‘I’m Still Angry,’ A Tiananmen Survivor Confronts Painful Memories | WSJ

– This is me. Dressed in black for camouflage, I thought would be night battles. – [Young Rose] Somebody’s dead! – [Rose] Minutes before
this footage was shot I just climbed over a tank. – [Young Rose] Guns and sticks to us. – [Male Reporter] What
did the students do? – [Female Reporter] Do you
think anybody got killed? – [Young Rose] Many students were killed. – [Female Reporter] But,
how do you feel right now? – Feel right now? I’m very angry. – 30 years on, I’m still angry! Hey, I was 20 in 1989. Imagine millions of people
were out in the streets including kindergartners,
elementary school students chanting slogans about
democracy and press freedom. And the hunger strikers were
on hunger strike for weeks and the government did not respond, and I thought that was a historical event I couldn’t afford to miss. By 1989, at least two
generations of Chinese had already had a taste
of the western culture because of the Chinese Communist
Party’s open door policy, and the students and the civilians occupied Tienanmen Square for
almost two and a half months. Some of them are like me, are willing to die for democracy until the troops and the tanks came in, flattening the tents and the
Goddess of Democracy statue and then beat us up and forced us out. (yelling) (birds chirping) (piano playing) 30 years later, June 4th, the date of the massacre still remains the biggest taboo in China, and people are blocked on the internet from knowing the truth. The Chinese government
deliberately has not released the death tolls. I suffer from PTSD, and I’ve trained myself
to control the pain and not to feel too guilty because I suffer from survivor’s guilt. Art, to me, is my meditation. A kind of force to help me set myself free and to help me heal, help me express, help me channel my anger, my frustration. I moved to the United States from Hong Kong in 2005. I feel, as a survivor who can write and speak English very well, it’s my duty to keep telling the world what happened back then. I’m an ordinary person, a small potato, but I won’t shut up. I will just keep talking about it, raising the awareness of Tienanmen and other human rights abuses
in China and elsewhere. It’s like the slogan in the subway, “If you see something, say something.” Seriously, this is my slogan now. If I see something, I
got to say something. Well, any issue racism,
health care, gun violence. I got to remind people, Hey, I’m speaking up. I’m okay, right? Tienanmen could happen to
anybody, anywhere and at anytime. (calm violin music)

Glenn Chapman


  1. Strong woman. Respect. She had to come here to escape Chinese punishment for activism.

  2. Strong woman. Respect. She had to come here to escape Chinese punishment for activism.

  3. Go China 🇨🇳🇺🇸🌎✌🇵🇷🇺🇸🌎🇨🇳

  4. Democracy is not the end goal of governance, it's only a mean. The end goal of governance is to use tax dollars efficiently and effectively so that citizens can enjoy a better life than their parents generation, which western democracies ain't very good at this moment of time. I know what China achieved in the last 30 years can't justify the action of Tiananman, but I am pretty sure without that brutal oppression, the average Chinese people would be in a much tougher situation than today. It should be handled differently without sending tanks on the street, but stable autocratic government is always better than no government at all, and sometimes they are much better at getting things done.

  5. Thank you for standing up. China is broken and backward. We must not let their ideas prevail. They are a dictatorship

  6. I bet the comment section will soon be filled with angry chantings posted by the 50 cents, telling you guys how it was different from the testimonies of the survivors, telling you why it was "NECESSARY".

  7. Will probably go down as one of the greatest turning points in human history.

  8. Beautiful heart and mind. She's right, it can happen anywhere and there's a long historical record of problem, reaction, solution to impose authoritarian rule from many political angles such as communism, fascism, and the hybrid of the two that's called Technocracy (China).

  9. Speaking as a Chinese person, she should be thankful the gov't didn't shoot her for being a traitor and an American pawn. What exactly was your plan once the government was toppled? Dumbass.

  10. "I'm an ordinary person—a small potato, But I won't shut up."

  11. It is so sad that this woman is used by WSJ. The woman should clearly see now what US is up to.

  12. Well I’m really proud of people who started the revolution during tiannamen square event. But there’s no point to keep talking about the same thing over and over again just for your god dam views, especially youtube is block in China lol. No gun violence in China nowadays, the economic are stable, and we are fine. If you no longer lives in China, then shut up. Please.

