How will Naeun look in Hanbok?! [The Return of Superman/2018.10.07]

I want to do this. – It’s spicy, right? / – Yes! (Why is Naeun so excited in the morning?) – I want to do this. / – I set this up. I want to do this. (A mini swimming pool) – Will you do this? / – Will you? Grandpa set it up for Naeun. He is like MacGyver. Thank you, Grandpa. (He is proud.) Naeun has changed into a swimming suit. She looks ready for a photo shoot. – That’s right. Gosh. / – Gunhoo is a pineapple. Jooho has a nice body. Dad, come in. Naeun would love to visit her grandparents anytime. – He looks so cute. / – All right. Are you in a hurry? – Is it hot? / – It’s hot. Gosh, the water is really cool. – Really? / – It’s cool. Do it gently. – His eyes got bigger. / – Gunhoo is surprised. – Shall I play some music? / – Yes. Shall I play some music? (Music, cue) (It’s a pineapple song for Gunhoo.) (I’m getting excited, Dad.) (Naeun joins in.) He has a sense of rhythm. He is dancing with a blank face. What is he doing? That’s how he looks when he is excited. That’s him laughing out loud. (Naeun becomes excited.) He is smiling now. Hey! (Naeun splashes water at him.) Gunhoo will be startled. (Dad, save me.) It’s raining! (Her cheerfulness is at its maximum.) (Naeun attacks the camera.) My goodness. (The cameramen get splashed as well.) (Calm down, Naeun.) The uncles got splashed. (I’m sorry.) (Grandpa is proud.) I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. (Naeun’s family are back inside.) What is she bringing out? – Ta-da. / – Grandma. Open it, Naeun. (I will open it.) Be gentle. It’s a hanbok. (Is that hanbok?) This is a toy. How pretty! Thank you, Grandma. Sure. Enjoy wearing it. – Thank you, Mom. / – Thank you too. All right. How will Naeun look in hanbok? – My goodness. / – Mama! Is that my princess? Mama! (Here comes Princess Naeun.) Let me see you, Gunhoo. Here is Gunhoo, the birthday boy. He is so handsome. (Naeun looks graceful in her hanbok.) My goodness. Gunhoo looks so cute. (Does it look good on me?) You look so nice. How pretty! (My baby is beautiful.) My baby, my baby, my baby. Since they lived abroad, they haven’t had a chance to wear hanbok. I guess I’m a hopeless dad. I loved seeing Naeun in hanbok. She was having fun too. I’m glad that they wore it. I will take it off for you. Hey. She is their aunt. Aunt brought gifts. Give me a hug. (Their uncle arrives as well.) He must be their uncle. He resembles Jooho. They resemble each other. (She welcomes them enthusiastically.) Uncle! Uncle is here! Here, Naeun. One. (They set the table for the birthday party.) You can do it, right? (Let’s go, Naeun!) He is doing a good job. She has strong lungs. In one, two. (The aunt becomes mischievous.) (That red and round thing is fascinating.) (Naeun gets a blast as well.) (It’s beginning to look like a birthday party.) (Look above.) The family gathers around and finishes preparing for Gunhoo’s first birthday party. Delicious food is a must. Grandma’s dishes, Mom’s arancini and Dad’s cake. This is truly a birthday meal with the family’s love. Mom, you put a lot of effort into this. – Let’s see. / – Look at this. (Open, my magic backpack.) – She is rummaging. / – What are you doing? (Naeun took something out.) – What is that? / – It’s a rock. First birthday and rock are pronounced the same. She prepared a rock for her brother. (When she was delivering rice cake…) I will give this to Gunhoo. Her backpack was already heavy. (Gunhoo will like it, right?) It’s a meaningful rock. – Thank you. / – Good job, Eden. It’s for his birthday. She brought a rock. Shall we sing the birthday song? In one, two, three, four. (This is fun.) (Happy birthday to you) (Happy birthday, dear Gunhoo) (Happy birthday to you) Happy birthday. (Babbling) (She babbles out of excitement.) Happy birthday. – Were you dancing? / – Yes. (Grandma prepared doljabi.) Doljabi is a must on first birthdays. Which item will Gunhoo grab? There are a lot of balls. – I hope he grabs the gavel. / – Gavel? As a soccer player, I hope he grabs the soccer ball. Moms usually push the child towards the item of their choice. That’s right. Let’s see which item Gunhoo grabs. Let’s see which item Gunhoo grabs. (Which item will Gunhoo grab?) He is looking at the soccer ball. Will he grab the gavel? (Grab the soccer ball!) He pushed it away. (What is Gunhoo’s choice?) What? A stethoscope? He will become a doctor. – A doctor. / – Yes! Are they laughing because they are happy? Treat me – when I get hurt. / – “Okay.” Gunhoo’s maternal aunt and grandma are doctors. Become a good doctor and treat me, okay? – “Okay.” / – “Okay.” It wouldn’t be bad even if he plays soccer. Anna’s side of the family has many doctors. Her mom is also a doctor. I was a bit disappointed. Regardless of that, I hope he will live happily and healthily, and does the best in what he wants to do. – Naeun. / – Naeun, pick an item. Put that down and pick an item. – In one, two, three. / – What do you like? – Which item? / – Which item? – Which item? / – Which item? – Which item? / – I hope she grabs the microphone. (She really grabs the microphone.) Yes! Why am I so happy? (Naeun loves to sing.) (She has showmanship.) (She can sing and dance at the same time.) (Will Naeun become a singer?) – High-five. / – She will become an artist. I will eat the arancini too. Dad, your daughter-in-law made this. Anna made arancini for Gunhoo’s birthday party. It’s a dish that takes a lot of work. – I didn’t know it was so hard to make. / – Me neither. It took five hours to cook. How will the arancini taste? (There is mozzarella inside.) – I wonder how it tastes. / – It’s crunchy. Anna, did you make this? – Yes. / – It’s really tasty. (He loves his daughter-in-law.) My goodness. – Okay. / – It’s really tasty. (This is good.) Anna, it’s really tasty. Thank you. It’s tasty. It’s good to be with the family. It was thanks to Jooyeol that I met Anna. – Back then, / – The first meeting. Jooyeol sat next to Anna in the plane. Right? She asked me where I was going. I told her that I’m going to Basel. Koreans always go to Interlaken. I wondered why he was going to Basel. He showed me a picture of you. – My picture? / – Yes. – In FC Basel uniform? / – Yes. I thought you were an FC Basel fan. Did you think I was a fan? She didn’t know. – Jooho was in Korea after all. / – Yes. She asked me who he is and told me that she was working part-time at FC Basel. We began to talk and became close. We got married thanks to Jooyeol. Dad told me that he felt like he’d see you again. He didn’t know why he felt that way. – Really? / – Yes. – He really told me / – He really did. he felt like he’d see you again. You are beautiful, my daughter-in-law. You suddenly wrapped up the conversation. You never tell me that I am beautiful! When Anna comes, he goes, “My daughter-in-law, here’s a heart for you.” What about me? I’m his daughter. Your future father-in-law will treat you that way. That’s right. (Thanks a lot.) He’s sorry. He can walk really well. Babies should walk on their first birthday. – They should walk. / – He can walk really well. That’s right. I know. He suddenly began to walk. – All right. / – Grandma. Let’s take a family picture if you’re done. What will Gunhoo like? – In one, two, three. Clap. / – Clap. Clap. Gunhoo, grow up healthily.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Such a cute family It's really nice how Anna Mother and Father In Law love her they have really good relationship and I want to still Naeun and Gunhoo They are soooooooooo cute I never saw such a cute kids specially Naeun

