I Became Super-popular At School After I Lost My Memory

Hello, everybody! My name is Brie, I guess. These nice people, who turned out to be my
parents, told me this. It seems weird, right? To not be sure what your own name is, who
your mom and dad are. Or even who you are. The first thing I can remember is the smell
of the grass in the open field where I woke up. I had the most horrible headache ever. I must have injured my head somehow. But how did it happen? I sat up and tried to think about how I had
gotten there. But I couldn’t. I stood up and decided to go home, but I didn’t
remember where my home was. And when I thought some more, I realized I
didn’t know my name either. I was gripped by panic. I got on my feet and ran. There were some houses not far from the place
I woke up, so I headed over there. I banged on people’s doors and cried for help. Then, one old woman finally let me in and
asked me to tell her who I was and what had happened to me. But I couldn’t remember my name or my address. She looked very confused. I was so terrified and embarrassed that I
burst into tears. The woman tried to calm me down and gave me
a cup of hot tea. It all seemed like a lifetime had gone by. And only after a bunch of police cars, hospitals,
numerous talks with doctors, and a reunion with my newfound family, did I learn the story
of my life. I lived in Kansas with my mom, my dad, and
my younger brother. Our family was far from being perfect. Actually, my parents were getting divorced,
which, as my mom claims, was the true reason for what had happened to me. That day everything came to a head. After another fight, my father collected all
of his things and left the house, slamming the door. Mom was really upset and angry. She was on a real tear. She put all the things that reminded her of
my father into plastic bags and told me to take them outside to the garbage as soon as
possible. She didn’t have the heart to do it herself. And then… It normally takes a few minutes to take the
trash out, but it seemed to be taking me even longer. It had been fifteen minutes and I was still
gone. My mom told my brother Gary to go and check
to see what I was doing out there and it was he who had discovered that I was missing. First, my mom didn’t worry much. She thought I went for a walk to clear my
head after that horrible incident, but after two or three hours they started looking for
me. My brother had to run around the whole neighborhood
and he went to every place where he thought I could possibly be. My mother called my friends and their parents,
but nobody had seen me or knew where I was. In the evening it was obvious that something
terrible had happened. Everybody took part in the search – the
police, neighbors, friends. My mom even called my dad and, of course,
he rushed back home. My parents were in despair when they were
finally informed that I was found in an area that was three miles away from our house. My mom said that when she saw me in the hospital,
sitting on my bed, she immediately realized there was something completely wrong with
me. I also remember that meeting. I was trying to collect my thoughts and to
bring my memories back. And then I saw a crying woman running up to
me. She squeezed me in her arms and said my name
so many times: ‘Brie.’ It was so confusing. I didn’t feel anything. People, who were calling themselves ‘my parents,’
were absolutely unknown to me, which made them feel absolutely miserable. But, psychiatrists and neurologists gave us
positive projections about my condition, though none of them could give us an exact answer
– what could’ve happened? I went back home and had to start over. I explored the house, my room, looked through
my stuff, my pictures, and social networks. I read my chats with friends, trying to regain
my memory, but it seemed like I was reading about another person’s life. It was so strange to learn what kind of person
I used to be and what interests and thoughts I used to have. Time went on. And since my common knowledge and understanding
of life in general hadn’t suffered, doctors thought it would be good for me if I started
attending school again. I was terrified, because I wasn’t sure if
I still knew my school curriculum, but they thought it could have a positive impact on
my memory. Well… No such luck. Everybody at school was aware of my story. It turned out I was kind of a local celebrity
or something. This was a nightmare! I felt hundreds of eyes on me, every time
I was walking down the hallways. Even though I could manage to solve mathematical
equations, I couldn’t remember the multiplication table or spelling! My classmates were whispering behind my back. Suddenly some guys came up to me and asked:
‘What are you faking for, Brie? You can tell us the truth!’ They knew me, but I didn’t know them, so I
