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[Music] [Music] LS: Welcome to
“Something More!” I’m your host, Larry Sparks
and I’m going to let you know a secret. God
is not silent. God is speaking
right now in fact. And the reality is, I
know there’s so many believers who think, “Okay, God is speaking,
why can’t I hear Him?” Well, here’s good news. His first language is
not English, first thing. It’s not Hebrew.
It’s not Greek. God is speaking
but the key is, you need to learn how
to tune in to the speaking voice of God. And, I’ve got my guest,
Carlie Terradez, CT: Hi there! Yes! LS: of Terradez Ministries,
based in Colorado Springs. What I love about you guys
is you’re out doing the stuff, you are training
people to see the sick healed, you’re walking in
miracles but in order to do that, you’ve got to hear
the voice of God. CT: Absolutely! CD: Llke moment
by moment. And I was so impressed
reading a bunch of stories and some of the different
testimonies that you had about how miracles and
healings intersected with you hearing the
voice of God, being obedient to doing
what He told you. So let me ask
you this question. This is kind of a
big one but I think, I think you’ll be
good with this. When did you start or at
least, when do you remember first starting to hear the
voice of God. CT: Um, I got born again
when I was a teenager. But um, I think God’s
always speaking to us. But one time I
significantly remember hearing the audible voice
of God was when I was probably born again,
about 18 years old and I was sitting in a
church service actually and I remember that the
pastor was preaching and being just relatively
newly born again. LS: Yes. CT: And being in church
I remember he was, he was teaching something
from the Book of Revelation that went completely
over my head because he was, he was, it
was, it might as well have been a different
language for me. And, But I remember hearing the
voice of God and He said to me in that moment
and it was so loud. Yeah, I mean, I was looking
around thinking to myself, other people must be
hearing this also. But on the
inside of me He says, “I know you
and I love you.” And for me that just kind
of changed everything in my world that happened up
until that point. I’d come from a place of just real
heartache and pain and trauma and all of the
emotions that went with that. And in that moment just
those few words from God changed everything. LS: Isn’t that amazing?! A few words from the Lord
can change everything. CT: Yep. Yep. LS: It is not like He came
in and started to give you all the interpretation of
the Book of Revelation. CT: Right. LS: That’s not what you
needed at that moment. TC: That wasn’t what I
needed at that moment. But this is why Larry,
it’s so important for, for every Christian to be able
to tune in and hear the voice of God
clearly for themselves. You know one word from
God can change everything. LS: Yeah. CT: You know, in that, in that
moment though, that Word from God did what
years of counseling couldn’t have achieved. LS: Wow, wow! CT: And just completely,
supernaturally, healed my heart, just made me
complete in that moment. And since then you know
that isn’t the only way that God speaks to us. LS: Yeah. CT: I don’t think. I don’t think
that’s particularly common to hear the audible
voice of God. But, but God speaks to
us more often, Spirit to
spirit. LS: Yes. CT: And so after that point I
learned to hear the voice of God on the
inside of me. LS: Hmm. And I think that’s
something that we need to be trained to do. CT: Absolutely! LS: To recognize,
because one of the realities is that
you’re a daughter of God, I’m a Son of God, as your
children of God it is our right. I just want to let
you know it is your inheritance to hear
the voice of God. Those who are led by the
Spirit of God are sons and daughters of God. And the reality is to be
led by the Spirit of God. We need to hear his voice. So I want to dive on
into this right now just different ways to hear the
voice of God because it is true, you shared about the
audible voice of God and God can do that. CT: Yeah. Mm-mmm. LS: I’ve heard multiple
testimonies of that but there’s like a whole bunch of
different ways God communicates. CT: Absolutely! LS: So let’s just
start going through them. What are some of the ways
that God speaks to people? CT: Well, you know, there
are, there are many different ways as
you’re saying, Larry. I think one of the ways in
which people try to hear God which isn’t
the most accurate, is through circumstances. And there is that, there
is a danger there because if, if all of circumstances
are going well and people; “Well, it
must be God, it must be God
leading us.” But what if the
circumstances aren’t what if there’s
persecution or opposition? And so, sure God can
talk to us through some circumstances,
He can confirm, He can confirm His Word
or His circumstances but I believe Larry, that
there are more sure ways to hear God. LS: Yeah. But you know what?
