Intel Optane Memory – Powerful or Pointless?

what’s up guys I’m Dmitry with Hardware Canucks
and today i’ll talk about Intel Optane memory in what situations it should be
used and in what situations until my face challenges so in though often
memory aims to accelerate performance of your system by Ram caching bits and
pieces of a most frequently used program so things loads faster now it’s not a
new concept by any means of imagination but it is a new hardware implementation
that is fast it’s affordable and it’s adaptable so let’s talk about all that
right after this you can only rely on the pros to do the
job with every keystroke satisfying like the millions before it call it close every key regardless of
your state kula master master keys bro take it with you make it yours and so
this is what the Intel optane memory module looks like it’s using a standard
ender to interface that is available in 16 and 32 gigabyte capacities inside of
which is intel’s new 3d xpoint memory it is only single sided so as you can see
only the memory is on this side nothing here so until often is supposed to
actively learn your usage habits and accelerate the load times of programs
that you use the most it uses algorithms that are very similar it’s not identical
to intel’s older SSD caching technologies and it’s still not much has
changed you cannot select which programs are accelerated nor does it have any
more features than ssd caching you’ll pay forty-four and seventy seven
dollars for those capacities and we find that the 32 gigabyte module to be in a
challenging spot as its competing with similarly priced 120 gigabyte SSDs while
the 16 gigabyte opting module sends free of competition and just because your
motherboard might have and ends up two slots it does not mean that it will
support obtain memory because you require a z270 motherboard and a 7th
generation Intel CPU for optane memory to work because the microcode is
compatible only with that hardware specification another most notable
limitation Intel optane memory is it will only accelerate your primary boot
drive so where your OS is installed if you have secondary drives in your system
when it has your game library or other applications it will not accelerate your
secondary storage so primary only which I would see is limitation enthusiasts
like to spread their stuff through separate drives but this really comes
off can reveal the question of the target audience for not really the
mainstream audience but system integrators and the notebook space will
definitely you know benefit from Intel optane and I say this because Intel
often aims to address the slow performance of spinning hard drives
without that chunky price premium well hello people this is the sleeper PC that
Intel sent us with the Intel optane module a very unique
I might say you know quite old Wow look at that paint job mmm
so anyway this beeper PC here well that sound
Linus would be proud but anyway so if respects here we have an ace USB 250
motherboard we have 16 gigabytes of RAM wasn’t there’s the 1 terabyte hard drive
and then Intel optane module which is 32 gigabytes we have 550 watt power supply
very basic system so it’s booted up see how fast this thing boots with optane
on and off and launched some games to see if we can feel in your real world
acceleration three two one go alright so the first test is the Windows boot test
and I decided to leave this one running in real time as I thankfully forgotten
how long a system boots off a hard drive since moving to an SSD only workstation
machine but was often enabled this is after like a fourth boot here we’re
actually pretty speedy at 21 seconds for the desktop to appear while with optane
off it’s a bit slower to get into Windows but only about 10 seconds slower and now for some gaining test now we
launch the game and load the save games twice so things in cash into optane so
opening your hammer is much faster with optane it’s very close to a savvy
performance while loading a game save is a little bit slower versus a hard drive
only but significantly slower versus how fast the game loads from an SSD
launching virus that one shows similar results with optane matching the speed
of an SSD while loading a game save gives us only marginally faster load
versus the hard drive only but an SSD is still far superior and this leads me to
believe that optane is only caching some information
one is trying to load save games versus caching a lot more into optane when
loading the game engine itself and you can see that by the significant in
acceleration when trying to launch the game is much greater with optane on vs.
what we see in the acceleration when trying to load game saves and then
opening Adobe Photoshop CC with almost all toolbars enabled there is a
significant speed increase to load this program with optane enabled almost just
as fast as an SSD so that was all fine and dandy and you can definitely see the
performance improvement with the spinning hard drive and until optane but
we have some concerns primarily there’s no way to know of how much memory has
been already occupied by the caching of your most frequent programs so therefore
you cannot you know how do you choose between 16 of the 32 gigabyte models
there’s no bar graph to see how much you filled up and I would say for the
consumers that’s fine because it’s a simple plug-and-play solution but it’s
also is a sort of a compromise for the enthusiast market who potentially want
to tinker with exactly what applications you want to accelerate but none of that
is available so it’s a simple all-or-nothing approach which is a
negative and a positive and the next big concern for us would be price at $77 for
the 32gb memory module you can pick up just for $13 more a 275 gigabyte SSD
that is both faster and just you know has so much more capacity that you can
use for your OS drive or your gaming drive so you know alongside the hard
drive so it really kind of makes a difficult choice on whether
you should purchase the Intel optane module to accelerate your hard drive
when you can just buy an SSD and lastly it’s simply not wise to pair an Intel
optane module with an SSD because value is simply not there so guys thank you so
much for watching it’s been an interesting experience you know learning
on what this thing does and really the main downfall would be that lack of
software customization on what software and applications until often accelerates
at least for me that is but what do you guys think of Intel opting let me know
in the comments down below I’m Dmitry with Hardware Canucks Eber so yeah
thanks so much for watching we’ll see you in the next video

