hello everyone welcome back well Matt this is not clickbait this story time I did I almost bled to death I don't understand it so enthusiastically but basically I was being to my dad about this situation I thought oh my god why have I not fought to do this in the storage room before you know you know one of them nights where everything says don't go out yeah don't go out that is trying to tell you that a reason it I don't know what it is the world is telling you do not go out and I should have not gone out but I did I've got close to my finger because yesterday I snapped my nail and it went all the way down to the skin and I'm one of those people to find comment below if you're also a fainter I've almost found it for the stupidest things I was actually do a story time on all my dramatic fainting episodes because I mean some of them are pathetic I didn't actually find when this happened my friend called me I was like hello and she was like you okay you crying I was like this video thumbs up if you like story times as well because I personally love them you can just listen to the more you get ready you don't necessarily have to look at the screen actually like them I was going on night out this was round about the time if you've watched my other story time I'll link it down below the one about Brian my ex-boyfriend he was in Cooper and I wasn't going out with a pensioner so a few names Brian and you're not paint you know it's just my neighbor's name's Brian and he's a pensioner so this was around about the timing that's very rare as a bit of emotional wreck and obviously I'd know out planned it was for my friend's birthday so I'm obviously gonna go but loads of little things kept happening that was basically saying don't go so the night before the night out but my dad's over time I was living between my mum's and my dad's and my dad's is like 45 minutes to drive for my mum's and that's where all my friends were so I had to go there that night for the night out but the night before the night owl I couldn't sleep – I couldn't sleep I mean like I got about an hour so that was sign number one though I shouldn't have gone out and then my dad drives me all the way to where my mom lives and I get there and realize I forgot my makeup bag sign number two so my dad has to drive me all the way back he's my makeup bag struck all the way back again I get to my mum's I remember having a shower and then just being like a girl and all sad I've it wrong my friends oh don't go she was like come on that sky let's go like don't worry about him I'm not okay fine okay bad sign should have gotten like everything was just saying don't go and can't member have been any other signs it was like God nearly 10 years ago and that scares me it was like three or four years ago I think was in London it was in Kensington I believe and it was a club that had like multiple rooms and there is mum telling you that said multiple rooms but I had like one overall capacity again there's a reason I'm tell you that so it's a quite big club there was like ten of us and then we on this night out and I think Brian called me that I'm upset and I wanted to go home I just wasn't in the mood I should just gone home at that point but again I did to my friends like come on we'll go to this other room and the room that we went in was really small I mentioned about the capacity is it capacity for us and the word ROM I feel like they didn't have them for each room so you say a thousand people out in the club I feel like most of them were trying to get in this small room don't think I was like extremely drunk because I filled up when you're sad and every just Sobers you art like the whole feeling of not wanting to be there a point wasn't really in the mood me and one of my friends go in to the little room we're dancing having fun I'm trying to enjoy the night but the room was so packed that Sal's holding a drink literally my hand of it you you'd be getting budged everywhere and it was spilling there was tables both of little booths and on the table they'd have a big ice bucket but around the ice bucket was at the glass edge for you to put your glasses on so like a table inside the glass bucket a massive bottom afford to curb the the big metal things hanging off and then glass is all around and it was just very small and moved slightly away from the table sort of in the middle bit of all the different tables and I just got budged and where the room was so small and all the glasses we get in spell that the floor must have just been covered in drone I just literally not off balance ever so slightly nervously how many here and backgrounds 18 are probably more massive Hills just remember flying back into I think either in the ice bucket on the edge of the glass table I still don't know what hit me and it felt like do you know when you hit your coccyx and it's like that shoot in pain that's what I felt it felt like slow motion like literally like wool and then I think I knocked her peoples Garces and I just just stood up where's his cow do it no you're trying to the story and there my friend Tony laughed initially which is that hurry fallen over but I was laughing I just got up and then I walked into the corridor where you go through the other rooms and I just slid down a wall I don't balloon down and just see him blood everywhere batteries flashing back so there's blood everywhere I'm looking at oh my god and my friend said that she literally was at her saw me walking first I want my gun she chased me out and then she just said she saw all this blood I was like oh so she started crying I'm just so like I don't know I think I felt a bit like off and a bit like oh nice icky and weird it was just the weirdest feeling and then straight away luckily I was in a really good club in London I can't remember the name this bouncer just picked me up like he just picked up it on the shoulder I think I must have blacked out or something because I don't remember being dragged for a club on someone I remember being picked up and that was it but it's like a pretty fine thankfully sick but where the cut was on my leg which I've had today to happen I'm fine oh he must have liked it must have like gone on his arm or he couldn't put his hand on it oh it's rank pretty busy he must have touched it in some way so that might really hurt and I probably passed out on him a bit oh my gonna be hot I can I've same feel really hot there Joe in your eyes stop blown and if you've ever fainted for basic your eyes start going blowing a bit green feel a bit hot and then Lisa mumbles OH huh then before nighttime in a backroom I'm in this big back room and I'm sitting there like this my legs are like wide open and I've got blood all over my legs my friends crying to one side of me and then this bouncer man is holding my leg and he's shaking and obviously I'm they're cracking jokes in between just passing out they don't think the show guy was coming I'm like you all my and I think because I couldn't see the car I just saw blood all