We got to stop on that one. I want, I want to talk
about that because here’s one of the issues
I find is that, just because a circumstance is happening
in somebody’s life, sometimes people will
mistakenly assume it’s God doing it.
Example, I’m sick. It must be God putting
the sickness on me. I’m dealing with
this torment, I’m dealing with
this addiction, it must be the will of God. And that’s, that’s
erroneous as well. CT: Yeah. Exactly. LS: Just mistakenly
assume that just because something
is happening in my life that it’s
God by default. CT: Exactly. And
and circumstances within human control as well. LS: Yeah, yeah. CT: And so you know
you’re dead right. I mean, it’s just, I like
to think of hearing God through circumstances
like this- does it confirm something that God
has already shown me? LS: That’s good. CT: You know, is it?
Does it sound like the character and nature of
God? And remember that the Holy Spirit will
always lead us into all truth. LS: Mmm. Yes. CT: Is, is; He’ll make
things work out together for our good, our good
because we were in relationship with Him. LS: Yes. CT: So I think, I think
circumstances are useful to, to a point but we
have to be super careful that we don’t
misinterpret things, we’re not reading
tea leaves here. LS: Yeah. That’s true. Yes. CT: So the more, I
believe that the more accurate way to
hear God speaking to us, is Spirit to spirit, it’s
through that inner witness, it’s through the Word of
God. God will always confirm His Word
to us and if Jesus, Himself said in
John 10:27, says “My sheep hear my
voice, I know them and they follow me.” LS: Yes. CT: We were designed;
you were saying this, as children of God, we
were designed to respond to our
Father’s voice. And we can learn a lot
about God’s character in nature through His Word. Peter talked
about it this way, says, “We have a more
sure word of prophecy.” LS: Yeah. CT: And that’s
the Word of God. LS: Yep. CT: So, those are
the major ways. And reading
the Word of God. Spending time in the Word,
praying in the Spirit, those, those are the ways
that we really can focus and hone-in on tuning into
listening to God, I think God’s speaking to
us all the time. LS: I believe that. In
fact, as we get ready for the next segment I
want to pull over and park on some of this. CT: Okay. [Laughs] LS: Specifically, the
Word of God, Spirit to spirit,
the inward witness, and maybe even the
prophetic; words of knowledge, words of
wisdom, because God obviously speaks through the
gifts of the Spirit. CT: Absolutely. LS: But I believe they all
go together because when we have this foundation
of loving the Word, and that’s what I
love. You guys come, you come from this context
of loving the Word of God, you’re not adding to it. You’re
not subtracting from it. But when we love the
Word, then we have this foundation so that, when
we start hearing things, and we can discern
and decipher, okay, is this God? Even
like, circumstances. CT: Yeah. Yeah. LS: They are
dealing with a sickness, I’m dealing with this
torment. At the end of the day, does this reflect
the nature and the character of God that I read
about in the Scriptures? So, CT: That’s good! LS: I believe people are
going to get activated immediately to hear that but,
I want to talk about that. CT: Yeah! LS: So folks, don’t go away. We’re going to be right
back and we’re going to talk about, I believe
how you can now, not tomorrow,
not the next day, not when two angels
sing, [Laughs] How you can hear now,
[Music] the speaking voice of
God, and I believe Carlie carries such an
authority to help tune your ears in to do this.
So stay with us. Don’t go away.
We’ll be right back! [Music] [Music] LS: Welcome back to
“Something More.” Larry Sparks here, your
host, with Carlie Terradez. I want to dive right on
into this because we were just talking
during the break. CT: Yeah! LS: I believe the Lord
wants to activate people now to hear His voice.
I want to encourage you like right now, not tomorrow,
not two days from now. Not like when the angels
sing and the shofar blasts. Like, God wants you
to hear His voice. Now how can you do that?
