Inpatient Rehabilitation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

after any a life-changing event like stroke amputation you know people will smile cut injuries all these patients they lose their independence those are all patients that could potentially benefit from acute inpatient rehab the kind of fulfillment you get when you see someone who could barely get out of bed and is walking out the back door when they go home it's amazing welcome to the inpatient rehabilitation unit located in the Jackson building on the campus of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas comprehensive services and advanced technology support individualized patient care to help them achieve the best quality of life and the highest level of Independence possible the medical specialists and the rehabilitation specialists working together we're talking about what we're doing but a lot of rehabilitation matters on what the patient does as well the patient wanting to get better patients are here for usually an average of around ten days they are at the end of what is often a lengthy hospital stay I'm here to coordinate all of those unknowns for everyone to make it as easy as possible first is medical necessity and that would be established by their primary doctor over in the hospital there beyond the point of acute care but there's still a little too ill or weak or unsafe to be at home at this point so when they come to the rehab unit this is to get them stronger and help them get as far as they can in their recovery so they can go back into their normal routine we've taken patients on tours right from their hospital rooms and just having an idea of where you're going to be going next makes people feel a lot more at ease the patients do need to be able to complete three hours of therapy a day three hours of therapy spread throughout the day at the patient's ability level and with these three hours they're getting the physical therapy and occupational therapy and speech therapy let's meet a patient who needed all of those therapies and more following a life-changing event and I said oh I'm fine and let me take a minute and so then I said my oldest daughter's name and I couldn't get it to say come out like was why the way is time is brain becomes very important the faster we get help for someone that's had a stroke the better opportunities they have to recover she was here within minutes of symptom onset but there was many complications that that arose and unfortunately she went on to have a very large stroke she was with us for quite a long time in the ICU on the ventilator ended up with a tracheostomy to help breathe a PEG tube for nutrition she had no functional speech there was no ability to actually turn a voice on she would open her mouth it but nothing would come forward the actual deficits from that stroke are so multi-dimensional that there's no way that one therapy or one drug or one physician can manage that patient and that's where the team approach is vital I had no idea how much improvement we are going to get but well we were there and we are going to give our best it's like a puzzle each part of us can put in a piece of the puzzle and it's not complete without every single aspect of it with care connect I can look at the therapists notes on the acute care floor three weeks ago and find out how the patient's been progressing up there and be able to make comparisons with what's going on with the patient now we have all the specialties here on campus and it is such a wonderful resource we are very fortunate here because of the resources that we have with square footage and the number of gyms that we have amazing equipment and the capacity to take care of very complicated patients it makes a world of difference to be able to have all that under one roof and it makes it so much easier for families it takes lots of encouragement lots of motivation on their part and also on ours they help them get to where they need to be no matter how tired I was I didn't feel good I'm gonna get it and I want a little walk and that was the positive attitude that made this story such a success she was very motivated to be more independent she actually did really well better than any physician thought she was gonna do in such a short period of time her therapists amazing you you couldn't ask for a better therapist they push her she is now talking there is a slight hesitancy but that's that's seems to resolving she is eating swallowing safely yeah she's just doing beautifully it's been great I don't think I couldn't be any better place than this it's a team effort and I rely on the therapist opinion about how the patient is doing so we can try to estimate a discharge date I constantly communicate with the patient and the family see what their needs are if the patient cannot go home or to outpatient they may need to go to a skilled nursing facility and so I have to make contact with facilities to get the patient evaluated the patient is going home then the therapists have a big part in letting me know what type of equipment the patient is going to need when the patient improves I think that puts a smile on everybody's face very rewarding she still has a long road ahead of her but I expect her to get better and better I have four children and they heart means the world to me and I have a granddaughter and I want to be able to hold her and play it with her she was my motivation God has a special special job for me to do he wouldn't win let me go so now here you

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