over my leg and my friend crying and I just I think maybe I was too kind of light in the mode and the leg it was in I think it's like the may not one of your main entrees I don't know some like an idiot we have an idea we stuff like this but I think it was the leg but you may not archery and because the man was really panicking it he was putting pressure on him shaking they went for an ambulance to come and my friend was crying the man shake it and then he got boos I can't do this like hey you I don't know why and maybe for I was dying I don't know but I would say essentially I was kind of dying because I was losing a lot of blood then my he is feel really roomy so the ambulance people come in they quickly take me through the club on this little stretch of thing and I think I was finding that funny I think that was take in my mind of what was actually happening because you know typical go out and end up on some stretcher thing being taken through a club in London oh how embarrassing obviously all my other friends don't know where I am they don't know what's happening we get into the ambulance and we act out you have a photo of me an ambulance at this I'll put it up if I can find it look I don't really happy to be fair probably glad I didn't know how this like is it this Authority it's I word I'm glad I did not how severe it was because we were like I think the closest hospital was around 15 20 minutes away something like that I remember being told these things and being told done really lucky it was just confused why I was lucky and I didn't really get it for all I knew it was a tiny little car I just need to be checked I didn't really understand it my friend was still upset she saw it and basically the way she described it so I cut just under my bum look a look long line like that of course that is like me for anything so I cut like probably about this big teddy like a big open mouth like dripping with blood she actually took a photo of it which I wish I could find and I haven't got it but is somewhere on a memory card or laptop somewhere is the open wound which makes me feel sick it was back in the day the reason why should vote is back in the day but you know I used to bring up a foot on camera nights out get to the hospital I remember saying to everyone I'm not that drunk I'm not that drunk I didn't want them to think I was just so drunk this has happened but genuinely think if I was cold stone sober in that room I would have fell over it was a bloody hazard there was water not water there was alcohol on the floor everywhere so I was taken into a room I was laid down and they wanted to clean it I knew my friend was I had now Anishinabe shows a why'd you paint your nails do you ever take my mind fair so I tried that the moment they touched me with this stuff it stung so much as I know no no get off we got please and the reason for them wanting to clean it up was to check if I needed surgery and I feel like if you looked at this wound I definitely needed surgery I know they wanted to inject me to numb it even an injection that's bad enough for me but you want to clean it out oh the whole thing is disgusting so they were like well you just want to go home then it was a bit brutal with me like wold you undergarment this was like yeah Bravo just going like this spanking a point that I can't let you do this I was so painful so I think they were a bit like go like basically go in the waiting room then you can wait to see this other woman who will look at it and say you need surgery but you know what you gonna do I'll go sit on this wheelchair open wound there covered it slightly which I think the amount germs I feel I coulda caught hmm yes 2:00 in the morning 3:00 in the morning diving out at this point I just member been really I was in the morning and it you feel sick dog repellents I went into this room with this woman and she was like basically saying how I definitely need surgery I was really lucky that I didn't die basically because where I cut all this stuff from ex-boyfriend I'm when people when I'm sad I don't need the only time I don't eat like why can't I get that sound so I'd love like a stone I'll basically saying if if I was heavier it would have stuck in more which could have hit my minor and a Kurd died so thanks Brian you know if it happens for a reason I could have died that night at 18 which literally terrifies me when you think about that if I was heavier I could have died when I was 18 what the hell so we or I could have bled to death either one when they sent me to a hospital bed when they did actually have to clean it but not like before where they wanted to clean it and inject me and stuff they put that stuff when it Jenna orangie stuff and it's um so really I mean something we got in this video it gone round under by bomb and like sort of round to the lady area I was swollen and like going to the toilet killed I was but they done it they claimed average Brighton on hospital bed feeling really emotional and sad got my life and it's very for myself my friend had left at this point I'd spoke to my dad he was gonna come up to London a base it was in a hospital for the next week waiting for surgery so nil by mouth not being to eat all day my worst nightmare finally had the surgery I still have a humongous scar during your book a bum fold I have two on one side I remember coming out of surgery and I woke up in this room as low as bed it was huge and there's a perm on that other side not sinking on look at all and I felt so sick and I'm starving he's not me my dad were talking about we laugh I know how I was begging for the food pre-ordered and a Korean jazz sponge I'm not joking this husband well good food normal food is disgusting but this was so good so I want my transponder I want my curry and my now name dad which is laughing at me because I was like I would like a biscuit and prove I would not be sick so I this biscuit drop down this wall Turing they were like fine we can give you your curry now that's the story that's the story of where I almost bled to death slash hit my main artery in Dodge on the spot if I was heavier my weight technically saved me Brian saved me I was really too shy at that my neighbor might be outside and I'm like Brian save me and yeah I've been doing the three times if there's any signals to not go out don't do it give this video a thumbs up if you like story times or if you like this video yeah can't believe you ever had any incidences like this or something weird is saved you like your weight please comment below video ideas a face every time but other things are struggling for his ideas I just basically fill my night watching and I love a story time so yeah subscribe I think I'm like far away from a thousand thanks for watching good back

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  1. Did the club get into trouble hun for the overcrowding in the room? I’m glad you were ok thankfully the bouncer was quick on his feet xx

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