I Found a FULL Plastic Baggie Underwater in the River! (Returned to Owner – Amazing Reaction!)

Good morning everybody. We are at the river once again. I have a couple of newbies here, This is Levi, got Brandon, and we’re gonna jump in and we’re gonna see what we can find you guys. Let’s do it! ready?! Here we go guys. Levi: AWWW MAN DAS COLD!!! Dallas: Hey, are you gonna make it? Maybe. He forgot his boots so he’s trying to hike through this, Lord of the Rings forest, barefoot You hit a rock or you either. Levi: Are you filming right now? Dallas: Did you get scraped? You live, let me see your shoulder, oh shoot, full ruffle. Levi: We made it. Dallas: All right, let’s hope you find some. Brandon: Oh wow, I didn’t even see that. Dallas: Yeah, that’s pretty bad. Yeah, this is pretty dangerous. So, you guys do not try this it’s actually super dangerous. I’ve been doing this a long time. Let’s jump in and see we can find you guys. So I floated down to where I
said, I would meet the Brandon and Levi and then, I waited there for a long time and I never saw him. So, I hiked all the way back up here. This is where they got in and I can’t find them. So, I’m gonna swim down and hopefully, I can find them. Really weird. We got the gang back
together you guys. So, this shows it’s actually super dangerous to go to the river and you get to get separated it can get pretty scary
that was a good half an hour of not being all together. So I get kind of
worried. So, please don’t try this at home. Well let’s jump back in. Now, we’re all back together to see if we can find some treasure you guys. This gator, he couldn’t have come at a
better time. I am super thirsty. Levi: Was that opened already? Dallas: It was sealed. Levi: Anything for subs, right? Dallas: That’s right. Check it out… Brandon: A bag? Dallas: A bag of a wallet and keys. Brandon: Its nice… Someone’s gonna be happy. Dallas: Yeah… I had to fight for that one. Forty bucks inside. Brandon: For real? Dallas: Yeah. Somebody’s gonna be extremely happy to
get this back. First of all they lost their Batman wallet second of all, they have their keys inside and third of all,
they have 40 bucks inside. I’m sure they had a really bad day when they lost this thing and when they get this back. Hopefully, we can turn their day around. I almost didn’t reach this you guys, did
you see me trying to fight that current that was a strong current and I had to come up for air like now. Sometimes when you go back up for air. It’s like impossible to find the exact same spot the second time. So, what lucky I got to
it in time. Keep watching to the end of the video to see me return this back to the owner. It’s gonna be awesome. Are you guys a quick little wrap-up here just take a little quick glance of what we found, a bunch of cheap sunglasses find the best pair of Guess, and I got this hat Travis Matthew, got a Costco card, Bluetooth speaker.
I’ll see if that works, and then best find was this wallet. Keep watching I’m gonna find the owner hopefully and get it back to him in the next part of this video. How do you guys like your first time? Brandon: It was good. Dallas: Brandon? Brandon: Yes sir. Dallas: How long ago did you drop it? Brandon: We went on Saturday. Dallas: Saturday, okay so we were there on Monday. So, this was all down there for a
couple of days, here’s your wallet. If you wanna check to make sure all attaches all there. Check it out click the button it all works. Guy: Man+River found your keys and his wallet. Brandon: That’s so sticky you do that. So, glad you contacted me and found me you know that life save. I don’t want to get a new soldier looking it up and like it was like oh get your
new social you know and then, I was like I gotta have my ID or something yeah, my buddy’s like oh the school guys aren’t here might, might find it one day he’ll
like I see him out here Dallas: I was at the bottom of the river I was all most out of breath all of a sudden, I see a little baggie like lovely in the end in the water. So, I’m trying to swim against the current like over this rock barely made it and there’s in the bag. Yeah, I got a couple of gifts
for you. I’ll throw it on right now. What’s up? Guy: You do something. Dallas: That’s your job good
musician like you. It’s like a glove. Brandon: All right, So check out Man+River subscribe for more probably he’s the legend, he’s a life saver Dallas: All right, thanks for meeting me now I’m glad you’re close. Brandon: Yeah, go round here in
this area. Dallas: All right, that was pretty cool man. Guy: It is good. Dallas: Yeah, so a lot of times
they’re not in the same state you actually have a lot of people from out
of state that come as a vacation luckily he lives down the street and so this was
a really easy and rewarding return it. That was pretty cool.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Oh my whoo hooo made me laugh so hard. Thank you for using mine. God bless you, I am going to send this to all my grandkids and post it on my Facebook page.

  2. Ameei, os outros brasileiros precisam assistir… Amei seu canal, e adoro seus vídeos ❤😉

  3. I lost my iPhone 10 last week in the Rio Grande river

  4. I like how you have less commentary in the beginning and you get straight to the point.

  5. I know this is in the river but I saw that Australian guy, stab a tent stake and roll of bright safety fluoro green/yelloe nylon twine in the ground and stretch it out to the other end, – with another tent stake – and he could make very clean passes, never missing much, cause he never went over spaces twice, but he never missed much either. It doesn't take long before you know ''how far i can see/reach here'' and you could really see the clarity with which he could know where he'd searched.

    Subbed for bein' nice to people.

  6. Ako lang ba ang pilipino na nanunuod dito .? Like mo to kong pilipino ka din 😊

  7. It amazes me how much stuff people lose. I've been kayaking for a long time and have never lost anything. I always make sure anything I take with me is attached securely. So even if I flip, everything stays with the boat.

  8. Please dont try this at home..We dont have a river in our backyard Dallas😂

  9. What r u doin with all those stuff? Which not return

  10. Why there are always sunglasses in every river 😂😂😂😂

  11. If it's sealed it should still be good. Heck i would have done the same thing if thirsty

  12. It was a battery 4:01 probably from a motorcycle or something small

  13. I am located in Jasper Indiana we have a Little River that runs through town there's a lot of stuff in the river I found a couple of things in there before if you ever want to go exploring in it let me know I would love to do it with you

  14. I think what you do is awesome bud! Caught your videos a couple days ago and subscribed. I love snorkeling, Keep it up and I’ll keep up the support. God bless be safe


  16. That water is so swift I don’t know how you can find anything! 😳

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  18. What river is this? I think I have been to it. The parking lot area looks familiar. I'm from Michigan.

  19. Hello Dallas! you have thought to do that in rivers of other countries … you should consider going to Panama 😆 … you would find many things … greetings 😘

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  22. Buy and river bag for your river treasures it will be helpful for u

  23. Super lik pra todos os vídeos, dá vontade de mergulhar até numa poça pra ver se tem alguma coisa… Muito bom, parabéns

  24. I bet when he bought the wallet he would've thought whenever he lost it, it would fly back like a boomerang 😂

  25. You guys are nuts, but in an awesome way!! I live close to the Susquehanna River (Harrisburg, PA). I wonder what could be found…hmmmm!!!

  26. that box thing was a car battery, no idea wtf it was doing in a river tho.

  27. Man + River every video ;-; :WOHOOOOOOOOO


  28. Sees a speaker, then doesn’t pick the van up right beside it.. Our ocean is dying that’s not helping 😕

  29. this is best attitude .. i love it.. wear red glasses and drink red energy drinks … awesome

  30. Me: mom let's buy sunglasses
    Mom: let's just go to the river
    Me: ahhhww mennn

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  32. Very good Bro did somebody give you a reward or just thanks because if i recovered my iPhone i Would be happy

  33. What's upstream of this river? Why is there so much stuff in the river? That's so sad.

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