I have 4 children, but soccer is more important. [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.04.08]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Divorce his ass… I wanna say that but I know child support isn’t the most stable… I hope she figures it out though

  2. Jeon Nomin is super sexy. I remember him from Queen Seonduk with Ko Hyunjung… 😍😍😍

  3. I dnt know if i got it wrong but the fathers reaction at the end, when he saw the score, i think he wants to say AWESOME! he is really something!! coz i think a high score means the situation is not good??? Correct me if am wrong….

  4. Easy for him to said "I'm not the one who gave birth" i really hate this kind of guy 🙄

  5. I've never wished harder for Jessi to be on an episode of Hello Counselor. She would've fought that husband on TV, to be honest.

  6. Mohon maap ni yak , gak tahan mau ngerant tapi pake bahasa indo aja biar gampang wkwkwkwk ni suaminya cuma bisa netnot bikin anak doank tapi kaga ada tanggung jawabnya samsek udah pikirannya masih kek orang dijaman jahiliyah njaay. etdah pengen gua berkata kasar tapi ah.. sudahlah

  7. As a coach, he can manage his team. Doing his role.

    But as a father and a husband, he hasn't fulfilled what his truly role is, be a lead and be part of the family.

  8. I keep comparing this guy to Lee Donggook and I am quite disappointed

  9. I know she's enduring this because of their kids, she's so brave tbh I would've divorced a man like this, I hope he can change

  10. I get so triggered watching these type of videos. That woman should get a divorce. He's not gonna change. He can't use "soccer" as an excuse for not spending time with his family. He has four beautiful children and he should make use of that. Children aren't going to be children forever, and before they hold a grudge towards him, he should definitely fix whatever the heck he is doing.

  11. Gosh! I have had short hair all my life and you say a girl should have long hair to be a girl?! What is wrong with this guy!

  12. i'd ask the husband to get a divorce if i was her. "tried your best to be a father." he looks like he doesn't even try.

  13. "she has 4 kids"…………..what about you?? are they not YOURS?????

  14. Is it just me or does it seem like there is at least one couple per Hello Counselor episode where the husband is paternalistic and selfish? Like without fail, variations of the same exact story keep playing out.

  15. His life seems to revolve around escaping from his family. Foolish, pitiful person. If only he realized how great his life could be by getting involved with his beautiful family, helping out, teaching his girls to play soccer, etc. Life goes by too fast. Find a mentor who has a healthy family life to help you before it's too late.

  16. No entiendo entonces porque se casó y para colmo tener hijos! Y para colmo tiene el descaro decir que las mujeres deben ser así o aza, solo por ser mujeres. Si yo fuera su esposa hace rato que lo hubiera dejado, le hubiera pedido una foto y adiós, ya que él hace lo mismo que una foto, nada.. Que horror de hombre! Además si juega tanto el fútbol por lo menos debería tener mejor cuerpo si hace tanto ejercicio, pero no. ✌️🇪🇸🇲🇽✌️

  17. man youngja better drop some book about life soon. The way she connected football with his outdated thinking was pure genius

  18. Ehem sir I’m a girl and I have short hair like a guy!! You gone call meh les for that or a disgrace??!! Cus if u do, I might as well kick a soccer ball to ur head!!

  19. He is so childish and immature to the point that I want to erase him from my mind and forget about his soccer lover ass

  20. She is beautiful, caring, patient and all I see about her is kindness. I know I shouldn't wish this for someone but… I hope she marries to a man who can be a good life-time friend for her

  21. 저 남편 진짜 돌아이. 답답해서 못보겠다. 여자 불쌍하다.

  22. 저 남편 진짜 돌아이. 답답해서 못보겠다. 여자 불쌍하다.

  23. He's trash. Throw the whole man away sis.

    He probably married a younger impressionable woman just so he could impose his patriarchal views and essentially do whatever he wants without consequence… She and their children deserve much better.

    She's gorgeous and compassionate and he's inconsiderate and basic.. boy bye.

  24. He's a horrible person. He isn't even willing to compromise on ANYTHING. He behaves like a damn child. One week a day with the family???? OMG. He needs to grow tf up and be there for his family. He should be ashamed.

  25. I can't believe how selfish he is that the concept of spending just 2 days home (not even full weekend days, she was willing to let him pick) was too much to consider. He isn't going to change and I fear that the family will end up just learning how to do without him, even if they don't get a divorce. And when the girls grow up they won't care to listen to their father because he never took the time to build a relationship with them.

  26. Does Korean not have a word for wife apart from 'Jib-saaram'? That literally translates to person at home.
    In olden days, and in rural areas in India, people use something very similar for wife 'Ghar-waali', but it has masculine version as well 'Ghar-waala'. Otherwise, Hindi has a dedicated word for wife which is Patni.
    Want to know if that's the same case in Korean too.
    The term 'Jib-saaram' reeks patriarchy.

  27. I don't agree with "ALL MEN ARE TRASH" but the husband is definitely one! As a woman, I hate this kind of man.

  28. Please watch the return of superman. Watch especially sian's father. He has 5. This man needs help. My dad has 8 of us and is a footballer(my country soccer is football) and he is always there. He will miss matches or carry us. But still comes home help my mom cook,clean and take care of us . That man need a wake up call

  29. He'll be regretting when his daughters on their age to play along with their own life because he never spends time with them.

  30. SK is another country that needs to stop the marriage/baby pressure and stop stigmatizing being a single parent because it makes people more likely to stay in a toxic and/or abuse relationship especially if there are kids. It should be seen as irresponsible of a parent to stay in that environment or someone without kids. Bad or abusive spouses or parents (siblings and grandparents too) should be shamed and demanded to do better (with actions not empty words) instead of people trying to coax the other person or kids to be “more understanding”. I think doing so will have a better overall change. Sometimes divorce is the only way to save people and the kids because a lot of the issues on the show could lead to tragedy, avoidable health problems or further mental/emotional damage.

  31. he looks like the bully one from doraemon lol

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