Hwijae “Minho is a nice man”[The Return of Superman/2018.11.04]

(It’s Team Mount Paektu now.) We’re here! Team Mount Paektu took a flight to China. They arrived in Beijing after a two-hour flight. (They’re waiting for someone.) Why are there so many people at the airport? They’re all waiting for someone. Gosh, things are different for the Korean idol star. They are the Korean idol singer, Minho’s fan. (Screaming) (Minho!) – My goodness. / – This is amazing! I wonder how it feels to have people cheer for you at the airport like that. (Yes, it’s me. Sian.) Let’s get out that way. (The airport is in frenzy.) (Thank you for the warm welcome.) (The rest of them follow after him.) (Minho and Sian are the biggest stars there.) My goodness, this went viral. That’s you, Sian. Right? What’s Team Mount Paektu’s next destination in China? – Let’s go! / – That’s right. (He waves at his fans until the end.) You were surprised to hear the crowd shouting, right? – I wasn’t surprised. / – You weren’t? – You weren’t? / – Seoeon, you were surprised, right? (Nodding energetically) Seoeon, why was it so loud? It was because of Minho, right? Those people were there because of him, right? This will happen often in China, okay? (I’m so proud of him.) Anyway, kids, we must take one more flight to go to Mount Paektu. We have about six hours until the flight. Do you know where we’re heading? It’s Shichahai. There are a lot of restaurants. It’s a landmark in Beijing. They’ll spend time in Shichahai until their next flight. It’s a great place to go for a walk. There’s a big lake too. There are many things the kids can try. On top of that, there’s a variety of food as well as things to see there. It’s a great place to visit with kids. Seojun, pay attention and follow me. (Let’s see different sides of Beijing.) Seojun, there are boats. The weather is nice. – Have you been here? / – Yes, I have. Isn’t this as big as Seokchon Lake? – That’s right. / – It is, right? – The one in Jamsil. / – Right. (There’s a dock along the lake.) Who wants to get on the boat? – Me! / – Me! (They show the best teamwork.) Hey, that’s a Chinese boat. A Chinese boat! A Chinese boat! That’s right. You have to ride a boat when at a lake. – Get on. / – Seojun, come here. (The boat sets out!) We’ll go around the lake on this boat. (What is that, by the way?) – What is it? / – He spotted something. That’s a crocodile. – A crocodile? / – I told you so. – Where is the crocodile? / – I told you so. I told you there are crocodiles. How could there be a crocodile in a lake? Seoeon woke up from sleeping. It’s alive. (It’s just a crocodile model.) It’s not moving. It moves when I touch it. Go touch the crocodile. (Have fun.) You’re going back to sleep? The six-year-olds already know. See? The five-year-olds are going crazy. Uncle, is it moving? – Go touch it. / – Isn’t it scary? – Touch it. / – Do you want to try? Seojun, brace yourself and gather your courage. (Goodness, I can’t sleep because you’re so loud.) (Here you go. Happy?) (Dad, let’s just stop it now.) This is fake. – This is fake. / – It’s soft. – I want to touch it too. / – Go touch it. This is fake. Right. The older ones showed it was fake first. It’s safe to touch it. He’s touching it carefully since he’s not sure. (They’re adorable.) By the way, who has been to China? I’ve been to my grandmother’s. Where is her place? In Beijing? – Weifang. / – It’s in Weifang? – Sian, have you been to China? / – Yes. When have you been to China? (It’s actually his first time in China.) Was it for your dad’s match? We are in China now. (You have a point.) People are swimming. – Really? / – Yes. Look behind you. – People are swimming. / – You can even swim there. Are you okay? (Sian tries to communicate with them.) Are you okay? – Are you okay? / – Are you okay? He is okay. The grandpa is okay. Are you okay? Where are you from? – Sweden. / – Sweden. Yes. I’m from Korea. Are you okay? Are you okay? Is it fun? (I don’t speak Korean.) It’s not easy. There is something like a bicycle. Does anyone want to ride it? – Yes. / – Yes. (Does everyone want to ride it?) You don’t have to ride it. You don’t have to ride it. – Who wants to ride it? / – But you can ride it. – Me. / – Sian. Why did he bring it up? How about you, Seojun? (The older ones want a break.) You won’t ride it? Okay. Dad. Sian and Seungjae will ride it. I will give Seungjae and Sian a ride. You should get some rest. I will take care of them. (He is an amazing man.) The dads must be grateful. My gosh. Thank goodness. Minho is a nice man. Seungjae and Sian, go and ride a rickshaw. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. He is a man who can do anything. The air is cool. (They enjoy some cool breeze.) – We were in a boat. / – Yes. (Pi-pi!) What is “Pi-pi”? It’s the sound of the vehicle horn. It’s like “Beep beep”. Pi-pi! – Pi-pi! / – Pi-pi! (Sniffing) – Why is he sniffing? / – Does he smell something? It stinks. – It stinks. / – Yes. It stinks. What is this smell? It’s the smell of tofu. (It’s the smell of stinky tofu.) It’s the smell of tofu. It’s the smell of tofu. Dad tried stinky tofu. Really? Did he try stinky tofu? It’s stinky tofu. (They saw stinky tofu during a trip to Taiwan.) Let’s try it. Jiyong ate stinky tofu on their trip to Taiwan before. That’s why Seungjae knows what it is. Did you eat poop? – Did he try stinky tofu? / – Yes. Why didn’t you try it? – I didn’t try it. / – You didn’t try it. It stinks. (The twins are shocked by the smell as well.) Does it stink? We will walk past it soon. Gosh, the smell of stinky tofu is strong. This is like Insadong in Korea. Do you want to try a fruit skewer? (Let’s eat something sweet.) Those skewers are delicious. Lick it. (Seoeon falls in love with the sweet skewer.) – Is it good? / – Yes. – Pardon? / – It’s sweet. Is it good because it’s sweet? (Jiyong is absorbed in a toy.) I want one. (Seojun is drawn) (to the traditional accessories.) I want to get this for Mom. Do you want to buy it? Isn’t this one prettier? They are buying a gift for their mom! Since we are in Beijing, we should eat tasty food. Look over there. That restaurant must be nice. I visited the restaurant during a business trip. The food is tasty, and there is a lot to see. Shall we go there? – There are crayfish. / – There are crayfish. Those crayfish are giving a salute. – Salute. / – There are crayfish. Hello, crayfish. Hello. (Sian salutes like a crayfish.) Let’s go inside. (Welcome, friends.) Hello. Hello. There are a lot of unusual dishes. (Unusual dishes?) – Seojun. / – Hold on. – Have you tried Peking duck? / – There are dishes that represent China. The dishes that represent China. What are those dishes? – There is a duck dish. / – That’s right. Duck is very tasty. That’s why we must eat duck. My goodness. One Peking duck. One Peking duck. – One “mala longxia”. / – Okay. (Also…) “Beggar’s chicken.” (Beggar’s chicken?) “Beggar’s chicken.” I think it’s this one. – This one. / – Okay. Clap. (Hey, we picked some nice dishes.) Swag! The first dish is served. What is this? It’s the most popular late-night snack in China. It became famous because Yoon Kyesang ate this dish often in “The Outlaws”. “Haven’t you tried it?” (No, I haven’t.) The grown-ups will try it and see if it’s spicy, okay? (They eat a crayfish each.) I bet it’s really spicy. Gosh, it’s spicy. It must be spicy. It’s really spicy. I want to try one. No, it’s too spicy. Seojun, it’s really spicy. He is good at eating spicy food, but… Do you really want to try it? Don’t cry because it’s spicy. Everyone, Seojun will try the spicy crayfish. – It’s spicy. / – No. It’s spicy. (He opens his mouth.) Seojun. It’s tasty. – What? / – Is it tasty? Is it tasty? It’s spicy. – It’s not spicy. / – It’s really spicy. It’s tasty. His face turned red. Is he okay? (I applaud your spirit.) It must be spicy. My goodness. His face is the same color as the juice. (I won’t refuse!) (He offsets the spiciness with rice.) It must be spicy. (He can’t hide the coughs.) It’s spicy. (He tries too hard.) It’s not spicy. He has pride. He is older after all.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Minho treats sian like his own child. Minho become a good father and husband material omg: (