  13. "Nobody Talks about it"… Because Nobody in America under 50, KNOWS HISTORY! (& Those Under 30, have told me they, "don't Care, because History is about Dead People"!
    & They, "can't do anything about it!"!)😖😵😢 TY for Your Efforts! Some of Us Remember you & Pray for You, STILL!😎❣☦
    AND…I APOLOGIZE for the EVIL Cleric's Who Have INFILTRATED the STRUCTURE Of OUR Holy Church! In Their Attempt to Destroy the Church & Co Opt Its Structure for Their NWO…THEY BETRAYED the CHINESE People In 2018, the Same As JUDAS BETRAYED CHRIST! They Will Not succeed, & will Share in His (Judas') Fate! There are Faithful & holy Cleric's & RCs…We Will Stand Faithful as We have for 2k+ yrs & we too, Pray for the Chinese People! Pax Christi-🔥❣☦

  14. She has every right to be angry, but it's not a good practice to lie…
    Fish can't survive without water. To the same extent a country can't stand without an imaginary enemy and people can't live without lies…

    For those who still believe in truth

  15. The US should recognise Taiwan as being a separate, sovereign country. Does the US have the courage to do so? or is it too gutless?

  16. I wonder what the Chinese think of democracy now. Trump has shown the World our democracy is a sham; the countries we bomb to make good theatre on TV for our viewers.

  17. Thats Why God Gave Us Spirit Because We Have To Use It…

  18. "A small potato, but I won't shut up."
    I'm making the T-shirts right now!

  19. 六四确实是全体华人的痛,学生和解放军两边都有伤亡,中国人在没有外敌入侵的情况下自己内乱了。中国差点就陷入“阿拉伯之春”的圈套——“政府吃肉,我们喝汤”虽然不公,但也强胜于生活在动乱和饥饿中。我们当然不能忘记历史,更应从中吸取教训,然而若是“炒冷饭”,以此攻击现在的中共及习近平个人,这是不应该也是不合理的。据说中共提出私下赔偿,但遇难者不接受——历史遗留问题真不是说解决就能解决的。最可悲的是当年一些参与六四的热血青年,如今已经和台独藏独势力沆瀣一气试图分裂中国,这与他们的初衷“希望国家好”是背道而驰的。我出生于1998年,以上为我对六四的看法。

  20. 30 years ago that broad was young, naive, and naive

    39 years later she's no longer young, but her naïveté and stupidity still thicker than mud.

    She's downright pathetic.

    Worse of all, she's now residing in a country where college students were shot to death.


  21. When asked the question"Will your generation have had a better or worse life than your parents' generation?
    82% of Chinese respondents felt that their generation had a better life than their parents, comparing to 29% in the US. They must suffer from brutal oppression to be so deliriously hyper-optimistic about their future.

  22. Wall St Journal now controls what comments are approved. Only Pro Trump comments are allowed.
    The WSJ is just like China. Only approved messages will be shown.

  23. There is still inequality in democracy. The loud (you) and the rich speaks in a democracy…just like how a dictator or the party speaks for its people in communist china. there’s no true democracy…is about vested interest and lobbying power…what awareness can you bring by anger and being loud? In the end, minority influence and majority follows…in all systems….

  24. 果然在贸易战的敏感时期发这个东西

  25. Ask any Chinese about the freedom in china and they will give you the most arguments to support CCP rule

  26. The June 4th of this year is the last time that we commemorate the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the June 4th of 2020, will be the National Day of our new China, with out the rule of CCP.

  27. Of course you can say something, but with evidence to prove what you say, otherwise what you said is nothing but lies.

  28. Btw many soldiers were killed more cruelly by those students too. You have to understand soldiers have orders to follow so they can't fight backin the first place. But these young people just went wild…

  29. You should write a letter to Xi Jing Ping, and the parliamentarians.

  30. Maybe she direct some of her anger towards her CIA handlers.

  31. She, of all people should see the necessity of the 2nd amendment.

    Because the common man in America, can rise up, and have the weapons to overthrow a corrupt, oppressive government, this can not happen here.