  2. I cant imagine what would Taehyungie would do if he gets a chance to be Naeun even a bit😭 My wishlist

  3. naeun's parents really raised her veryyyy well. i mean she always say thankyou on a little thing without no one telling her to say it

  4. At 2:14 I was shookt to see lisa in the face of naeun

  5. 1:38 that made me laugh so much . Gunhoo was just laughing and then Naeun slashed water in his face I shouldn’t be laughing .-.

  6. Anna looks like she's 18 i wouln't have thought she's a mum if i see her on the street 😗

  7. Gunhoo and Naeun are just to beautiful! She's doing so well being a big sister ❤❤

  8. first watch gunhoo and naeun when EXO kai and Chanyeol visited them now I cant stop watching this.. ahahaha naeun you're so cute 💗

  9. Naeun is the only child I've watched that's very interactive with the cameramen.

  10. Asian dad not happy with the doctor choice and the European mom is????? Alternate reality or something?

  11. DAMNNNNNNN its by babys b-day can u just take the shine off of naeun for a second!!!!!!!!!

  12. i love how open families that have a foreigner parents are, to culture and stuff

  13. So naeun lived in germany before korea? How long has she been in korea tho?

  14. Naeun outfit really same to Power Up kekeke i hope RV will meet Naeun and Gunho

  15. I prefer her to be a youtuber instead of an idol or actress….there're must be pressure for her if she works under a company.

  16. didn't know that there could be that much of cameramen in just one area 😂

  17. when naeun grab the mic..
    guy commentator:yeheyyyyy
    and then he realise😂😂 and even ask his self "why is he so happy"..his reaction is always cute.

  18. If Gunhoo gonna be a doctor….. im sure he is a handsome doctor

  19. Mama Anna so full of love!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I love her love language🥰

  20. plot twist: Joo Ho's brother also liked Anna back then


  21. Oh meh gawd… Joohoo showing off his body.. Oh hell naw

  22. aww look at how johoos dad and mom praise anna, so cuteee♥️♥️♥️

  23. I’m trying to watch these episodes in order, who’s idea was it to put them in the opposite way!>:/

  24. Little jang geum is that you? Gunhoo is looked like a schoolar.

  25. So this is when they started giving out rocks as a gift 😂🤣 Kwanghee should watch this in case he hasn’t yet!

  26. Naeun would be perfect as a kpop idol lol

  27. Kids are so innocent. Naeun's first birthday gift to her baby brother is a rock. Naeun's parents could have bought a super expensive gift for Gunhoo on behalf of Naeun.But they let Naeun to get a gift for her brother by herself. Great parenting. Love this family.💜

  28. my naeun is soo cute!! I am having baby fever for her!! i was so happy when she came out wearing her hanbook!! So pretty and cute both they are!! And they have lovely family even!! Stay blessed!

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