Through the Word of God. CT: Yes. LS: We were just
talking about, we sometimes have people
who love the Word of God, which we need to.
And then there are people who love the
prophetic voice, the words of knowledge,
words of prophecy and all that but, we
need both because if we just have the
Word there is really no active Rhema.
There’s no like, current speaking
voice of God. CT: Yes. LS: We just have the
scriptures which is powerful. Or if we just have the
speaking voice of God or we perceived to be His
prophetic voice than he could you know we could be
interpreting everything as a word of prophecy. CT: Right, yeah. LS: So share the
balance about that. CT: So you know,
I think Larry, the more that we
get to know God, the more time we
spend in His Word, the more we get
to understanding, you know, praying in
the Spirit! The more time we
spend in prayer and really developing an
intimacy with God, the clearer that we’re
going to be to hear His voice and know that
it’s Him speaking to us. And it is true
for anything, isn’t it? I mean, I’ve been
married to my husband for 21 years and um, I can say
now I know him more now than I did when I
walked down the aisle on my wedding day. And that’s
because I know him, I spent time with him
we’ve been intimate. There is a relationship
there and I just want to say to you viewers
at home everyone is, you know, we are created
to be children of God. You know John 10:27, we
mentioned this scripture last time, didn’t we? But, but, but at
least Jesus speaking, He says, you know,
we’re His children. Yes, we hear His voice. He knows us and
we follow Him. It’s, it’s not something,
it’s not an add on for super-duper Christians. LS: That’s true! CT: But every born again
believer can hear the voice of God. So,
if you’re sitting at home thinking to
yourself, I just, I’ve always struggled to
hear the voice of God. One thing we can do
to start is confess, change our confession. LS: Yes, that’s good. CT: And actually
start confessing, “I am a child of God
and I do hear His voice.” LS: Yes. CT: Because sometimes I
think we actually tune out God with all of the
busyness, the noise of life. LS: Yes. CT: And you know
understanding and hearing from God takes
quality and quantity time. LS: Yes. CT: And it’s just like any
good marriage. Right. LS: That’s true. CT: We need to spend
time with our spouse, listening, and, and, we
can do that with the Lord, through reading His Word. LS: Yes. CT: And then we’ll
understand His character and His nature. And then if somebody
comes with maybe a word, a prophecy, in
the scriptures, it says to to
judge those things. LS: Yes it does. CT: But the more time
we spend getting to know someone, the more we’ll
know when we get those words of wisdom,
words of knowledge, words of prophecy.
We’ll be able to say, “Well, hang on a second.
Does it match up to the character and
nature of God?” Because we can get to
know Him through the Word. LS: Yes. CT: And then we won’t be
led astray by things that are just kind
of left field. LS: Yeah, that’s, that’s
true. And the reality is, through His Word,
we learn who He is. CT: Yes. LS: His Word gives us a
foundation for His nature, His character. CT: Absolutely! LS: And I love it. To a simple, in simplest
terms as possible. It’s one of those things
where sometimes people wonder, “Well, how do I
know if it’s God or the enemy speaking to me?” At the end of the day
I think of John 10:10. CT: Absolutely. LS: You know, He comes,
God comes to give His life an abundant life. CT: Yeah. LS: The enemy steals,
kills, and destroys. CT: Right. LS: So it’s one of those
things where we need to be discerning does this word
that I’m receiving or is this voice that I’m hearing,
does it give life? Does it speak in agreement
with the Word of Life, the Word of God, or is it
something that fills me with fear, anxiety, dread,
ultimately pushing me towards being stolen from,
killed and destroyed? That type of thing. So, CT: Yeah. And you
know, the Holy Spirit being our helper our
comforter, our guide. It says He’ll lead us into
all truth and He’ll lead us into peace. So one
of the ways we know when God is speaking
to us, when we’re really hearing Him, and it matches
up to His character and nature, But it also,
it confirms His Word. LS: Yes. CT: Often times, I’ll,
I’ll feel like the Lord is saying something to me
and you know sometimes, sometimes it’s so quiet.