Glenn Chapman


  1. Thank you so much for making this video. You answered all my concerns about Intel Optane technology and convinced me that it is just not worth it yet.

  2. Hello, Does this affect the thermals that the cps works? Plus how can i activate it ? Thank you

  3. This was very helpful for me. I will not be buying as doesn't support secondary drives.

  4. Fortunately with updates this has actually become a little more useful. An update to the software now does allow you to use optane on drives other than the boot drive. So it can be used in conjunction with a large HDD used for gaming or other programs.

  5. Most people nowadays already have an SSD as a bootdrive and an HDD for games and stuff.

    I was interested in using Optane for my i5-8400 build and speed up the HDD that has most of my games and apps (I use a 240gb boot drive).

    Is it just me or do you also agree that kind of setup would be more appealing to you too?

  6. To everyone saying pointless and useless, CLEARLY hasn't ever played with one. I put it in an already very solid rig – 7600k w/ liquid cooling, 980 ti g card, 600w PSU, 16GB 3000MHz RAM, and a 480 GB SSD. I added optane to play with it (the 32GB model), and it boosted the performance of the SSD considerably. The 3D Xpoint data transfer rate, combined with the fact that the optane sits so close to the CPU, has increased the 'snappiness' of the system completely as well as increased just about anything it's cache'd.
    Honestly it's the best $80 I've spent on any individual part and I'll be keeping one in every rig I build no matter how high-end I get it.

  7. But with laptops with 1tb hdd. It will work like miracle cutting the cost down. Optane is for that segment

  8. 43 seconds in – it's still a commercial with a guy playing a fake piano. Another minute in, he's not said much to indicate its use. He's using words like "challenging," etc. Finally, at 2:22, he says something useful: Optane is a cache system that accelerates your boot drive, but not any other drives on your computer you might have. There.

  9. My Asus Nitro 5 gets me to the desktop in 10 seconds. It's the cheapest gaming laptop on the market.

  10. I picked up one of these on the cheap and can say I'm super impressed with it. It will speed up your mechanical to SSD speed or better and will double your SSD speed. Also 4k reads are through the roof as is super low latency + longevity. Benchmarks are interesting but real life is where its at and most stuff opens instantly. This baby will have a long life in my system as I can't yet afford the ultra expensive high capacity m.2 NVMe's.

  11. I've bought both optane and an ssd, but you say that optane wouldn't accelerate the hdd. So would it be a complete waste in this case if I install the OS on the ssd?

  12. I'm really curious about the Optane memory, since I've lost two ssd boot drives (one Crucial and one Kingston) on my current and dated machine. Not sure which direction I'm going to go on my next machine.

  13. You mentioned it would only work on one drive with os, if you had multiple m.2 in raid as one drive would that then work? Or is optane only for hard disk drives

  14. Optane memory gets faster the more you use it, because it'll know what files and programs you use often enough and formulate it into its algorithm to provide faster boot/load times. It is not fast out of the box.

  15. Why don't any of the Optane reviews compare write speeds vs HDD, only read? Ugh

  16. Thank you for this great video. I learned so much more watching this than I would have searching the internet.

  17. What bullshit, that looks just like flash memory, like Windows Speedboost horseshit… not real RAM…
    Systems are being foisted onto the public thinking they are getting a 24gb RAM system, when really they are getting an 8gb RAM system with a 16gb flash Optane memory Speedbooster in there… what horseshit. I think I'll pass.

  18. So… it's the hybrid part of HDD/SDD hybrid drives from nearly a decade ago. I have a feeling this will slow newer SSD's down.

