It’s Ben’s birthday! [The Return of Superman/2018.12.09]

(Antique exterior) Who could be inside this traditional building? (Someone is reciting) (the Thousand-Character Classic.) (Sky, ground) Did Ben just say that? Is he reciting them? (You can hear someone studying.) (The father has a frivolous laugh.) (Smiling) (He’s moving forward.) Gosh, he’s so cute. He really looks like a young master. Are you going to come out? Ben. Pictures? He’s taking pictures for his birthday. (Please take nice ones of me.) (Do I look good?) He smiles so well these days. This one is good. (He’s taking pictures with Sam.) (Cute) (This scene looks familiar.) (This is where William took his pictures.) It’s where William – took pictures first. / – Goodness. Gosh. It’s so pretty. (Do I look like my brother?) (Here’s Master William.) Gosh, you look so cool. How are you so cool? (The brush reminds us of the past.) He drew on Ben’s head a long time ago. (Someone, please stop my big brother.) Okay. You need to get disciplined. (Disciplined?) (Is that edible?) Are you both zoning out? (Enough zoning out) (He’s getting up.) (He’s approaching his dad while smiling.) – What is it? / – Ben’s approaching him? He wants a one-on-one. Do you have something to say to me? (Please give me something delicious.) Ben, sit down. This is so cute. Goodness. (He can’t stop smiling.) (You can’t stop a baby.) (The next concept) (It’s King William) (and bald General Ben.) (Toddling) No, no, no. (Did I do something wrong?) (I’ll punish you for your crime!) I think he’s trying to take out his sword. (The bald general is puzzled.) (Can someone tell me what I did wrong?) (Ben took over the throne.) (This is annoying!) William, William. You can’t take it off. No, no. Let me see. (What does it say on here?) (Can someone read it for me?) (This time, he’s dressed beautifully.) I’m dying. (Ben is a new bride.) Ben. Who’s this? Are you my daughter? (I’m a new bride.) It looks so cute on a bald baby. (Don’t call a new bride bald!) (The bride can’t stop babbling.) He’s babbling. (Happy) He’s so adorable. How can you pick from these pictures? They’re all so nice. (The last shoot is of the new couple.) Look at the new groom. (Bride Ben is zoning out again.) He’s so cute. (The mischievous groom found a ball.) Get ready. Pass! The groom is too frivolous. The bride is well-behaved. (Ben the bride is well-behaved.) Yes. The groom is excited. – You’re so cute. / – William. (Me?) You’re so cute, Bentley. Bentley. (I will bow to you.) He’s bowing all of a sudden. What a great picture. William, what day is it today? Happy birthday to you. Whose birthday is it? Ben’s. Is it the baby’s birthday? It’s the baby’s birthday. It must be the day of Ben’s birthday party. (Welcome to Ben’s birthday party.) (Mr. Ben is striding along.) He looks like he’s here to host the party. I have never seen such a reliable baby. Whenever I attended a birthday party, the babies were in their parents’ arms. Exactly. He’s walking around. (This looks okay.) (Hey! I think someone’s here.) Hello. Who’s this? – It’s Eva’s. / – It’s Eva’s family. – He got so big. / – Gosh. (Their first meeting started off rough.) (Noah and William got close fast.) He’s William’s friend. Thank you, friend. Have some rice cakes. Nom, nom, nom. They grow up so fast. William, who’s here? – Okyere. / – Okyere. – Who? Okyere. / – Okyere. Okyere, Okyere, Okyere. (Their friends continue to join.) – More people are coming. / – Hello. It’s their neighbor Jungjury. Her son Doyun. He grew up so much. Hi. Hey, who’s this? It’s Siha’s dad. Who’s this? It’s nice to see him here. – Give Uncle a kiss. / – Will you kiss him? (What?) Uncle, buy me a gift. (But it’s the baby’s birthday.) He wants a gift. It’s his brother’s birthday. – This is for Bentley. / – Gosh. This is for the person who went through – the most trouble. / – He’s a man of tact. (Moved) You should give gifts to the moms. – It’d be so touching. / – Thank you. If you do this, you’ll make my life difficult. Moms always go through a lot. – That’s true. / – Congratulations. Thank you, Uncle. No problem. How cute. It’s his army friend, Ryu Suyoung. His best friend from the army. You look like a real celebrity. But he’s a celebrity. – We’re all celebrities. / – The birthday party seems like a film festival. I know. I feel like I’m watching the awards. (Let me hold Bentley!) (In love) Do you remember Uncle Suyoung? We made watermelon salad for him. Do you remember? He remembered. Sometimes when you go to a party, you meet people you haven’t seen in a while. (Everyone’s here!) – Let’s go. / – What? Which one should we get? (What captured William’s eyes?) That one. – The big one? This one? / – Yes. – Is this good? / – It bit my belly. Is your tummy showing? – Pull your shirt down. / – He’s might be bitten. He’s scared of pinches. – Is this good? / – Yes. Are we done? Okay. Look here, look here. Look here, look here. Grandma, here. Thank you. It’s for his grandma. Grandpa, eat this. Goodness. Enjoy the food. – How sweet. / – He’s so caring. Today’s star is getting changed. (Gosh, I almost looked ugly for a second.) (He’s being very cooperative.) Actually, kids that age fuss and cry. They often go on their backs. I even saw kids sleep. He’s so gentle. What a good baby. – How cute. / – Gosh. How cute. – Come here. / – Can you give me a kiss? (Bentley, give me a kiss.) Let’s take one with Uncle. (Turning) He’s being difficult. Don’t be like my husband. She’s being so annoying. One, two, three. – Bentley! / – Bentley! (The star is coming in!) The rice cake… Bentley! How do you feel today? Okay, thank you. Do you want to do it? – William. / – Happy birthday dear baby. One, two, three. (William is blowing out the candle for Ben.) They’re both feeling great. We’ll now start the birthday party. The highlight is the doljabi. Even the guests get nervous about this. What did your son pick? He picked up a microphone. He must have the blood of an entertainer. You can’t hide it. It’s in his genes. Will you support him? Of course. I’ll let him do what he wants. – Grab it, Bentley! / – Grab it, Bentley! (Grab it, Bentley!) Here, Bentley. (What will Bentley pick?) (Now that we think about it, William) (picked a ball that his father wanted!) William picked a ball. In this situation, parents want them to pick the same thing. – It was a golf ball. / – He’s hitting Sam. Let’s start. Which one? Which one do you want? Let’s grab it. Let’s grab it. Isn’t that rice? (Murmuring) (Surprised) – He was startled. / – It’s the reaction. He was only checking it out. Rice? – What do you want? / – Catch, catch. Let’s grab it. Let’s grab it. I think he might grab the microphone. He’s checking his mom’s expression. The parents often push what they want. He’s looking at his dad. There are so many people watching him. (After several attempts, is he picking rice?) (Peeking) He’s checking the people’s reaction. (He’s checking our reaction.) Don’t study them. (Stop making us nervous. Please grab something!) – Please pick one, Ben. / – Ben. – Just grab one. / – Ben. – Please pick, Ben. / – Ben. Look at Sam sweating. He’s tired. – I’m so nervous. / – What is it? What did he pick? (He finally grabbed something!) (Bentley’s choice is…) – What is it? / – What is it? It’s a gavel. It’s a gavel. (Gavel means he’ll become a high official.) (Is this destiny?) During their photo shoot, Bentley picked another object that means the same thing. – He’s consistent. / – Exactly. (I’ll split all foods fair and square.) – Good job. / – Okay! (I’m the law in front of food!) First of all, I’d like to appreciate everyone for joining us. You’d feel really thankful. Without Yoomi, there would be no Bentley. (Without my wife, my son wouldn’t be here.) She’s jealous. I’m thankful that she’s the mother to my kids. We’ll raise both Bentley and William healthy and happy. One, two, three. (Their baby is having his first birthday.) (My dear Bentley) (Happy birthday to you) Happy birthday, Bentley. Keep on growing healthy like how you are now.