It’s not necessarily an audible voice you know. But
it’s on the inside of me. And and it’s the inner witness.
And I think sometimes we can miss God speaking
to us because His voice on the inside of
us sounds like us. LS: It does. CT: And it’s in those moments
we’re like, “Well, is it, how do I know the difference
then between what is my thoughts and what
is God speaking to me?” LS: I want to hear
your perspective on that. CT: Yeah. LS: Because
that is a very, very common question
and I’ve thought about it through the years, I
have some perspective. But that that is the
question I know many at home are wondering how do
I know if it’s me or God? What would your
observation be on there? CT: I say one of
the ways that I, I um, differentiate that is, and
I’ll give you an example; how many times have you
been sitting in church on a Sunday morning and your
stomach starts rumbling. Right. Getting towards lunchtime
and then you start thinking, “Well, maybe I should
think of where I’m, we’re going to have lunch and who
should I invite for lunch.” That’s probably
not God speaking. LS: Yes, yes. CT: Right? That’s pretty obvious
because there is a train, there’s a pattern of
thought that goes with it. LS: Mmm. CT: But if I’m sitting
somewhere and I’m, I’m being quiet and maybe
I’m meditating on the Word or I’m just, I’m just
thinking about the Lord or maybe, maybe I’m just
not rethinking very, very much at all, but a thought
suddenly comes to me. I’m like, just completely
out of the blue. There’s no
train of thought. It’s not like my
stomach’s rumbling. There’s not something
natural that’s going on. I’d be like, Lord? Is that, are you trying
showing me something? And as I dig into
that there’ll be more, I’ll hear more and more. LS: Yes. CT: So, maybe it’ll be a
scripture and I’ll look in the scripture and God
shows us things through the Word or God will
bring back something to my remembrance. Or
maybe it will be a phrase. As I press into
that thought, Lord are you
speaking to me? LS: Yes. CT: And so that’s just one
real practical way as we start to, we can practice
learning to listen to God. LS: Yeah. That involves a
dialogue with the Lord. CT: Exactly! LS: Well, I mean
I want to encourage you be conversational
with the Lord. Prayer is not just
you talking to God. I think prayer is also
you asking God questions, so please, I believe the
way you could immediately access the voice of God as
we’ve been talking about is number one,
get into His Word, because He’s always
speaking through His Word. And that I’ll just
break the drought. I just prophesy that right
now that the drought of hearing the Lord’s
voice will be broken, not just by
reading the Bible, but I see the Lord
actually filling you with a love for His Word.
And then as Carlie was talking about this, I know
many of you are asking, “How do I know if it’s
the voice of the Lord?” What you shared, because
I was saying I’ve been pondering this, the Lord
gave me basically that same kind of language. It’s
like an interrupted thought, CT: Yep! LS: I feel like the Lord said;
you know what, would you just pray, we
have a minute left would you pray for a
discernment, for people to truly recognize
without fear and anxiety, the voice of God speaking
right now in that way. CT: Yeah, absolutely. Father God, I just thank
you for everyone that is hearing the
sound of my voice. Everyone that’s listening
to this right now. I thank you that they
are made in your image. And we just declare,
we confess right now. They can hear
the voice of God. Thank you Holy Spirit
for speaking loud on the inside of them, giving
them ears to hear and hearts to understand more
clearly what it is that you’re saying for them
and Lord I thank you. Holy Spirit that you bring
back to their memories Every scripture that they’ve
read in season. Amen. LS: Yes. Yeah.
[Music] Just confessed that like
Carlie was saying before. Let’s change your
confession and start saying, “I can hear
the voice of God.” We’ll be right back. [Music] [Music] LS: Welcome back to
“Something More.” Your host Larry Sparks
here with Carlie Terradez. And in this segment I
believe many of you who feel like I used to
hear God’s voice, I used to operate in
the gift of prophecy, I used to feel like I
would hear that Rhema, a clear word from Heaven
and now I can’t do it. What’s going on?
