Improving education: Kenya

The news is all over town now that a new education
curriculum begins in Kenya this year. The ministry of education applauds the efforts
by Oxford University Press in supporting these initiatives through the development of the
‘Teacher’s Companion’. This is a book with what is needed in the
new curriculum. It’s like a bible to me because it guides
me with each and every thing that I am doing in class. We are achieving something many countries
in the world are not – a one-to-one book/pupil ratio across the country. By the end of the day at least 30 counties
should be able to have received these particular books that were launched today here by the
President. There are no books in schools and so this
is life-changing for many children and many parents. It’s really the passion that drives us to
do what we are doing and I can see everybody around this place has so much passion about
getting the CBC implementation right. Coming from where we are coming from, where
books are not in schools, to a place where KICD would say: Oxford, you are doing it right. It makes you feel you’re in the right place.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Getting it right…doing it right…accomplishing the mission!!

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