I'm a Korean that wears a Hijab [Hello Counselor / 2016.12.05]

Glenn Chapman


  1. I'm a Korean Muslim and I get really sad when I see/hear these types of things. I don't go through this because I don't wear a hijab (I only wear it when I pray or sometimes in my home) and I don't go through this. When some people look at me in Korea, they automatically think I'm Korean, and I don't have a religion, but when I do state that I'm Muslim, some say mean things. I don't get physically harassed, or hurt as much as she did. I do hope things will change. ❤️

  2. Now korea most famous and many people want to go there but when they watch reaction to korean people make they afraid and scary to go there

  3. thank for KBS for supported that stronger mother and shared this video.

  4. I thought Korean was soo kind like drama in tv but after I heard this I don't think they will understand what Islam is . I so disappointed. I'm not blamed all the Korean I known some of them are not like that .I'm muslim also love Korean , I love they language, drama , song , products, actress, Koop and their face.

  5. Mother of Jesus too wore Hijab. I thought most Korean are Christian, how ironic

  6. I know that korean are racist… I like kdrama n kpop (EXO), but i dont have dream to visit korea…

  7. Her daughter's name is Jimin..aww how cute😊😊😊 I'm so obssesed with korea for BTS🤩

  8. I become kpop fans in eight grade. So i love korean so much. One of my big dream is go to korean. And I wear hijab. I and my friend always save our money a little in a week. We want to go to korean so much. We learned korean languages and how to write korean words. Sometimes, we learned history of korean.

    I hope korean don't hate me and my friend who use hijab. 감사함니다 ♥♥♥

  9. I am a Muslim. As one I'm very proud of this women. I as a huge fan of Korea it is my lifetime dream to tour the whole country. But I'm afraid that even I'll be discriminated there, that is the only thing that is keeping me from going. Although there will be a lot of people who will discriminate me I really do believe that the majority will welcome us with open hands. I really hope I get to fulfill my dream. I say this not only as a Muslim women but as a human who is not from Korea.

  10. I've watched this several times already because I'm so proud that a hijabi spoke out, and was given the opportunity to present things from our perspective. May GOD bless you! <3 Korea had just recently opened its borders so I do see where the problem comes from and, yes there's other places in the world that are equally the same. However, this doesn't mean we shouldn't speak up about it. The world has both good and bad people, unfortunately the good just aren't as active as we wish them to be. It takes a whole lot of courage to stand up to such matters.

    The other day, I saw an east Asian young man in Toronto on the bus with a large suitcase perhaps making his way to the airport. The moment he took a seat a Spanish speaking fella who clearly was intoxicated wanted to start up a conversation as he stood holding the handrails. He asked where he was from but the young man continuously ignored the elder, so the elder started asking are you Chinese, Japanese…naming every country he could. When the young man continued to ignore he began speaking gibberish, mocking the man in a attempt to speak Chinese. Others on the bus were quiet, everyone had turned away. I was afraid to say anything as well, being a minority so late at night, but I kept glaring at the elder and shaking my head in disgust. Later I felt embarrassed at myself for not having spoken up. I think a lot of us feel that way after experiencing such level of discrimination. I've seen brave people over the past stand up in ways I could not believe.

  11. May the lord guide you through ur path ! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I love you for being strong despite being discriminated.

  12. She's very educated !!! Those stereotypes can piss off !!!! I wish I can I go to korea. I'm willing to walk the streets of Korea with a hijab ❤❤❤

  13. Am a Muslim also and hoping to visit Korea coz I love watching Korean dramas I would like travel around their country hop by then I would get a warm welcome and no discrimination… After this video am a little bit a fearful

  14. Jimin has beautiful eyes, it’s quite ironic cos Park Jimin from BTS also has similar eyes 😂😂

    She’s so cute, my heart has melted.

  15. Went to S. Korea, we were buying onigiri and we thought it didn't have pork in it. But the old cashier lady told us ''pork, pork'' and chose another one for us. Soooooo this woman was not lucky.

  16. All is One I’m Indian and A Hijab Represents freedom It’s not something that is forced On someone. Anyone can wear it.

  17. Beside of "hijabiphobic" korean (not all of them) also "aseanophobic"

  18. Terrorism has no religion. If they murder people out of nowhere, they disobeyed what God teach us not to. No religion teach to murder people.

  19. This is why I'm scared to go to Korea. I don't wear a hijab but I'm scared of discrimination 😥😥

  20. I feel so bad for her, I am a muslim too but I don't wear hijab. I have some foreign friends in high school who always bully me because of my religion and beliefs, telling me constantly that I am a terrorist and stuff like that… Seriously we are living in the 21century people should accept each other's differences 😒

  21. In Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan a lot of koreans who live like in their own country. Anybody is them don't force by others, because of their religion, nation etc.

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