  19. i have a i3 8100 paired with an asus b360m itx motherboard will optane work with this ??? (the motherboard is optane ready, but will it work with the 8100?) please help

  20. so if i have a i7 8700 i cant use this? i found a z370 motherboard that comes with the 32gb stick but i have a i7 8700 can i still use it?

  21. For fucks sake is this gimmick ram or storage? So far it looks like an m2 caching thumb drive but everywhere I look is OMG THIS SHIT SPEEDS YOURE PEE CEE.

  22. So I’m getting a pre built pc
    however the specifications are 8gb of ram and 16gb intel optane will it replace ram

  23. Damn, good to know that it only works with the boot drive, I wanted to get it so I can accelerate my steam library on my hard drive, but I boot off an SSD

  24. typically i have found that its unfair to compare Optane to an SSD directly. While $77 for 32BG isn't much against a 128GB SSD, the SSD won't give everything loaded on your HDD a performance boost. And if you already have your OS loaded on a HDD, it can be a powerful alternative for your early enthusiasts than loading your OS from an already established HDD to a new SSD.

  25. Lol only intel fan boys get hype about this. Every fan intel boy at bestbuy talks about how fast it is lying to consumers

  26. This guy is wrong when he says …. you can't choose or prioritize which programs load faster. You can. It's called pinning. And they added that awhile ago.

    I own a 6tb HDD with Optane and imo, its the best goddamn upgrade you can give your computer for under $100. My entire drive performs like an SSD. The biggest SSD drive I could find on Amazon was a 4TB for $1100. My 6TB HDD + Optane … $300. And I don't need to mess around with multiple drives. Everything in 1 place.

  27. i wont waste a m.2 port for a shitty optane
    I prefered to get 1 system 500gb Samsung [email protected] 130€ + 1 cheap storage 1gb (goldfire on aliexpress…150€ !)
    2 nvme drives for less than 300€/
    and it rocks
    HDD are almost useless but I agree optane can be good for ppl wishing to keep hdd with fast access

    any review on pciexpress extension card to add 4 m.2 slots on your mobo?

  28. I would say if you have an SSD dont buy this since its not faster but if you have HDD you can give it a try but there are cpu and motherboard limitations and the price is almost the same there you go.

  29. I have m.2 nvme ssd 256gb(OS) and wd blue 1tb . My mobo is asrock b360m pro4 . It has 1 more slot for m.2 . Can i add intel optane 16gb and does it fit with m.2 gen3 x1 or x2 ?

  30. Intel Optane is late. Would have been a good solution to speed up Pcs when SSD were rare. Now it's too expensive for its era and late because NVMe(peaks at 3500MB/s as of now) is the new standard to beat. Optane is Sata( peaks at 550MB/s as of now).
    Note only is the technology late, but Intel expects you to buy their more recent technologies(7th generation cpu which beautifully supports NVMe) as minimum requirement to run an older technology.

  31. Just let me know when we can use CPU and optane only. No separate hard drive or memory. It's just one brick.

  32. I was very disappointed with it. I used it with my SDD boot drive and it really messed it up and I had to re-load the OS and all apps. Now I use it as 32gb drive and put my swap file on it. Sorry i paid extra for a z370 board with it included! (about $50 more)

  33. Made me smile and laugh….
    Going to be better for the loser children of singe mothers and unknown fathers
    For technicians to develop a system that reads their thoughts..  maybe EMOTIVE
    Going to lose user base recognition for log on when they transfix on their 
       GENDER PRONOUN –  when it discovers it is having a menstrual cycle… OR  NOT

  34. "Supposed to actively learn your usage habits and accelerate the load times of programs you use the most".
    Well Pornhub, I'm looking at you.

  35. It's a solution already available on many platforms. I have 512GB (2 x 256) read cache M.2 NVME SSD on my QNAP 863+ NAS. It does what Optane does, but at a lower price, with more capacity, and no need to have a particular board or processor. (The unit can be put in any machine)

  36. cant choose which apps and programs you want to accelerate…intel will learn and provide that for you….. muahahah.. muahaHAHAH, MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  37. 1:35 yes ypu can select programs or folders to cache by using "pin it"

  38. Wiiii as of 2018, Optane now supports a secondary/data drive i.e., your game drive

  39. Primo cashe is a better solution in my opinion. I would like to see a video on it.

  40. Would it make any difference if I get two M.2's of a different brand and go RAID 0 on them on a ASUS Maximus XI Hero that has a chipset of Z390 using a i7-9700K ?

