Isn’t Bentley’s spoon too big…? [The Return of Superman/2019.12.08]

Raise your hand if you are hungry. (He raises both hands.) – Bentley is always hungry. / – I guess you’re hungry. William raised his hands and feet. He even raised his tongue. Okay, okay. I see your effort. You can eat too. Are you hungry? (His eyes sparkle.) Seeing there is an iron griddle… – Meat? / – Yes. It must be a barbecue place. He is excited. Dad, what will we eat today? – Rolled beef. / – Rolled beef? – Rolled beef. / – Oh, my. Will we eat two? Hurray! Two? We will eat many of them. Beef and horse meat. He thought there will be beef and horse meat. (Let’s eat everything!) – Rolled beef is / – “Beef and horse meat.” – veggies rolled in beef. / – “Let’s eat everything!” Roll? – Roll. / – Roll. (Roll.) It will be delicious. (It sounds delicious.) (When will we get the food?) (Sniffing) Smell. Does he smell it? He smells food. – Do you smell meat? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. You have a dog’s nose. A dog’s nose. What do you mean? You say that to someone with a good sense of smell. Dogs can smell very well. Your mom has a dog’s nose. Was Mom a dog? Sometimes, she is. Every mom has – a dog’s nose. / – That’s why you shouldn’t drink. Don’t be like that. (Stop joking.) When will we get food? Again. Again. Again. – Outside. / – Right, go and check the food. Why is the food taking so long? Uncle. (Uncle, follow me.) – He wants Uncle to come with him. / – That’s right. – Bye. / – He has to find his way. Where is he going? I don’t know. Where is he going? (Bentley follows the smell.) He follows the smell. (This place is…) Where is he? What did he see? (It’s the kitchen.) He is making rolled beef. (He witnesses rolled beef.) Their rolled beef is being made. (Did you come to take a look?) Goodness, he is rolling up beef. (Staring) If you wait at the table, I will bring it to you soon. – It takes time to roll beef. / – Okay. (Please make them tasty.) (After checking the food…) (Look at that!) (What caught Bentley’s eyes?) Bye. Bye. He is waving at people outside. (I am Bentley.) Grandpa. (Bentley, hello.) There’s a grandpa. (I will sing a song for you.) (Have a nice meal.) (Be happy.) Grandpa. (Live a long life.) – Baby. / – Is there a baby? – Baby. / – There really is a baby. (Eat a lot.) – Goodness, he’s funny. / – I know. (Baby.) Where is Bentley? Is he on a table? Where is he? – This time, William looks for Bentley. / – Baby. (Is someone calling me?) He will hide. (Whatever.) What is that? – He saw something. / – Did he see Bentley? There are words. “If you post photos of the food on SNS,” – “they will give a soft drink.” / – “Baby ate a lot.” – William is making it up. / – “Baby’s belly is full.” “Baby’s belly is full.” I read very well, right? I will give this letter to Bentley. Bentley! William. William. Bentley, it’s a letter. My goodness. – He put it on Bentley’s back. / – You got a letter. Will they get a soft drink if they post a photo of Bentley on SNS? – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – How cute! What is that on your back? – It’s a letter. / – I see. Hello. (He is cute.) Would you like to try one? Try one. How cute! (It’s tasty.) Dad, I found Bentley. What is this? Why did you put it on his back? It’s a letter. Hey, do you know whom this letter is addressed to? This is a message for the customers. You have to put it back. Put it back where it came from. – But it’s a letter. / – He listens and puts it back. Yes, back where it came from. – He is nice. / – That’s the spot. (He put it upside down.) – He put it upside down. / – Don’t people see it? William is smart. Sit, Dad. Should I sit? I sat. (I sat.) (Why do I feel like something is missing?) – William. / – William will come. They look after each other. (William is back.) Sit. Sit. William, sit down. (Sitting) Sit down. (If everyone is in their seats,) (bring out the food!) (The meat they have been waiting for is here.) – Hey, the meat is here. It’s here. / – It came out. – Here it is. / – My goodness. Look at the color. – Is it here? / – Yes. – Is it here? / – Yes, it’s here. Is it here? – It’s here. It sure is. / – Doesn’t it look delicious? They rolled it. Doesn’t it look delicious? (William looks unenthusiastic.) Is it here? Is it here? William looks unenthusiastic. – Do you want me to hurry? / – Yes. I’ll hurry. (I love meat.) (Slow) He’s frustrated. He wants to eat it fast. Bentley. It’s hard for Bentley to wait. – Put it on. / – Should I put it on? Put it on. (It’s still missing something.) (More, more, more) – Hey, stop. / – Put it on. No, we have enough. – Hurry. / – He wants to eat fast. – He doesn’t want to wait. Hurry. / – One more. – One more? / – Yes. – Again, again. Yes. / – More? – The white one? / – Yes. Okay. (I won’t miss a single piece.) Are you that excited? (That looks like enough.) Grill. Grill. Grill. Okay, okay. I’m sorry. – I’ll hurry. / – Hurry, grill quickly. (Bentley’s avatar, Sam is busy.) (The maestro on the table, Bentley) Let’s eat. (He’s passionate when they grill.) (He’s frustrated when they have to wait.) It’s so hard to wait. (The hunger puts him in agony.) The meat is thin, so it will grill quickly fast. The veggies inside need to be cooked too. (The only solution is to hurry!) It must be taking a long time to grill. Do you want to eat it? (Chives and perilla leaves rolled in beef) There are chives and perilla leaves inside it. – It must be chewy. / – Yes. The inside will be