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Today, we have Robert Sichone.
Did I say that correctly? “see-cho-nay” Where are we Skyping from today? I’m in the Netherlands. Where are you?
I’m in Zambia, South Africa.
Probably better weather there
than Holland, in any event. Yeah, it’s really decent now here,
so it’s a little wet, but, other than
that, it’s always dry and sunny. In Holland, we have 12 months of rainy season, so… Wll, I appreciate the time, Robert.
Robert has agreed to do a small interview with us here. He’s recently a Markzware customer.
What do you and your company do?
Can you tell us a bit more about your background?
Okay, so our company, my company is
called Global Link Consultancy Services. We are into communications and then
we do search, as well, and business development, in terms of helping local businesses. We work here in Zambia in the Zambia sector, including obviously the government, and, you know, the corporate sector, from local businesses to consumers, so we do those kind of interventions. We also work a lot with non-government organizations. We have quite a lot of them in Zambia. So, in terms of communication interventions. We provide all kinds of services to those organizations. Using some InDesign or Quark or
programs like this? We’re mainly using Adobe programs. In fact, that’s more or less what we use. So, Adobe was a program. Before, we used Corel and
we also used, you know, the usual, QuarkXPress, but over the years, we’ve kind of moved,
and now we mainly use Adobe,
Adobe programs. OK and is that…?
Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator programs. Right, and is that the same throughout Zambia, would you say, is it mainly Adobe programs now-a-days,
or…? Well, most people are making the change. The most common program in Zambia, I think, among graphic arts is Corel!DRAW. OK, interesting.
Most people are making the change now from desktop PC to Mac…
OK. and with Mac, comes a lot of Adobe programs. Yeah. Adobe is the most popular program. There’s a layout you’ve been
working on, and we’ll get to why you contacted us in a moment, but
what was this layout that you were working on for? Actually, what we were working on was a
presentation document. We were working on… We were making a document
for the Zambian government OK. For the Ministry of Justice. So, you can imagine that this is a very important document. and has people waiting on it.
And the document is basically a communications strategy and the Ministry of Justice in Zambia would like to
conduct some civic education, activities, because we’re going into
an election year. So, basically, they
contracted us to develop a strategy on how they could educate more voters on their rights and so on and so forth, so what
we were working on was the final document action for submission, which was our presentation on
how we feel that this voter awareness program should be carried out.
So, it’s a very important document.
Wow! And now the reason why Robert contacted us was, as many of
you know watching this, or
maybe this will be the first time you here will all
hear of it: Markzware can also fix or at least we can attempt to fix
corrupt or crashing InDesign documents, and that’s with Robert had, in
this case. So, maybe you tell us what happened. Do you know why your file
went bad or how it went corrupt? In the Strait region, we had
to edit one of the pictures, you know, just a basic edit in Photoshop.
Uh, huh. And when we tried to rename it, the document crashed. Wow! And it was like that after that.
So, every time we opened InDesign,
and we tried to open the document after that, it would crash. but that was… that was only on that kind of document. Any other document would open. So, we did everything,
I think, from trying to change the extension… Yeah. you know, from .indd to .inx, hoping that we can, you know…
Ha, trick it. … find a way. OK?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, and a lot of other things,
including reinstalling InDesign, you know, reinstalling
it completely. Yeah. So, we tried all these things, you know, trying to open it
a number of times, you know,
quickly closing, opening, but still, nothing.
InDesign continued to crash. Wow!
So, I ended up searching through every Adobe forum
(laughter) that I could find, you know? Yeah. On the forum,
I found quite a… I found quite a
number of people that had had similar problems and they were all talking about, you know, this is what I… but the easier option for us worked out to be coming to your web site, which were a lot
of references made. So, there’d be a “Now go to Markzware”,
“Go to Markzware”, “Go to Markzware.” And then I think I found a post by you, I think, where you had responded to someone, or recently had,
to someone who had our problem. Well, at the end of the day,
having tried everything out, (laughter) I decided, well, let’s
send an email, you know… Yeah. because, it had been a lot…
well, we tried everything else. we might as well
send this email And it’s no-cure, no pay,
what we offer, so it makes
it, hopefully, a bit easier for people
to contact us, you know.
Yeah, exactly. I mean,
I was a bit skeptical, I’ll be honest with you.
I really was, sending that
email with the document attached. You know, I’m just like, well, this is the internet and, you know, we hear a lot of
stories about the internet, anyway. You know, sending it out there, and just waiting, you know. So, I was a bit surprised because that was like that. You know, I came to the office
and I found something, you know, attached the document, all you said was
you’ll look at it, if you’re happy with it,
here’s the link and you could go ahead and make your payment. That’s all. It was surprising, but a welcome surprise.
Excellent! Well, that…
thank you. Well, that’s the idea. We
have technology that can help graphic designers, and publishers and
pre-press people alike in conversion and
preflighting, but also in file recovery, so that’s… that’s how we do it,
because it’s hard to judge what was the state of the file before it went corrupt, you know,
so we have to leave it up to… And the next question was:
Was the service useful for you?
I guess that’s quite apparent. It was a… Well, yes, it was. It was very useful,
very helpful. You know, like I said, it was. It actually
saved us a lot of work and we didn’t even, you know,
and so, this was my first bad experience with InDesign, really. Right. I mean, I’ve never
had a document crash. A lot of times, the bad files are caused
by a corrupted font or a corrupt image, and that’s what it sounds like
happened in your case, and
the corrupted image ended up zapping out the entire file.
How much time do you think
it saved you, Robert? Like fourteen or fifteen pages, so it saved us about a week,
seven days, at least, of work because… I mention the fact, because we had gone through
a number of documents, drafts, and so on, you know, various agents, so right from the beginning, it would have meant comparing every draft
at every stage. Oh.
Until we got… Yeah, until we got back
to the document as it was. So, it really saved us, you know, ten days worth of work,
which is a lot. Excellent! Did you hear of Markzware before this problem,
Robert? Have you heard of us before?
No, David. I had not. Oh, good. That’s good.
I had not before that problem. The funny thing is that you
appear in almost every forum (laughs) I think, initially,
because you go to one forum and then it appears again,
and then it appears again… (laughs)
and soon you think, hmmm, you know,
there must be something, there must be something here I should be paying attention to, So, it’s out there on the forums,
but before this, I think, I hadn’t heard of this, at all. Thank you for your time.
Sorry we had to cut off short.
My computer was acting up. Indeed, check out FlightCheck,
a fantastic application for
pre-flighting, stand-alone, many file formats, and for the rest of you,
if you need to recover your bad InDesign files, please contact
Markzware today.

Glenn Chapman

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