  41. Its rediculously good when paired with high rpm hdd. My pc is up and running in 9 seconds.

  42. You literally missed the entire point of your own findings and test. Octane works great if you configure it correctly – which you didn't. Octane is meant to disc cache older and larger HDD for productivity gains which you actually proved it did. SO why didn't you see the same gain while opening a game versus PS – well because your system identifies the most used software and prioritizes caching the most used and most recently used programs and data. You can do the exact same thing disc cashing with an SSD but you also fail to mention that. It's generally just a fail.

  43. Great video! I got here because I was looking at a laptop that has 16G optane memory… and wondered what it was. I sounds like it acts like Hybrid SSD HDD which is good to have if it comes as a package with whatever you're buying… but only if you get it essentially without paying anything extra for it. If given a choice, and I need to pay, I think hybrid SSD might be a better choice.

  44. My laptop shipped with a pathetic 8GB of ram (around 4 of which seems to be reserved by windows 10) and is therefore constantly sending data to the page file. This paging process does not appear to be improved by the optane cache at all (presumably because writes can't be cached and reads are for data that hasn't existed before and won't be used after I pull it out of the page). I disabled optane caching and instead turned it into a 16GB disk with nothing on it but a massive page file to keep the page file off my HDD. Paging is now WAY faster, and no longer locks up my entire PC just for switching to a chrome tab I haven't used in a while because I'm no longer sitting at 100% disk IO.

    Only downside that I've actually noticed is a significantly worse boot time, but I didn't run any sort of speed test on program loading times.

  45. This is all so confusing when looking up info to see if this is even worth investing into. So I'll ask this. I'm looking at buying a laptop that is an Intel Core i7-8550U, 1TB HDD + 16GB Intel Optane memory, 4GB SDRAM. So what does this all equate to? Does this mean I ONLY have 4GB of RAM? How different would this be in comparison with a i5 8th gen laptop with 8Gb RAM and 1tb Hard drive? Can I please get a non bias answer so I can get over this tedious crap of "oh it's pointless" and getting biased answers..

  46. An un-necessary product, that only complicates matters. If you want speed (and everybody should) get an SSD. If you can't afford it, get one anyways, or wait and save up.

  47. If this optane will work from pci-e x1 or x4 slot I could buy it for legacy computer .. m2 we don't have it on motherboard.. If I have m2 slot motherboard I will be buy msata ssd

  48. You forgot to mention it requires Win10. By the time me and all the 50% of users switch from 7 to 10 I am sure Optane would be cheaper and easy to configure.

  49. In a few years everyone will have completely forgotten about this tech.Multi terabyte affordable SSDs are coming so there wont be a need for it.

  50. On my 1st Drive is always a clean and empty operation system without a thing more, I would never change this never ever in life, in respect to a device never ever goes online at all and can never been there by a mistake and never can been there by hardware possible online – never ever.

  51. I have this in my Lenovo legion y530 and it's pretty good. Really fast boot ups.

  52. lmfao this dude really out here wearing makeup to do tech videos youtube big yikes from me dawg

  53. Thank you! So, I'll just back up an SSD with an SSD. . . ?

  54. Just bought a new rig from iBuyPower with the 32GB Optane + 1TB SSD system drive (I already have a 1TB WD SSD data drive I'm going to slot in.) I'll let you know how it all turns out!

  55. so optane is like those HDD buffers they used to claim "burst" bus speeds? what a joke, no one used HDDs anymore. Its like a hand crank on a modern car.

  56. in 2019, and 250 GB samsung 860 evo is about $70-90 CAD, does optane even matter?

  57. Very similar to Seagate's hybrid tech, they did it with HDD's and a build-in SSD (have one). It works great with small files however when working with large files it makes really no sense. Experiences may vary, the size of files, the quality of the 'learn' algorithm and the purpose of the drive. Using this with games really doesn't make any sense because the 'cache' memory is limited so you better want an overall constantly faster drive without these limitations.This kind of solutions is suitable for computers/workstations that need to do the same and doesn't change too much. The question is why you want to install such drive, it is better to install a faster drive that covers all speedy needs.

  58. "Only about 10 seconds slower"
    Dude that equals to roughly 33% slower speeds. It is pretty substantial.

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