Man. They’re reacting like professional audiences. Iron Man! (They exaggerate their reactions!) Jam Jam. (This restaurant has the best reactions!) – Jam Jam. / – Behind you. He’s a villain. (This green villain comes back to life.) Iron Man! (Shooting the cup laser) (The green villain deflects it.) – What a great reaction. / – Do it harder. – That’s pretty big. / – Iron Man. (Shooting an upgraded cup laser) (The green villain passes out.) Kids get upset if you don’t collapse after two times. – Jam Jam. / – Jam Jam. Jam Jam, there’s a bad seal here. Please get rid of it. – He’s a seal? / – He’s a bad seal. That’s a seal? (Looking scary) He’s scary. He’s weird. – “He’s weird.” / – “Look in the mirror.” This is what he does. This is how they have fun. There are lots of cute applications. (He shows it to Jam Jam.) – How adorable. / – You look so cute. – What is it? / – Gosh, you look so cute. (Smiling broadly) – I see. / – You look so adorable. – That’s cute. / – You’re so pretty. – Jam Jam. / – Take a photo with her. Let’s find a cute one. There’s a rabbit. There’s a rabbit. Look at the rabbit. – Say hello. / – Say hi. There’s a rabbit. Look at the rabbit. – When she smiles… / – That’s interesting. You look so cute. Which one should we do next? What? What’s this? (There’s a lot of stuff on my mouth.) (Jam Jam gets a beard.) Jam Jam, you have a beard. She’s cute even with a beard. – I’ll choose a pretty one. / – Do a pretty one. – We have a song called “Jam Jam”. / – Really? – “Jam Jam”. / – “Jam Jam” is playing. – That’s her theme song, then. / – Jam Jam. (Warming up) Jam Jam. (Dancing right away) – She’s dancing. / – Go ahead. Dance. (Jam Jam is focused on the melody.) – Great. You’re dancing on beat. / – Jam Jam. Jam Jam. She’s so excited right now. – It’s her bum dance. / – Why is her dad dancing? (Captivated by Jam Jam) – Jam Jam. / – Jam Jam. (Bouncing their bums) They know how to have fun with Jam Jam. (She’s so good.) – She’s so cute. / – She’s adorable. You suddenly did the bum dance. You have the spirit of a dancer. Of course. She takes after her parents. (I’m a good dancer.) – Let’s eat delicious soondae. / – It looks good. – There’s soondaeguk? / – This looks so good. Can she eat the whole piece? (Of course.) She ate it in one bite. She’s only 30 months old, but she loves soondae. I know. The guys are smitten. They are happy just seeing her eat. – You should eat too. / – Okay. – Thank you for the food. / – We’ll eat too. – Thank you for the food. / – Thank you for the food. – You’re going to feed him? / – Will you give me that? No way. – Thank you. / – What an honor. – Give me one too. / – I bet his heart was racing. – Give me the soondae. / – Give him the soondae. (I’ll leave you alone if you give me soondae.) (Jam Jam feeds the hungry guys soondae.) Thank you. (Thank you, Jam Jam.) You should give one to the seal. (Give one to the seal.) – Thank you. / – You fed everyone here. – What happened? / – How can she like soondae? – Try the liver too, okay? / – Yes. Jam Jam, you can eat the liver too? (Jam Jam can eat the liver and lung.) She eats the liver too? If she finds that delicious, she won’t be a picky eater. – She sure likes soondae. / – Yes. She’s eating it with gusto. – You’re a big eater. / – Aren’t you a big eater? Heejun looks different when he’s with his daughter. – When I’m with my daughter? / – Right. You look different with your daughter. During our dinner after “Immortal Songs”, – you give us a lot of good advice. / – Right. – Advice about choreography. / – It was touching. I don’t get to meet a lot of junior singers who ask for and listen to my advice as earnestly as you do. I’m serious. And you were so innocent when I talked to you guys. (Laughing) It’s so different from the impression you gave off. – It makes me care about you somehow. / – Thank you. – Your advice… / – Right, he’s talking a lot. She’s stuffing his mouth with soondae. I’m sorry but don’t do this in front of my juniors. I’m serious. I hold… – I hold status in this field. / – He holds status. – This isn’t right. / – No. Let’s not do this. I have a reputation to uphold. (See you again, guys.)