freaked out. They just stared at me like they didn’t get
it. One girl was especially upset. Later in the evening I got a message on my
phone. “Why did you ignore me? I thought that you would at least tell me!” This girl’s name was Sandra. She must have been my best friend. So, I asked her to meet. I managed to sneak out of the house and we
met in the park. I told her everything I remembered. I really hoped she would believe me and back
me up. She suspiciously looked at me the whole time
I was talking and then said: ‘Do you really think I am going to buy that?’ It turned out, that my true story didn’t impress
her at all. She got really angry with me and said that
she didn’t believe a word I was saying, because it was all nonsense. She also added that she never thought that
I would stoop this low to be more popular at school. And later it turned out that everyone at school
had pretty much the same point of view. Teachers included. Everybody thought I was just trying to get
attention! Nobody talked to me anymore and they all tried
to stay away from me. It was getting more and more stressful for
me every day. I felt like I was out of my mind and on top
of that, I was all alone. Once when I was in math class, it happened
again. My classmates were staring at me and chuckling. I couldn’t concentrate. Suddenly the teacher asked me a question. I could not answer. Then somebody cried out: ‘Well, it must be
your blackouts again.’ Everybody started laughing. I was just sitting there and it was getting
harder and harder to breathe. And then… darkness. I opened my eyes to see that I was lying on
the floor in the middle of the classroom. My hands were covered with bruises. My hair was a mess. All my classmates ran to the corners of the
classroom and were looking at me in horror. The teacher was also standing there with them,
speechless. I was too humiliated to say anything. I had no idea about what I had been doing
or why. After the lesson, the teacher came up to me
and gently asked if I needed any help. I was so embarrassed! I had to meet the school psychologist afterward. He asked me if I remembered anything that
had happened in class. I tried as hard as I could, but there was
no way. He said that even the teacher had gotten scared. I had had a really bad seizure. Doctors were now recommending that I not go
to school for a while, so I had nothing more to do, but just sit in my room thinking it
all over. I was tortured by thoughts about what I had
done to freak out everybody in the classroom and why I couldn’t remember anything again. I would spend the whole time lying in my bed,
reading books. Mom said I didn’t used to like reading before. My parents tried to encourage me as much as
they could, but it didn’t help. I felt like an alien in an unknown hostile
world. Everybody was against me! Once, my mom came to my room and said there
was someone there to see me. I had no idea who it could be. I had no friends. So I was surprised to see Sandra in the hallway. She looked very guilty and asked if we could
talk. We went upstairs and she burst into tears. She asked me to forgive her, and the fact
that she had not believed me. She said she believed me now. I was not angry with Sandra at all. I was so happy that she had come. So,I worked up all my courage and asked her
to tell me what I had done that day. Sandra went pale. She didn’t feel like talking about it, but
then she finally gave in and said I was screaming, hitting everything around me, and speaking
some weird language in a terrifying voice. It all sounded like a horror movie. I don’t know why, but Sandra’s visit and her
presence made me feel better. Now I at least had a friend from the past
back. My blackouts have continued to happen. I think I just have to live with them now
and accept things as they are. I have my loving family and my friend Sandra. My school teachers and classmates fully understand
and accept my situation now. They all help me cope with these incidents. If I forget something, Sandra always tells
me what happened. I also have a private blog, where I write
down everything that happens to me during the day to make sure I don’t miss anything. As for my parents. Of course, they are both suffering and the
word ‘divorce’ was never mentioned again. It’s sad that it was shared grief, not love,
that brought them back together. And it is also sad for me, that I am not able
to feel the pure happiness of their reunion, because I don’t have those wonderful memories
anymore of my childhood with them. I wish I could remember! Mom said that dad had always been everything
to me! But my whole backstory has been destroyed. Well, I don’t give up easily and I know I
will get through this one day. I hope you’ve never ever had this kind of
experience. But let me know if my story touched your heart. I will be glad to get any feedback. Thanks for watching, Brie.

