Glenn Chapman


  1. OMG… U didn't get heal… If so, video should ends when you was spawned… Missions failed. Never make videos.

  2. Wait that's fake you diddnt have damage so you diddnt get healed technically so you got to redo this video

  3. Wouldn’t the video end while you were in spawn because being in spawn heals you

  4. When someone kills you, the video begins.
    When you respawn, the video ends.

  5. Parashock: I wanna make this video longer than the last one
    Mercy: Let me introduce myself

  6. Parashockx:if I get healed the video ends

    Mercy:ima bout to end this whole mans video

  7. that mercy knows about the challenge and was like:

    Mercy: screw your challenges! imma end your video right here right now!

  8. well you didnt get heal practically 😛 you didnt lose any health so it doesnt count. Replay pls 😛

  9. If I would make this video, it wold be a few hours long

  10. if you get a barrier from zarya, the video ends (finally a 10 minute long video for parashockX)

  11. “I wanna make this a longer video then last time”

    (It’s at this moment he knew… he fucked up)

  12. him: just doing his daily chalange
    Mercy: I'm gonna end this man's whole career

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