What’s wrong with me? Number one; there’s
nothing wrong with you. Number two; I believe the
Lord is going to actually open your eyes and ears
today to hear Him afresh. But the reality is, Carlie,
we’re just talking about this. It was in John 10 where
Jesus says two things, “They hear.” But,
share that because, CT: John 10:27, He says,
“And my sheep hear my voice. I know them and
they follow me.” LS: And they follow Him. CT: So there is a hearing
but then there’s a following also. LS: Yes. And the
reality is this, many people have got these amazing
words from the Lord, like legitimate
prophecies, words that I believe God in a sacred,
holy way entrusted to them. CT: Yeah. LS: And sometimes
and I’ve been there, so I’ll I’ll pick on myself.
It’s like oh man this word is great.
You expect almost for the word just
sovereignly come to pass. I’m going to sit on my,
on my couch, eat my potato chips. Watch tv. CT: Wouldn’t
that be nice?! LS: It would be wonderful.
I’d sell a lot of books if I had a book come out to
actually sit on on your couch, eat potato chips and your
words all come to pass. CD: That could be
a bestseller. [Laughs] LS: It would be the
reality is, I love what you were referencing
that Jesus said. He said, “They hear,
they also follow.” CT: Yeah. LS: And I want to
pray right now, we’re going to just go
into a time of prayer activation, just flow
with the Holy Ghost here. CT: Let’s do it! LS: But I feel like the
Lord is saying to you right now, “Remember
the words, remember the words that I’ve spoken
to you in the past. Remember this.” Where,
I actually see people opening up journals, I’ve
seen this in the Spirit many times, opening
up journals, like the last thing God said
to you. I know that’s common instruction,
What was the last thing God said to
you? I feel like there’s an unusual grace just
right now because God’s highlighting it
to us, for you to follow. This is not
working for God. This is not you
earning points with God. It’s actually you doing
what He told you to do and perhaps just maybe some
of the prayers and things you’ve been crying out for
will come to pass because they will come to pass
on the other side of your obedience to follow the
voice of the Lord and actually see your ears
opening to hear Him speak in a whole new dimension.
Carlie what do you say since the Lord saying, doing? Ct: Absolutely. Absolutely! You know there is there is
a blessing in obedience. LS: Yeah. CT: And you know we are
entrusted to hear the Word of God. But James
says “Don’t be hearers of the Word only, but be
doers also.” LS: Yes. CT: So you know, when
people are struggling to hear God, I would often
ask them this question, “What is the last
thing you did here? What did he? What did he tell you to
do and did you do it? Go back and do the last
thing and then He’ll give you the next direction,
the next piece of the puzzle, the
next instruction. LS: Yes. But you know, we’ve
been talking through this series of of how to
hear God and one of the things
is why is that, why should we
want to hear God? Why is that
even important? LS: Yes! CT: Right! And I think really
it starts as we have to have a desire to hear God
because God is speaking to us all the time but we’re
not always in a place where we can listen. LS: That’s true. CT: And I don’t know. I don’t know about
you Larry but you know, I’m, I’m, a, I’m
a mom of three. I have a husband,
I work full time. Life’s busy sometimes. LS: Yeah. It is. CT: It’s not like
we’re just running around, living a life of sin
and partying every night. But but sometimes there’s
just a lot of distraction. LS: Yeah. CT: And I think we need to
be really aware of that, that, that living in the
world but not being of the world, of the world, but
we’re definitely in the world. And there are lots of
things competing for our time and for our attention,
whether it’s the TV, the cat, that you
know the dog chasing, whatever it is. LS: I mean not that stuff! Not sinful
stuff, not bad stuff. CT: Right. LS: But the distractions
of, the busyness of life. CT: Yeah. And, and we are
designed in God’s image. We are created to
hear Him by nature. We need to. It’s
essential for our life. Because Jesus doesn’t
only want us to hear Him. He wants us to follow Him. LS: Yes. CT: And we’re, we’re
talking here like, this is our follow-ship. We need to you know,
we fellowship with Him. But then there’s
follow-ship that follows. LS: Yes. CT: And, and we want to
be able to hear God clearly because He will
help us avoid pitfalls. He will lead us in favor.