Glenn Chapman


  1. We hope you've never ever had this kind of experience. But let us know if this story touched your heart. We will be glad to get any feedback. Thanks for watching!

  2. So funny how they use english accents for american stories, and american accents for english stories.

  3. Rabn gst bca tho beiji ATP dip will USA all its will out why odds roll pits el is well itza el atom will USC 4k run a sweep will fyp press win pea women woods Wii wing fold top wtop persona IHOP to drop orb Dora wake whose snoop zoysia gainsbourg wood wiz Atop still sto

  4. Oh I really Liked You have expirence now no matter wht❤️💪🏾Don’t care wht ur classmate whispering anymore plz🥺

  5. Brie: speaking in a different weird language, hitting herself, screaming

    Me: this bitch possessed

  6. You need deliverance, your black outs are signs of demonic possession. Accept Jesus as your lord and savior

  7. How did she lose her memory but she remember all this and she tell her story

  8. Sadly this has happened to me multiple times my. Only it is with my mom she has really bad seizures and won't rember her kids names (me my brother and sister) and sometimes she has them when my dad isn'thome and I'm normally the only one that knows (well at least until she freaks out and yells to get out of her house)so I'm so sorry for what happened to you and I hope you get better in your condition.😥😕🙂

  9. "ACTUALLY HAPPENED" can you please write better titles for your videos, it can be misleading to some people.
    Thank You!!!

  10. Look this brie from personality by anne boonchuy from The series of amphibia 0:01

  11. There’s a kid in my class and he’s in your situation he’s coming back to class on Monday and the person also gets seizures

  12. She tells the hole story after losing her memory then how did she remember this story????

  13. Stop using the same voices use their actual voice okay if they dont like it then too bad for them

  14. Bruh this is literally spilt personality. I have it. I have 8 of them. You black out some other person takes over. 🙄

  15. I’m sorry mam, but the Symptoms, including blackouts, forgetting, speaking a foreign language in a weird voice, and hitting things, show that we have to diagnose you with

    Cerebral Satanic Amnesic Epilepsy

  16. I feel very sad 😢 and it even happened to my friend 😢💔🤝

  17. Title: I lost my memory

    Remembers the whole story and manages to retell it

    table flip intensifies

  18. I know what you're going through I go through the same thing that's why I can't go to school so I'm Utah online school

  19. No I’ve never, but I have ADHD, and it makes me forgot things…like, really easily.

  20. That’s not true that your memories have been gone but They’re still in your heart where they can never be forgotten and you can always make new memories to help you. Follow your heart and trust it with the ones you love. And maybe your memories will come back to your mind. They’ll always be apart of you and you’ve got lots of people helping you. Another thing you can’t forget.

  21. While she was out for throwing away all her father's memory, she prayed to God for his parents to stay together like before at any cost. That's why this happened😂

  22. My cousin said this 🤣
    So if she lost her memory then how did she remember her friends name

    And then I said
    Watch the dang video and you will understand

  23. yes it did try to record yourself at all times to remember what happened/see what happened

  24. This story did touch my heart. As for what caused those blackouts, perhaps it was weight of the bags that made you fall. Or perhaps you tripped over a rock or a root. Any big blow to the head can cause amnesia. As a boulder who crushes people, I can tell you that easily. I DID NOT CAUSE YOUR BLACKOUTS I SWEAR ON MY GRANDMOTHERS GRAVE!!!!

  25. I am so sorry fornyou it must have been terrible for you but I wouldn't be so bad a

  26. On September 3 of 2019 i had a szger from epilepsy mom said i fell down the stars but i lost my memorys of my past to not all of it but the inpornt parts like frends and family are gone it is now noveber 4th and i am just now recovring so i can say with experns it dose get better so just hang in there dont give up

  27. Me :who r u
    Doctor:shes lost her memory

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  30. Her: “After two or three hours they started looking for me”

    My mom when she thinks I’m kidnaped after five minutes

  31. I am so popular every one is my bff and people who don't want to be my friend are my friend and even people in older grades are my be my best friend and they said my hair is so puffy and very very very soft use good things and by the way I am not a bully

  32. That absolutely touched my heart, I hope you'll gain ur memorys again, to remember the Times u had with ur family and friends and all the people u know and don't know.😊😊😊.😄😄😄.😃😃.😊.

  33. I am disappointed in the teacher to act like a child. Parents should inform the school and teachers to be understanding

  34. I would go to the principal, and force him to make an announcement. Like force him to, and I would include my parents.

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