Glenn Chapman


  1. can't wait. the only way to play horror games is on vr. after playing RE7 on vr then on tv, there is no comparison. psvr is literally made for these games. will never play a horror unless its on vr.

  2. I love how everyone is bitching about this game being a VR exclusive. I don't see you people complaining about the shitton of PS4 exclusive games. Xbox and PC users feel the same when a game doesn't come to their platforms. And the same people are laughing at them who are now whining about this VR exclusivity thing. Pathetic.

  3. Until dawn Vr? Can't wait! sorry for people that can't buy it 🙁 it's really nice! It's new level of gaming! It's future!!! If Sony would do new Move pads… Like ones that have analogs for walking

  4. For anyone out there who doesn't like that this is in virtual reality, you really need to try it out for yourself. I know there's a small percentage who gets really nauseous over it but this is an experience that you're not going to be able to have any way other than in virtual reality

  5. zal er een game komen in vr van Doctor who? dit zal gaaf zijn waar je zelf de doctor bent en de wereld red in de tardis.

  6. Glad to see more VR horror games on its way.Horror games need to stay in VR. Would loooooooove to see RE8 And RE 2 remke in VR also. No more 2D horror games. Been playing like that since the 80s. We need a new experiences not the same old same old.

  7. I wish they'd release it as a regular PS4 game too rather than it being exclusively for VR, when not a lot of people are sold on the idea just yet. Personally, as much as I love the first game, I can't commit to coughing up €400 or so for a VR headset when there are hardly any other VR games I'd want to play after this.

  8. Barely anyone has VR though, they're really cutting off their fanbase with these VR exclusive games, I know I'm not buying one for a game like this either lmao

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