Indonesia sees tourism rebound after Mt. Agung eruption

Following the volcanic eruption in November
of last year, Bali, one of the top tourist destinations in the world, has been desperately
waiting for foreign visitors to return. Our Cha Sang-mi traveled to Indonesia to check
out the island herself, and filed this report. Indonesia is made up of over 17-thousand islands. One of its most well-known is Bali; also referred
to as ‘Land of Gods’. The popular tourist destination is located
in the southern part of the Indonesian archipelago. “In November last year, a cloud of ash shot
up out of Mount Agung behind me, causing panic on the island of Bali. Thousands of people nearby were evacuated
from their homes and some 400 flights were cancelled, but now Bali is returning to normal.” “That’s not that critical. If you look at the map of Bali, if you look
at the distance from the mountain to the tourist area, actually the distance is 75 kilometers. And the meteorological institution,… they
are very fully aware of it and equipped with the advanced technology to monitor it.” Just after the Chinese Lunar New Year, Indonesia’s
tourism ministry says the country saw its foreign visitor numbers recover from the almost
30 percent drop last December. Tourists from around the world are returning
to the island, which is much more than just a honeymoon destination. As well as a stunning natural environment,
Bali offers tourists a chance to experience Indonesian culture and participate in a wide
range of activities. A veteran river guide says rafting through
the jungle along Bali’s longest river is an experience that will amaze visitors. “I have seen visitors from Korea, the U.S.,
China and Australia,.. and many others. It is safe here in Bali, so come and have
your holiday here ” “I brought all nine members of my family here. I think Indonesia is great, because everyone
from my mother to my youngest son can enjoy this place ” The sandy beach, of course, is a symbol of
the island,… and the unique taste of Luwak coffee is a must-try. And there’s much more to Indonesia than Bali. On the island of Java, some 5-hundred kilometers
from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, is the historical city of Yogyakarta, a center of education
with buildings and landmarks that date back to the Dutch colonial era. The 9th-century Prambanan Temple is one of
them. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest
Hindu temple site in Indonesia and it is currently being restored to its original size of 2-hundred-and-40
temples. “With three main temples – Brahma, Siwa and
Vishnu. The head of Siwa is 47 meters.” Bali and Yogyakarta are just two places on
the vast Indonesian archipelago; one thing for sure is that by seeing just these two
places, it’s clear that the country is worth a visit. Cha Sang-mi, Arirang News, Indonesia.

Glenn Chapman

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