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info hub is coming to you from a sequel where government took its services to the people of the Palmer room pseudonym region hello it's Wednesday May 29 and we have lots to tell you today residents of region to our latest beneficiaries of the government comes to you outreach which was held at Damon square and Regina the activity is the first of its kind in the region and residents have expressed their gratitude the government of Anakin's region – and SE Koreans made the most of the opportunity to meet with the various ministries and agencies to have their issues addressed my name is Kilpatrick mentor I'm here – concerning housing look at the house a lot yes apply since 2013 and every time I visit the office they all say that we have to wait on to the minister come on the coast for they also have a lot of well I am from adventure and I expect him to receive my o clock this morning I come here because I need help it's a very poor lady um I don't have my own home I need a home because the place where I live in a Renton and I have to be I have to pay rent and I bills and so and it's very hard to me I got a little house land problem so and it is a force of this kind and to like this orb is where I ain't no notice and that is very good not a minister I'm get to the people you understand so it is a very nice service Stacey Fraser is a member of the Coordinating Committee for this series of outreach is by government for region two specifically you know it took early mornings late nights a lot of hard work dedication and uncommitted public service persons who are committed to the greater good and and really truly want to see that citizens get the service that they deserve apart from the government comes to outreach regional executive officer Dennis Jack around senior also spoke of several major developmental projects currently being undertaken in region two the super Nam waterfront project I think that is a really really massive project it is of international standard and we feel proud as seob ins to be deal as it relates to education recently we signed on to the design and supervision period of the construction of the abrams a second in school and this year that project is going to be awarded so that is another plus for us in this region the regional administration has also started consultations for future projects we are expecting to provide for our farmers more access road board drainage and irrigation rather better drainage and irrigation and as it relates to schools and the health services to ensure that those health centers schools hospitals are in good condition so that we can deliver both the education program and the health program the coalition government continues to demonstrate its commitment to developments of the pomerantseva nam region with several projects on the way that will see massive and life-changing improvements a new police station at Aurora on the Essequibo coast is one of the projects in the pipeline's aimed at addressing security issues in the pomerantseva nam region this is according to Minister of Public Security Kamaraj Ram Chetan during today's government comes to you outreach the minister stated that this is part of the citizens strengthening security program the Public Security Minister is one of many ministers present who told info hub about their plans to further develop the County Minister of public infrastructure David Paterson stated that a lot has been invested into se quibble starting with the rehabilitation of the free Castelli he disclosed that the ministry will continue to collaborate with the region to carry out infrastructure works we look into some waterfront equipments in charity going forward when we're doing a lot of streets in collaboration in the region and doing other streets and limits and we did limas on phase one we do live in sounds face to the road to kapo'i bridges you know I mean there's a bridge it'll reverse view we're doing as a whole program because we don't mean like any other place in this country this is very very important to us meanwhile Minister of business hemorrhage Raj Kumar is pushing for the county to become a tourist hotspots he told info hope that the county has a lot of untapped resources I really would want to see su cable is a destination where people would want to come from overseas even from other parts of the aisle to visit our coach I think we have so much resources we have the leagues we have and you probably would have seen super naam waterfront is developing into to my mind a gym minister raj kumar explained that the Guyana Tourism Authority is working on a trailing initiative which is expected to boost tourism in the region reporting from anna regina with senior videographer th Bob Richmond American for info hub today a mother of three became the proud owner of a house lot following intervention of the government outreach model of truly Dallas Smith was a first person to be allocated a house lot the government comes to outreach and Essequibo its met applied in 2012 and was overjoyed to have received a house lot at on the Neiman she is currently renting acts paradigm I so exciting I so happy about it I was fed up on rentals I was talking about it father couldn't help me I got the charts so on the gun and they said father people directly could get you with the I was slap just I was luck alone I would do I have to do but I don't want flipping them over and I was anymore to this money was startling smile and I was get the phone I got all of my name I'm praying and I was reading my Bible the 23rd psalm I was screen with it and I didn't expect to get it and I so glad about it reporting from Damon square in Essequibo I am I see a profit with videographer Liang Liang for intro home a number of farmers and vendors came out in their numbers at Damon square and Regina to have their issues addressed these range from drainage and irrigation to relocation from the charity waterfront as upgrade words continue behind me is a mascara way one of the farmers and vendors who moved from the charity waterfront are there on the growing upgrading works his contention here today is that they've been removed and where they've been placed they're not fully allowed to sell he's come to see what can be done on his behalf by the government we sell another charity at the front greens and we've normally bring out we produce from the river and culture but they're doing some work at the waterfront and they remove us but I understand that they remove us with an intention not to put us back there Carraway's mine was put