Human Aggressive Pit Bull Mix Rehabilitation / Clicker and E Collar Training

hey guys as Larry will pack masters dog training have a new client showing up today with a three year old pitbull mix male dog with a serious bite history so you get here he's been clicker trained at one of the big box stores I'm going to show you how we transition to to getting this dog safe around people everything I do with him today is going to be hands-off okay so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to reintroduce the clicker a little bit to get the dog to focus a little more because he's really really a lot of anxiety then I'm going to transition to a marker work instead of the clicker because we're going to be conditioning to the e-collar today and I don't really like that the clicker with the e-collar for people because they it's too much for them to do at once so we're going to transition to a marker word and we're going to get started here so just just keep watching here bring them on down at them go ahead let them go to that all right guys bring back gave him his chance to go if he doesn't go right away we'll just get started okay that's it no more no mark you had a chance who's gonna do the training here okay over that way so – yeah okay bring them over here bring them over there to the crate put them up on the trade sir would you click for there what was that clicked for you click before though what was that for oh sorry okay so we want to make the communication very clear with them and you love the treat you have to you have treat Tanya if you have the food okay so we're gonna do right here now I don't want you have to split them ready in the one hand I want you to have food ready okay all right we're going to reintroduce the pusher a little bit but I tell you when we're gonna click and treat all right put them back up there no noise thanks tree okay and right there just wait wait tree good now we just want the attention we want the eyes contest treat guys got to follow that you can't click for no reason okay put them back up there got look let's do that keep them up there but I want you timing to be a little sharper with the quicker so when you click that tree needs to follow okay so relax there you go good job Sarah very nice okay relax now now when he gives you eye contact I want you to wait now now we're making them extended a little bit okay don't do anything yet till I tell you to just relax okay now this is what we're going to do we're going to transition away from the clicker and we're going to start using a marker word okay so instead of the clicker we're going to use a word we're going to use yes right now if you're going to get rid of that printer so you don't have to carry a clicker around all the time and once you start going into the e-collar work it's a lot easier just to use a word okay so now instead of the clicker what I want to do is get a piece of food Sara we're not waiting for nothing here I want you to say yes and then reward go ahead yes reward good yes good now we're just changing the marker okay now yes good that's okay loan got it you want to make sure he gets it okay so let me see you piece of food junkies on here so even the way you give it to them I want done in a certain way so look at you here which just put it in your hands like that put your thumb over the food yeah okay what did you know if I can exploit to take it gently okay try give it okay yes and then reward here take that so again I'll tell you when relax go anywhere now good yes and then reward now we're just teaching him instead of the click it's the yes and we're going to transition to that so there's nothing wrong with the clicker but once we start doing the e-collar work I want to simplify it for you this is going to be a lot good now no no no no yes then reward okay the timing has to be this so we're marking the calmness the eye contact good they are very good but you got to make sure he gets it okay so you can't keep dropping the food he's got to get it so put it your thumb over it and let them take it gently reward that yeah not at the same time yes and then reward he gives you that lay down where he's coming down rewarded even if you don't ask for it okay yes good perfect sour very nice that's what we want just wait there's no rush here yes good very good good okay so that would stop right there you could just relax with them okay so you see what we're doing here he knows you're sound of the clicker but we're suspecting that timing is starting to reward the calmness in the eye contacts but now we're just transitioning for the word get rid of the clicker and using the marker or a chef okay the reason we're going to do that is we're going to start to be collar conditioning today right now and you guys are going to do it yes okay so the way that we're going to do that right now is I'm going to do everything hands off like I do with any dogs like a fight game please so we're gonna push we're going to put no pressure on the dog here okay so so we're gonna put him on a long line okay don't reward him anymore okay just stand there ignoring him just relax okay so what we're gonna do is we're going to put him on a long leash a 15-foot leash I'm going to teach you guys with each other first so first you're going to be holding the heat collar you're going to feel Whitney's feeling and I'm going to work you guys I'm going to teach you the timing and the mechanics of everything so you understand that completely okay and then I'm going to hold the e-collar and you guys are going to work me and you're going to get to make all the