crunchy. (It smells good.) (Hurry! Hurry!) (Dad, I can still see your slow hands!) It’s done. It’s done. (He’s delighted after the long wait.) (A lot!) (It’s his first time having rolled beef.) – Isn’t it hot? / – You can’t eat just the meat. It’s hot. He spat it back out. He wants to look at it before he eats. (Hey, everyone. I’ll have a taste of it.) (A cow is munching on grass inside my mouth!) It must be so delicious. Of course it’s good. (Chewing) (Give me more meat!) You have one right there. I have one. (He eats without break.) Gosh, I want to eat it. Bentley makes everything look delicious. (This is what I’m talking about.) Of course it’s good. (Chewing) (Doesn’t it look good?) (On the other hand, William isn’t eating anything.) (Unenthusiastic) – Why doesn’t he like it? / – I can’t eat it. Yes, you can. – He dislikes veggies. / – Kids tend to dislike them. I don’t like what’s inside. (He unrolls the meat.) He unrolled it. (You can have the vegetables.) Meat, meat, meat. I only like meat. (He took the vegetables out!) (He’s eating just the meat.) It’s good. I’ll eat the meat by itself. (The vegetables taste good too.) Are you going to keep this up? Are you going to be a picky eater? (Give me more meat, please.) (Hurry, hurry!) – Meanwhile… / – He finished. (Meat!) I got it. Open up. (Meat!) One person keeps on asking for more, while the other is being picky. – What am I to do? / – Dad, I want to eat cheese. I’m caught in the middle. Why is this so tough? – I want to eat cheese. / – Not by itself. I’m going to eat cheese by itself. (He needs to eat vegetables.) – He shouldn’t be picky. / – What will Sam do? What will he do? I’m curious to see what Sam will do. (He rolled meat and vegetables inside the cheese.) He covered it with the cheese. Visually, – you only see the cheese and meat. / – It’s cheese. – Here, open up. / – Will he fall for it? – Open up. / – Will he eat it? (If he doesn’t eat it, I’ll have it!) (His vegetable sensor is on.) – Try it. / – He didn’t see it. (He checked to see there are no vegetables inside.) – It went in his mouth. / – Okay. Chew, chew. It’ll be different once you chew it. It tastes good. (There are vegetables!) – Let’s see. / – He found out. Try it. Try it. I’m serious, try it. Chew. (Will he find the vegetables good?) – Dad. / – Yes? It’s a little good. – It’s good, right? / – It’s good, right? – Exactly. / – Yes. – Here you go. / – It’s good. That’s how you try it. (Now he knows how to eat it.) Good. Dad. Thank you. See? (I won’t be picky anymore.) Sam is good. Yes. He’s good. He’s a good dad. (He makes sure to reward William.) (It’s going right in.) (He’s in his best mood!) – I bet it’s delicious. / – I’ll do it with Bentley. – Uncooked cheese? / – Cheese? Is he going to eat it like that? (What are you going to do?) He eats everything aside from his dish. Yes. Try the grilled one. (Let’s share some brotherly love.) How cute. Be careful. (There!) (You know I love you, right?) Bentley won once again today. – Rice. / – Do you want rice? (We should have rice if we finished eating meat.) Please. Rice, please. Okay. That’s right. We have separate stomachs for meat and rice. – Are they going to make fried rice? / – Fried rice? Right, there’s grease left from the grilled meat. Gosh. (Soybean paste rice) Gosh, that’s amazing. (Amazing) Give me a lot. Eat it with your spoon. Where’s your spoon? There it is. Eat it with your spoon. Okay? (It’s a kiddie spoon,) (so it scoops up very little.) You can’t get enough on his spoon. What is he looking at? – What? This? / – He wants something. This isn’t a spoon. It’s a ladle. – It’s used to pick up food. / – That’s a ladle. If it’s Bentley, a ladle might work. – Sam’s startled. / – Do you want me to use this? Yes. What will you do with this? Eat. Gosh. I’ve never seen a person like you. (He’s eating well.) (I’ll teach you how to eat skillfully.) (Put a beef roll on.) – That. / – That? – Do you want one on your ladle? / – Yes. Okay. Here. (Broccoli) – Even broccoli? / – More? – Okay. Enough? / – He’s asking for broccoli? How is he going to eat that? It doesn’t fit in his mouth. Gosh. – Gosh. / – He’s practicing. (This is a true one bite.) – My goodness. / – Can he eat that? – Does it fit? / – This is crazy. (It’s overflowing.) – He’s eating it. / – He’s really eating it. Baby, you’re amazing. You always do things on a big scale. He’s really amazing. Are you taking a big bite? – He’s unrivaled. He’s amazing. / – Ben. I’ll take a ladle around instead of your spoon. (Sounds good.) Shall we see Gunhoo and Naeun’s journey to Taiwan?

Glenn Chapman


  1. They're so cutee haha and the last time I was this early the tros were still here..

  2. Bentley haircut doesnt suits him… but i just luv him so so much, he's truly a incredible eater, i just like him too much😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Talkative Bentley is too cute to be true, he gets more words in his vocab, and speaks more easily. And William pretends to read…oh they both are so cute, mani mani kiyowo.. 😍😍😍

  4. Bentley's beautiful eyes at 0:19 and his voice while saying "Bye bye." at 2:46 is so cute. 😊😄💕

  5. 조회수가 단 1 도움직이지않는 정지 상태로부터 최저
    1 시간40분 후 올라간 조회수가 13 이다 좋아요를 누른사람만해도 100명 정도데 조회수도 혹시 조작되는가 의문이다

  6. Bentley needs to become more patient. He's old enough to understand that a tantrum won't fix everything.

  7. Bentley going to be polite and clever like William. They're adorable ❤️

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