How to Watch The Rebound

SHAINA KOREN: “The Rebound”
is a feature documentary following Miami’s wheelchair
basketball team on the road to win a national championship. MIKE ESPOSITO: The
most common question that we’ve been getting lately
is how can I see “The Rebound”? I’m so excited to see it. Well we have three
great ways for you to enjoy “The
Rebound” right now. SHAINA KOREN: The
first one is that you can buy the DVD, Blu-ray,
t-shirt, and PHENOM CD right in our Rebound shop. MIKE ESPOSITO: The great thing
about buying on our online shop is that it supports our
independent filmmaking team. The proceeds go directly
back to the film to help us make “The Rebound”
more accessible to audiences around the world. SHAINA KOREN: The
second way that you can watch “The Rebound” is
to host a screening event in your community. We’ve had over 100 successful
screenings in the past two years. So we are still
empowering screening hosts to bring the film
into your communities and have a conversation
around inclusion around sport and disability. The last way that you
can watch right now is on your preferred
digital streaming platform. You can go to
ReboundTheFilm.com/watch and find the way that you
want to download the film. MIKE ESPOSITO: iTunes,
Amazon, Google. Got them all there. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Glenn Chapman

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