mistakes on me so I could judge where you're at but actually what we're going to do even before that is we'll get going with the e-collar and I'm going to control the remote so all the time you finish exactly right you're going to handle the dog on a long line you're going to quell into you we're going to work on the recall okay the second the dog burns to come your way so you're gonna say Jedi scum you know the second he turns you cut you're gonna say yes and be ready with your food where when I'm were you standing off to the side I'm going to be working the remote control okay and I'll walk you through it as we go okay so we'll get started here in a minute okay Sophia okay guys now it's about 15 minutes later after we transition to the marker word off the clicker and what we're doing now is we're going to start conditioning Jedi to the e-collar like I do with all dogs with a bite history any human aggression I don't handle the dogs anymore I don't put any pressure on the dogs I walk the owners through exactly what we're going to be doing I'm going to be controlling the remote control okay so Adam the owner he's going to give the command Jedi come and he's using the leash the second Jedi turns to come his way he's going to mark it yes reward except how I'm going to be using the e-collar okay everything's going to come from me I'm going to grab a room handheld radio to get here will allow you to hear when I'm using the e-collar okay so we got the handheld so hopefully it still works so here when I'm using it okay I want you to walk over that way a little bit at them I want you to just stand there just stand right there okay go a little closer to you so the first thing I'm going to do is pull him away from there okay the first thing I'm going to do is I'm checking his level so I'm starting at a number one okay you hear that okay I'm going to turn this off while I check his level I don't want you to tune it into this okay so just stand there don't say you're doing nothing okay see that jump back he felt something that's on a number 10 I'm going to go lower don't move that's on a number six no you're gonna feel it you're gonna feel everything we're doing with that you know it does hurt losing them putting them to sleep that's what hurts it okay so he's out of number six on the mini educator okay super super low levels so that's where we start so the lowest level most dogs feel it in single numbers okay yeah so that's where we're going to start now at the lowest level I'm going to turn this back on so you guys can hear what I'm using it hopefully alright so when I tell you when Adam okay I want you're gonna say Jedi come the second he turns you yes reward alright okay get yourself ready now can I come good yes no good yeah just yes good job very good okay good job just yes that's where that's your clicker now okay yeah okay now relax back up a little bit loosen the leash give him some leash it's 15 feet for a reason you got to relax okay now can I come can I come help him with the leash and I come yes good I want you to tell them one time and if you got to repeat it it's okay but I want you to assist him with the leash showing him what you want okay where he's going to learn what this means is we combine the leash with the verbal command and the e-collar all together that's how he's going to learn what this means because he doesn't understand what this weird sensation means so when you say Jedi come just give him a little assistance with the leash towards you and Mark the second he comes your way okay go ahead now and I come yes very good so if you notice I'm tapping right after you give the command okay very nice now just back up boy from his but always just try to back up towards his butt so you get some space so start walking towards me Adam now just back up and call them can I come yes very good good job Adam very nice you understand what I'm saying now now you're able to create a little distance easily okay don't give him any other don't worry about anything else don't ask him to do anything start walking that way again back up pull them can I come yes good now do you see this year with the leash you got to give yourself some leverage yeah okay you're not going to be it your timings going to be off loose leash use the whole thing but use it so there's leverage here you'll get used to the long line it's a pain in the butt at first okay so just put your back towards me Adam back up follow did I come yes good see so there he wasn't very far but we're still able to accomplish what we're doing okay back it turn around back up now call him can I come yes good job good all were doing is teaching him with it he doesn't know what this weird sensation means okay all right but he's learning very quickly that's not a bad thing when he moves toward you the reward come very very simple so will he always have this on we'll get to that later okay when you asked me will he always has this on that tells me right away that you see this as a negative thing no we're gonna we're gonna get into this yes now what do you find negative about this well this whole experience is new for me i rear up a small dog trick okay let's let slip stop right there we have a dog now we're going to lose right he's going to be put down we're going to do what it takes to save his life plain and simple plain and simple through that process I could almost guarantee you we will never have to be heavy-handed with him almost guaranteed because he's not going to give us a reason to okay we're going to make this experience good right now day one brain day one period so when