    An armed patriotic American will lay down his life, using the 2nd amendment, to protect your 1st amendment rights, that you use to shame us for being your protectors

    Besides that, yes, gun violence is higher, but overall violent crime rates are lower in open carry states. That's a win win.. protecting liberals from tyranny and murder, all while being blamed for drug related gun deaths, and suicides 🙄

  32. This is the face of real political asylum. Being poor from a shithole third world nation trying to send back US dollars isn’t.

  33. I thought she was still mad about when she was 5 years old and her brother stole her cookie………….

  34. I've had a mini-tiananmen square moment or two in my life, so I can definitely sympathize.

  35. How long can the Chinese government fool their own people? How long can they suppress Hong Kong democracy movements, Uighur & Tibetan genocides and brainwashing, tianenmen and numerous other daily repressive acts? Before the big internal revolt happens, China will start a big external war. Jokers. Their regime will then collapse. Victory to it's common people.

  36. 一個不面對歷史的政府是可恥的,難怪連馬英九都說,"六四不平反,統一不能談"
    A country that doesn't face to its history is a humiliation,not to others,but to its own people and own race.

  37. look at her situation now, what a pity that she choose the shameful filthy way. Now living Indigenently
    abroad, she deserves it.

  38. Compared with those so called 'Movement Leaders', you are truly remarkable! Saute

  39. Just like the current US presidents always say about the FAKE news media. Its FAKE news FOLKS!

  40. I dated this beautiful Chinese girl once. We spent the whole date arguing whether the Tiananmen Sq massacre happened or not. I was just stunned at how someone could be so dumb.

    Now a couple if decades later we see young kids over here are just as brainwashed and support the Democrats. Very sad.

  41. I'm in China at the moment. It's like 1989 is a blank page in student's history.

  42. 勿忘六四 但是后面几张照片是支持台独 藏独和疆独的 铭记六四 但是又想分裂中国 这女的到底是爱国还是不爱国?

  43. What a lair! Kindergarten students? Do they know what democracy is? You go around the schools in the us asking the kids. You get probably none

  44. I'm surprised the brainwashed CCP slaves haven't come to start saying these people deserve to die. The real Chinese with spines have been slaughtered or forced to Taiwan and the sheep are left.

  45. Chinese defence minister recently admitted Tianamen was a national security event that was quelled by force. 30 years later in China those who know it occurred generally are indifferent or afraid to transmit experience to younger generations. Remains to be seen if Defense Minister will be purged for commenting on a non-historical event.

  46. The student fools who were the tools of the CIA. This was the same thing that happened to Libya which destroyed it.
    Thanks to the crushing of the protest, China was able to make great leap of progress.

  47. Had US plan at Tianannmen succeeded, China would be like Libya today.

  48. Just had a heart wrenching conversation with a woman in Beijing. She told me her husband drove an ambulance for Xiehe ( Peking Union Medical College Hospital) during the Tiananmen protests. This was apparently a hospital built by the USA after WW2 in Beijing to help relieve the suffering of the Chinese people in Beijing by offering medical assistance. She went on to tell me that her husband drove a rudimentary ambulance truck for the hospital. On the night in question, June 4th, he was ordered to Tiananmen as there was a report of many injured students. He arrived there and immediately his van was filled with the injured. He was very scared for his life! There were injured everywhere. He said that he spoke to students who told him that when they saw tanks running over people that they took rifles from soldiers and started shooting at the tanks. In retaliation, the People’s Army returned aggression ten fold! The PLA was responsible for the deaths of anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 civilians from Beijing! Their numbers can never be confirmed because their bodies were cremated on site and hosed into the sewer systems around Tiananmen and never received a proper burial! These things are facts that are never admitted to by a government that firmly believes in the “Lie and Deny” philosophy they have developed over 5000 years. Wake up China! The world knows what happened. There were reporters from all over the world in Beijing covering an event going on at the time. They stumbled upon this as their hotels were around Tiananmen! Why are you denying the facts? 400 people (per government reports) were accidentally killed! Absolutely false! The woman I spoke to tells me her husband ( the ambulance driver) , was held in a room for 3 weeks and was cautioned not to say anything about his experience on that day! When she started sobbing during the conversation with me, I was made aware instantly that there was great fear involved in discussing what happened to them all these years after this tragic event! The students were there under the assumption there was a possibility of changing the political system in China for something other than the repressive government that they had. Their appearance there was jovial and they only wanted their opinions to be heard ! Their peaceful celebration of the possibility of a new era and a new way of life were quickly squashed by an old regime based upon greed of the privileged few who followed the philosophy of all their ancient leaders to suppress the masses! 

