Glenn Chapman


  1. I'm still too young to be thinking about retirement centers and nursing homes but this is my favorite retirement center so far. My grandpa lived here for 6 years before spending the last 3 months of his life at a skilled nursing center in Albany where he passed away 3 years ago. I currently live in Missouri and am about to start school again in 2 months, working toward a certificate of proficiency in Medical Billing and Coding. Yet, I'm also thinking about moving to Oregon and living in this retirement facility in many years from now. They serve good meals in the dining hall, including oatmeal for breakfast, and ice cream for desert. And you get to meet all the bitches who live there. Plus, I want to be near my cousins and do more skiing and whitewater rafting. I also want to learn to do snowshoeing and fly-fishing. I also want to try more of Oregon's beers. I've always wanted to live in Oregon. It's one of my favorite places to be. And this retirement center, especially, the independent living facility is one of a kind. I've stayed at my grandpa's apartment there many times when visiting and vacationing in Oregon during his stay at Stoney Brook. I want to live there someday too. Once I retire after many years as a coding specialist and possibly a professor in that field years later, I'm going to literally travel the Oregon Trail in my car until I make it to the Willamette Valley and then Stoney Brook. I may even stop in Independence, Missouri on the way just to commemorate the start of the Oregon Trail. Imagine moving to your favorite place and never having to work again. I may even play the Oregon Trail on my laptop just to celebrate making it to my eventual new home in Oregon once I get there. That will be travelling the Oregon Trail in the modern times for me, to make Stoney Brook my new home once I retire.

  2. Stephanie you did it again.. I love you and the residents of Stoneybrook Assisted Living.

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