  2. Love all 4 of them…💕💕..They are all mischievious, brilliant and naughty at the same time..💕💕

  3. I'm so glad to watch the twins again….Seoeon and Seojun…so matching with the show…..

  4. 9:19 That sounds like Cantonese and I speak Cantonese. I jumped up and hit my head. My sister called me an embarrassment and I know I am. ;D

  5. Future Mrs. Choi is so Lucky to have Ming!! ❣ he's so good with kids^_^ and *please..we all know it's bts's fire playing in the vid but that's not the video all about … no hate to bts I'm also listening to their music but doesn't mean I'm a fan I just adore their songs and I have a lot of respect to them.

  6. Omg I love Minho! I think he should be featured more often and I hope I see him in future episodes.

  7. i just watched it now 2019. im shock to saw the twins i thought theyre already out in the show. im so happy to see them. but why are they back?

  8. I guessed that crocodile is very well made… To see even Jiyong appa got scared by locking Seungjae in his arms.. 😆

  9. I have randomly watched, so saw a few clips of the children when they were very small & to see them, especially Sian who appears very mature for his age 🤔 makes me beg the question as to why such a series around these children. Are they in some kind of experiment to see if the mindset of being an entertainer, in the limelight with celebrities they see on TV, is something that they can be channeled into becoming? Can someone enlighten me, because I’m so in the dark. Thank you 🙏

  10. Omo I miss the twins so much and also love Seungjae! 💕💕 Btw BTS playing I am shook. Anyways I love this kids and their fathers so much! 😭❤️❤️

  11. why are these kids are to lucky than meeeeeee im jealoussssss

  12. Hey I eat the first dish. I don’t know it was popular in China. It’s a staple dish where I’m from. Unique food to our culture.

  13. At 10:03 I was literally SCREAMING!!
    Any army here??????

  14. HAHAHAHAH, Love Seoen's fake smile after knowing that the crocodile is fake👍😂

  15. smashes tv to turn on really couldn’t watch kbs world they uploaded a vid!
    Oh I can watch on YouTube
    (Is that them!)

  16. 6:09 Pi-pi😆 Here in the philippines PiPi is..UHMMM😆😆

  17. Still shock about the swedish guy in the lake ( not every day you see a person from your country in the korean television )

  18. I started luaghing when the dads and Minho ate the spicy food, especially when bts fire started playing 😂😂😂😂

  19. 아빠 똥 먹었어? ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  20. Did anyone feel kinda scared when they watch videos of idols in airports and even here I’m now more worried of Sian like this girls were surrounded the dude with phones in his face. Just me okay ……

  21. Even though six year old is a bit playful but they know everything than 5 years old boy.

  22. Minho's little laugh at 9:27 is freakin cuuuttteee😩❤️😍

  23. I have an question….
    Why do they always play BTS-FIRE when they eat spicy food??

  24. Anyone notice that Minho is looks like actor seo Kang joon or its only me who thinks 🤔🤔🤔

  25. Minho is really good with kids! ❤️
    I think It was 9 or 10 years ago when i was still doing my Licensure review I got addicted watching SHINee's Hello Baby. He was so good to baby Yoogeun. My friends and I wasn't into their group before because we're mostly a DBSK fan. Plus Minho was a year younger than us lol 😅 talk about how young the new artists now. But then we totally fell for them because of that show. Seeing him reminds me how I was so into Korean Stuff before. Kind of makes me feel nostalgic.
    Time goes by so fast…

  26. Hwijae: Sian, have you been to China?
    Sian: Yes.
    Hwijae: When have you been to China? Was it foy your dad's match?
    Sian: We are on China now.

    I died 😂😂😂

  27. 6:00 this sound reminds me of Jin running on a trendmill witha friggin chinese dress on AND i keep on hearing this & other chinese songs in the grocery store😑🇵🇭(MabUhay…)

  28. 😀😁😆😅🤣seoun!!?!so cute when wake suddenly when they are talking about crocodilr.

  29. 8:41 that girl in the back
    Girl: lalalalalallaalaalalalalala
    Me:I wanna know what she is doin😒
    Oof- like if you saw

  30. Can you guys stop calling minho a (Material) it's kind of rude considering you're calling him an object

  31. Dad: eats stinky tofu
    sunjae: >:O
    Dad: blows the bad tofu breath
    sunjae: punchs
    Dad: :C
    Sunjae: DiD u EaT pOoP???

  32. I’m more surprised at how well Sian handled the crowds and attention at the age he was at, most 4 year olds (Siam’s international age ATM) would have enough after 10 minutes or so of that kind of exposure. He truly deserves his nickname Daebak, which is Korean for awesome

    불릿 보이 스카우트 노래 "Fire"는 매운 것이있을 때 항상 재생됩니다!

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