Glenn Chapman



  2. Ben is officially the cutest baby in the world. Sorry Mingukieee you lose to Bentley

  3. Ben was picking rice= food he knows the purpose of life is food 😍😍😍😍💖💖 funniest episode till date of TROS💖💖 BEN is such happy baby 😍 3:10 cute BALD BABY BRIDE EVER 😂😂😂😂

  4. Why I find Yumi so beautiful and attractive woman. She is so elegant! Be my mommy 😍🌸💙

  5. Ben is really very very cute……love you Ben and also love you William😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. 95% of TROS kids picked a ball… then you got Gunhoo picking a stethoscope and Bentley a gavel.

  7. This tradition goes in India too🥰 I selected pen my parents says 🤣

  8. Can someone tell me what is the song that starts at 1.31 minute?


  10. Sam, all sweaty from holding the tray for so long: Ben, PLEASE. Just pick one, PLEASE. PLEASE.


  11. One day they will see this and recall this day. How cute, i wish i also had those moments at my childhood 😭

  12. Oh My God I'm dying of a cuteness overdose. I practically ODed on Ben's adorableness. He's so damn adorable!!

  13. Papa Sam,please bring William to the eye doctor and get his eye check…😘😘😘

  14. Y’now it’s really hard to watch these without earphones, because my mom and dad seperated and i wanted to have a brother. Srsly my dad gets mad when he hears some giggles everytime i watch Return of Superman. He makes me stop watching these but i still watch it secretly And i always lower my volume when he’s by my side when my earphones are missing. I just want a brother 😔

  15. Bentley is by far the most adorable baby in this shows history he is in a league of his own.

  16. Dont kiss babies on lips, not just ben, but all babies should not be kissed by strangers.

  17. 멕시코에서 나는이 가족을 사랑합니다
    from Mexico I love this family

  18. Why are some of the babies not look like their parents??? Some of the pretty ladies that looks mix have very Asian looking children. Unlike William and Bentley, which looks very mixed.

  19. im just asking, no hate, do koreans celebrate the first 100 days of their childs life or their first birthday? cuz arent they born one?

  20. i think ben initially wanted to pick the rice but it was because he was surprised earlier

  21. Still watching this in 2019😆 this time Bentley really behave when get photoshoot 😂😂😂

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