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  1. Omomomomo 2 faves in one clip 😍 LOL is it only me but does Seungkwan looks like a younger version of Jamjam's dad

  2. Hoshi's reaction tho hahahhaha kyeowo and DK being a seal 🤣🤣🤣 jam jam is so adorableeeee 😍😍

  3. 8:18
    Svt:hiiii jam jam 😄🥰
    Jam jam : where is the kitten ?
    Svt: well i guess we lost to a kitten 😅

  4. ME:

    NO ONE:

    JAM JAM:


    DK [8:43] : "I want a daughter like Jam Jam"


    A DK STAN RAN OUT OF UWUS TO GIVE ❤😭😂 I love Seventeen and Jamjam so much uwu 💎❤ I WILL WATCH THIS VIDEO EVERYDAY, NO DOUBT!!!

  6. Jam Jam is literally the sweetest little thing
    Shes so kind and cutely blunt/honest
    Her actions are so cute and filled with energy its so adorablee
    And her smile is just the cutest thing in the world ❤❤❤

  7. Jajajajajajaja ya llegan haciendo más ruido jajajaja estos pibes
    Los AMOOOOOOOO…aguante Seventeen che!!!!!!!!!

  8. you know what KBS,


  9. I feel like boo will be a father like heejun someday, talk to his daughter in a softest voice possible, but goofy at the same time

  10. I actually came here for svt but i fell inlove with jam jam 😍😍😍 she's so cute 😭😭

  11. i just came to watch jam jam not be attacked by seokmin what the heck hes gorgeous

  12. Even though the meeting with Seventeen is obviously scripted and they are trying to promote themselves, I still like this episode because of Jam Jam.

  13. 2/3 of maknae line is here yet jamjam called them uncle…. carats, we are getting old.

  14. Seungkwan – The caring dad
    DK – The weird dad
    Hoshi – The fun dad
    Dino – The baby

  15. Focus on how SVT appreciate Hee Joon advise. They always respect the seniors and asking for advise and follow it. Wow.. what a good attitude. I think they will also conquer the kpop world industry.

  16. This is so funny😂🤣 please KBS, i hope you inviting seventeen often on this program, cause their reaction so fit to children 😍

  17. Here I am 16 years old and I cant eat soondae as good as her. If i‘m being real, I hate the taste. I dont know why.

  18. Jam Jam really out here meeting my husbands before I have smh…..

    lol JK jk jk don't take any offence to this people. Anyway she is so cute hahaha making them dance like that so precious

  19. Jam Jam is my favorite little baby to watch and the fact shes meeting my favorite group Seventeen is beyond BEAUTIFUL! This is such a cute meeting. Thank you so much for this 😭😤👌

  20. Hae Joon is such a good father, Jam Jam i intelligent, friendly and so calm. She is so beautiful♡

  21. they’re gonna be great dad’s :”)
    when dk said " i want a daughter just like jam jam " i went 🥺

  22. Heejun : are they looks like oppa or uncles?
    JamJam : uncles

    Me : oh no…. I'm a granny then😭😭😭🤦‍♀️

  23. Jam Jam is too cute for me right now also seventeen is the best kpop boy band

  24. Jam Jam is too cute for me right now also seventeen is the best kpop boy band

  25. Me: I have suffered enough seen the kids left the program, I'm not watching any video of the new kids
    Also me: OMG Jam Jam you are so cute 😍
    Well guess who is gonna be crying for another kid when they left 😭

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  27. Dino is looking so good to me rn like what?! I'm not a carat so I only really see them during comebacks so i am noticing a "jump" in the guy's face. It has really filled out or maybe his neck got thicker. Is he working out? Like his face has matured so much he looks like a whole man now

  28. Already knowing Seungkwan loves children that I knew he was gonna love Jam Jam.

  29. I get Dokyeom bc Jam Jam is actually a very smart and well behaved baby for that age and Heejun and Soyul really raised her well.

  30. The way Seungkwan keeps calling himself as oppa but everyone else calls themselves as uncle 😂

  31. Okay. Please tell me who's the real baby between Jamjam and SVT. I'm confused, all of them are so adorable 😍😍😍

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