people associate e-collars with correcting and punishing the dog that is completely opposite where we're going to be doing right now now you notice what you have there already he's more calm than he was before we started this is going to help him focus and it's going to help him work we're going to teach him today he's going to be head and shoulders today after one hour one and a half hours then when you got here I promise you okay and you I promise are going to be comfortable before you leap that's my goal for today okay all right hold the end of the leash Adam okay end the leash just start walking just build distance okay back up fall up Jenna come yes ah good job Adam very nice now we take our time I've seen dogs walk around Adam you'll never you'll never get that here you don't have to worry about that column and I come good job Adam very nice now Adams arms are down he's more relaxed he's looser and that's where we need that exactly what we need Paul and I come yes good job Adam very nice okay now very quickly you hear me tapping the he collar after the command now we're going to transition we do a little something different this time I'm going to hold the e-collar downs first and then I'm going to say go ahead Adams that's when you give me the command okay it sounds like this go ahead Adam yes got market quicker okay he's responding to the sound so I need you to use the leash and respond with them here I'm using the e-collar before we're going to do it two ways and I'm speeding it up now just to get a lot balance so I walking this way out I'm not worried he's gonna do great he's already already looks better I'm not worried about he said just a matter of teaching you guys how to make a devious on both of you now Adam get a coffee yes good job good job if you got to get down encourage him use the leash whatever but get him to you know robotics here let's make this fun for this dog okay instead of him wanting to bite everyone around let's make this less work let's have a good time all right this way relax back up back up don't I come yes tom see you're not ready with that leash gotta be prepared okay that's okay listen you guys are going to mess this up all week long everybody does it's okay you're not going to mess them up we're going to mess up listen guy I tell every single person I work with you are going to make mistakes all week long with it it's okay okay you're not going to mess him up he's still going to get better and then next week we're going to fix those mistakes and it's going to get even better okay promise you guys just loose leash they're out of this turn around back up now yeah good job see the reason I don't like using the handheld is because the dogs respond to the sound they never heard it – I don't like that but I'm doing that for your purpose and for video purposes I'm going to turn it off now sorry folks okay good deal Adam very nice okay one more time then we're going to give them a little break see we're not going to work the crap out of him to put a lot of pressure okay so Adam I want you to start walking that way and I thought this is what you're going to do you're going to start walking at a fast pace that way when I say now you're going to just stopping back right up calling him okay because he's going to use his momentum he's going to be with you so turn around and just go now good job Adam very nice okay so now we'll take a little break right there okay so after about 10 minutes of Ecology shaniyah now that's Jedi now paying attention from the owner and relaxed and now one time was he Punisher correct with the e-collar now he's learning so this is what I want you to do now Adam with no commands I want you to turn and just start walking like he's not with you loose arms down no robot arm when I say now I want you to just turn and come back this way you don't look for him you don't say anything okay go ahead and go turn good job Adam just keep walking very nice go that way good stop right there back up stop ah look at that very very nice good job Adam so that's ten minutes ten minutes with the e-collar did he ever look upset hurt uncomfortable you nothing it's like magic so that one that that time right there you didn't say nothing you didn't do nothing you walked like you didn't have a dog with you that's what it's supposed to be on it that's what it's supposed to be like that's how simple this is the number six rate this goes no that's just I'm gonna you're gonna feel it that's an echo this goes from zero to a hundred so here on the mint that's a number six on a pit bull mix who's incredibly high-strung anxious and everybody's and that's that's what you've got that's key collar trains when combined with good leash work good marker training stopping the behavior things that we just did that stops important you put that together and I swear to you there are so few dogs that don't wind up like this very very fast colors don't lucky very very fast it's important guys because I'm tired of seeing people lose their dogs you know three phone calls today three phone calls people losing their dogs the last little call right before you was hysterical on the phone it's her daughter's dog they're going to put it down here it there's no reason you don't have to do that these dogs can be fixed it's easy for me if I can educate if I could change you guys you just learn that right there rewarding keep in mind telling yes and getting a hand cold food not just one piece give them a handful that's what we want that's perfection right there that is that is beautiful very nice thanks guys Thank You Sophia