  49. I am disgusted. How dare the Chinese government commit such horrible massacre and then try to cover it up that it's citizens don't know the truth, and all it's millennials don't even know it happened. Shame on you CCP.

  50. You can’t ask your government. You have to make your government. What if the people fight back instead of getting beaten up.

  51. question: how did this lady go to US?
    and please image that: what will happen in China if they win? broking like Soviet Union? or become to the second India?

  52. Amazing how LEFTISTS fight with LEFTISTS more than the conservatives ever fight with them.

  53. The real reason why they brutally crackdown the students is because the students has the military backup from some of the military units from the CCP. When the crackdown occur.The tanks were running in all different direction after the order was given out from the authority. There was a situation where tans were about the fire against each other and China was at the brink of a Civil war.

  54. And now the insane Democrats want socialism and communism in America.

  55. Tibet is not a part of China I'm proud of you Maam for your dedication and hardworking don't let go just keep on telling the world 😊🙏

  56. A question.
    China is quite successful now.
    Back then in 1989 the gov and protesters disagree in how the country was managed. And they clashed. Badly.
    However, doesnt China's success nowadays prove that the protesters were in the wrong?

  57. I am glad Tiananman Incident was a failure. Otherwise today’s China would be like Russia, big fortune were snatched away by Western countries. Old Bush and CIA were behind it.

  58. What I don't understand is Rose Tang somehow connected tiananmen square, taiwan indenpendence, and tibet together. I feel she is just doing a vendetta towards the chinese gov…cause she is "still angry"…. yet vast majority ppl in tibet is happy with the current gov and single digit % of people from taiwan wanted immediate independent.

  59. Chinese people are happier without you. China has been doing well. you tried to disrupt China, but China succeeded. Listen to another man who was a young protesters there. he said he was completely wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqF2F2qVlGw

  60. She is about the same age as my mom. At 50 years old and still advocating is amazing! She is one brave lady 👸🏼💪🏻

  61. I love mature Chinese women and I would love to date Rose Tang❤️

  62. We Chinese don’t like other people to judge our OWN affairs and at the same time we will not put our hands on your affairs. Please keep respect btw each other. Because this behavior is really repulsive and disgusting.

  63. [ This comment has been seized by the Government of the People's Republic of China ]

  64. To live in anger, your life are miserable. This clip try to show that the west cannot bear the cracked down of Tienunmen. And they are very generous. But actually behind theirs hypocrisy they are thug, robber, opium dealer and warmonger. History are clearly recorded. In the present theirs behavior still shown out oftenly. https://youtu.be/VJpy-WzAztk

  65. I'm sure everyone probably thinks they are the most righteous people in their earlier 20s. They were the first younger generation of Chinese who has not experienced war and the extreme poverty their parents and grandparents experienced, were too impressionable by western culture and influence. I don't believe she still think her actions were right, or the students at least held some responsibility of the escalation of situation. But she has to remain to be an anti-Beijing to be friends with the west, to enjoy her political refuge and benefits. It's just a career for her now, and I see neither honour nor truth here. The truth is most of Chinese people, including the students who were part of that movement, but didn't coward out and fleet the country have moved on.

  66. A group of students were brainwashed by western forces, they love the western political system, many social figures call on students to overthrow the communist regime. The students continued to negotiate and disrupted the functioning of society and government for 45 days. Clashes between the government and the students resulted in some casualties. The PLA was also killed and burned to death by protesters. The students were brutal, but often the western media selectively reported what they wanted to show. There are many such examples in the United States, France and Britain. There are just too many anti-china and anti-communist forces, so people have been stressing this issue back and forth.


  68. Now look at china now his in progressive so many jelouse at her..thanks at tiananmen the red china didnt give up..hail d great red china from 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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