to rest when he was able to secure a meeting with the REO and the charity and DC Garvey was accompanied by another farmer who had deeper concerns we really suffer in full get from the farm to the market a charity down at bamboo rigid because the canal is very shallow we can only block up on number years like about 27 years and they're just a lofty brass officials from the National generation irrigation Authority reliably informed lane that they did have plans to go in and clean the canal however due to the wet season they weren't able to do so Amos and Lane stories are just two of these many success stories to come out from today's outreach reporting from Damon square with videographer Kareem Peter when we return ministry of public infrastructure tackles issues ranging from unemployment and construction of roads bridges and other critical infrastructure in region two stay with us are you ready to embark on a truly epic adventure to an undiscovered corner of South America where some of the most spectacular natural attractions are unveiled within a beautifully diverse landscape from the wetlands and savannas to the ancient mountains magnificent waterways and lush and itchy rainforest we've been fired a vast playground for some of the most exotic and breathtaking creatures on the planet including many of the worlds of childhood species this untouched land of mystery and wonder serves up an exclusive experience for travelers so are you ready for a new or inspiring adventure welcome back to nature welcome to Diana welcome back many residents flock the Ministry of Public infrastructures boot where government officials promptly addressed a number of their issues as residents pour into the government outreach just behind me in Damon's brain Anna Regina we will bring to you some of the success stories emanating from the ministry of public infrastructure the first resident visiting the public infrastructures built as travel as far as the Palmer room and he tells us about this issue and how it was addressed but sometimes we get problems with the high water and so we come to seek for assistant here so that we can get coke and get our place built up properly there we had to do an application and so they would get back to us as soon as they process everything and they would contact us back by by our telephone numbers and so this is the first time I come here to the seek assistance and I trust that you know the requests we make would come true info hub got the opportunity to speak with a logger from voqal who tells us about his experience today the routing would any bridges then break down due to bicycling when I used to work in there they when they leave the cut out cut the bring the bridge beam so when you drive on the bridge of the whole bridge breaking on so we go Marissa terminus a partisan you know that you are the happiest sv4 Bailey bridge and I'm sorry things you say you're located in a two weeks time and then I'm a benefit we are learning on benefit Google miners you can benefit forestry and also the loggers that year meanwhile a young unemployed electrician has also visited the public infrastructure spoof in order to seek a job I am applying with the government for a very very long time and especially with GPL I talked to him already the partisan I bring our application we write on it and you say you will forward more for me today represents yet another impactful government aldrich reporter from demons Khurana Regina with videographer and else allow chicky born for info hub five indigenous communities on the SU cover coast will benefit from three million dollar grants as the Ministry of indigenous peoples of fears took the opportunity that has burst checks the representatives of these communities on the sidelines of the outreach I am at the region to RDC building across from the diamond square where six to one indigenous suits receive grants to boost their entrepreneurial projects the youth were drawn from main stairway okosan Deniz Machado and coop we there received training under the hinterland employment and youth service program two shows of the respective villages poured out praise to the coalition government for providing the tools needed to become successful entrepreneurs this initiative is one that was very fruitful for the communities because what I have noticed is that it has benefit not only my community all the communities tremendously Minister of indigency was a free Sydney Alacoque encourage the youths to continue to persevere you are there as a good example of how others could follow they don't have to reinvent the wheel so you are the ones who have tested your major mistakes you corrected them you benefited some of you just kept on going the Hilton unemployment and youth service program has thus far touch the lives of some 4000 indigenous youths across the country with videographer th Walbridge Mohan I am Seneca thorne for info hope Minister of Education dr. Nicolette Henry has announced that super cleaners will soon receive their long-awaited salary increases a super-clean are attached to the CV Newlands family school today left the fifth installment of the government comes to outreach in Ana Regina with exciting news for her coworkers I feel happy she said at home they're working or not they have something in the finance for us but she's not she's not telling us everything right now until we see it but they are working on it as the Ministry of Education continues its countrywide initiatives several super cleaners across region 2 will now finally receive their salary increase I've explained my Minister of Education dr. McLeod Henry and many of the instances the cabinet decision was not implemented and so they were not getting the right wages so I was able to speak with the PPO and the regional executive officer and I trust that this matter will be resolved soon as it also requires some amount of action at the central level so we have to find out across the country what people are getting so that we know even before we get there well whether it is being implemented or not from demons fear away the videographer a compromise Leticia Isaac's for info um government ministers fund out to various communities across the st cova coast to meet with more residents to listen to their concerns to find solutions that's all for today remember to connect with us on whatsapp Facebook and YouTube much more news on our website dpi dog of the gy and pop over to Instagram for the latest photo updates at dpi Guyana your bridge and weather reports are up next goodbye

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