Glenn Chapman


  1. Dumb a$$ owners . Larry you've got a lot of patience! It's like they didn't even care what this guy was saying, the only pet I might let these people have is a gold fish; not even. Thx for the vid tho πŸ˜‰

  2. I think the lady needs clicker training…like when she follows direction, we give her a click and reward her for listening. =/

  3. The hasn't even barked once at him so where is the aggression at??

  4. Why have a dog like this? Go great 2 years in a straight line and maybe he bites a kid on a bike, was it worth it? Put him down and get a reasonable pet.

  5. Poor dog he's so agitated and anxious it's so sad to hear him like thatπŸ˜₯ Human family should be ashamed of themselves!

  6. Larry, you have so much patience! .. and i don't mean the dog, i mean the owners!

  7. Watching this , you obviously have a harder time training the owner then the animals . They dont seem too pay attention or follow your instructions immediately . Yet they expect there dog to pay attention to them immediately when they give a command . Just my thoughts but you seem to waste more time repeating yourself and trying to get them to pay attention to what you are asking of them . Perhaps you should spend a day teaching or conditioning the owners on how to listen and follow directions before working with them and there fury friends . I'm happy I found your videos . And certainly appreciate your knowledge and ability to teach and instruct others. So thank you .

  8. Wow larry I'm gonna keep watching all your videos Very impressed You tell me where you located Thank you

  9. Come to my house larry help rott wants to kill our cats everything else handled

  10. I'm spam watching all of your vids to catch up. This one actually made me a bit teary eyed. Thank you for saving this dog. And thank you for sharing your knowledge with us dog owners so we can build a better relationship with our dogs

  11. Thank you, for breaking me from sucking eggs, I don't want to be a dog trainer, I'm really good with dogs…..people not so much.
    Honestly, I don't get, how they don't get it, not just these people, but people act like dogs, just walked off a spaceship.

  12. bad behavior's in the k9 world come from frustration,very simple have to give them a steady routine every day with a lot of exercise and basic obedience and you get a balanced dog,amazes me how people don't realize that.

  13. food,ecollars,clickers what a joke unbelievable I can't believe this.

  14. that's not going to do anything the dogs not exercised enough listen to his anxiety,this guy should be working for pet smart

  15. I didn't think the humans would come around… your training them, was awesome. I think your one of the most effective trainers I've seen. Strong work man. Really cool to see.

  16. Love your work and the way you show it here on YouTube. You're explaining step by step and you show the process, just how it looks like in reality. So different and much more better than what Cesar Millan did!

  17. I'm not fond of clickers either. What if I forget or lose it? Also saying yes, is so much more easily connected with actions, don't have to hold and think to click while teaching the dog. Some Americans started to use clicker training on horses too and I never agreed. I really like Larry's way of educating dogs.

  18. I'm working with a local (Texas) trainer who trains a lot like Larry.

    Like him, she's great with the dogs and good with people. One specific — it's really useful to have us (partner and me) practice the "mechanics" of whatever we're trying to learn before using it with the dog, but that's not how trainers typically do it.

    In other words, they break things down into really small steps for the dogs; not so much with people.

  19. The bloke could inject a little enthusiasm to his recall command. I mean…. at least TRY and help the dog out. The word 'come' needs to go down at the end, not sound like a question or threat. No offense to your clients intended – just an observation.
    Though he's probably a little overwhelmed right now. It's so great you post these videos Larry as I get to see real life clients just wanting a pet dog.

  20. Does not matter how many times I watch this. Absolutely brilliant training and info. Thank You Again

  21. I enjoyed watching Adam's progression from nervousness to standing tall and owning the space around him. The dog went from pulling and whining to following with no annoying sounds. Good job!

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