Hyper boyfriend Part. 1 [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.07.29]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Idk but that guy reminds me of haechan and chenle ? He has haechan's humour and chenle's loud voice.

  2. I cried so much while watching this episode, the people were so genuine specially the daughter and her family from the first concern then the girlfriend and her boyfriend. I do feel bad for her boyfriend though. Imagine how upsetting it has been for him to suppress his anger just because he doesn’t want to get mad at people, and imagine having to keep on smiling despite almost all of the people in their department looking down on him. The professors kind of disappointed me though. They were our second parents, they should’ve been more understanding about his personality. All it takes is some people who would ask him how he honestly feels and it could change the perspective on how they see them. Its really sad.

  3. Is it bad if I thought Jaemin and Jeno was the couple?

  4. I like that they invited the dream members to an episode special dedicated to helping young people.

  5. Ok what is this “tension” that they keep saying? “High tension”?? That’s not an applicable adjective for any of this..

  6. here in malaysia , this is something normal 😂 thats why i find the concern funny but after hearing it for awhile , its quite understandable . but yea , i guest koreans are way too sensitive ? i dont mean any bad things abt koreans but like i said earlier , here in Malaysia its something normal .

  7. Can the girl and I switch boyfriends lmao? My ex was always complaining about how noisy I was 🙁

  8. Omg I experienced just as the same like the girl lol and lastly i broke up with the boy cuz i dont like our relationship to be find out by others 😅😅 he's too pumped up and obvious, I can't 😅

    Dont bash me, im just too young at tht time 😯

  9. when the bf said annyeonghaseo,, i felt that haechan vibe coming thru

  10. I'm naturally a loud person like I'm not Positive like him but I am just as loud. So I can see her concern but she seems overall happy with him

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