He will lead us in peace. He’ll lead us in health and
healing and prosperity, LS: Protection. CT: Protection. LS: Go here. Don’t go there. Be with this person,
don’t go with that person. I mean all that
kind of stuff. Yes. CT: Absolutely! But I think um, the
first, the, really, the first step to hearing
God is to confess, “I can hear God. LS: Yes, that’s good. CT: Yes, I can hear God. God is speaking to me
and I can hear Him.” And then I, you know,
I’ve done this before, I make dates with Jesus. LS: Yeah. Yeah. CT: Right? Set,
literally set time aside to just listen. You
mentioned this, that prayer isn’t all about
talking. But listen as well. LS: Yes, yes. CT: And then I think
expectation has a big part of this. And
we can expect God to speak to us and we
can. And sometimes I get a notebook and I
just sit there and I’m like, “All right Lord, I’m listening.” LS: Yeah. Ct: “You have my
full attention.” LS: Yes. CT: Sometimes
the best place, this will make you laugh. One of the places I find
that I hear God clearly is actually in the shower.
[Laughs] LS: You know, I think a
lot of people can say that. CT: I don’t get disturbed
there. Yeah! [Laughs] LS: Yeah. Yeah. It’s true. CT: Yeah! LS: But that reminds us
that we do need to take out that time. And
it’s not saying go off and become a monk
somewhere, like become that in
your life you know 24/7. CT: Right. Right. LS: But it is, I believe He is
looking for scheduled time. CT: Yes. LS: He’s looking for time
where, we know, it may be 15 minutes, maybe 30,
maybe two hours. It’s whatever He wants.
It’s where you know and we’ve got to be willing to
give that to Him. CT: Absolutely. And we can
practice tuning in. LS: Yes! CT: I think you know, it’s
kind of like a frequency you know, like the old
fashioned radios where you turn the dial and
tune into the frequency. LS: Yeah. CT: You know, the more
time we spend in the Word of God and
praying in the Spirit, the easier it is for us to
tune into God’s frequency. LS: Yeah. CT: And I remember one
time I was just really practicing the
presence of God, practicing hearing
God. And I’m just practicing hearing Him
in the little things. Not the major crisis
but in the little things. And I baked a pie in my,
in our farmhouse and I put it on the kitchen counter
and I went to answer some emails and things.
Everyone was out of the house, it was quiet, and as I’m sitting
answering emails. I hear the Lord on the
inside of me saying, “The cat is eating your pie.” LS: Mm-hmm. CT: And I thought that
surely has to be my flesh. It can’t be good. It’s
not spiritual enough that can’t be God
speaking to me, right? LS: Yeah, yeah. CT: But it just kept coming
stronger and stronger. And I went downstairs
into the kitchen and sure enough there was a
cat eating my pie. He’d come in through,
through the door and it was up there and
I’m like, “Wow God! You even care enough about
the little things that you want to tell me when a
cat’s eating my pie.” LS: Wow. CT: And I thought that’s
that’s kind of silly. LS: But it’s
every day life! CT: He’s interested
in everyday life. LS: We’ve about 30
seconds. Would you just pray that people
would be able to hear God that way. CT: Absolutely!
Father God, I thank you! That everyone listening to
this program can hear God. Right now, we just
declare over, over them, you can hear the
voice of God clearly in Jesus Name. Thank you Lord. [Music] LS: Yes. Amen, amen! Thank you so much
for watching today. And again I believe
that is the first step. Walk away from
this interview, watching this
time together, saying, “I can hear
God!” Look forward to seeing you next time. [Music]>>Carlie Terradez
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Glenn Chapman


  1. Yes – He spoke to me and it was a life changing moment. His voice came through my spirit not audibly through my ears. Since then, I hear the Holy Spirit speaking through my spirit and it sounds like my own thoughts.

  2. I have a hard time hearing the voice of GOD and I don’t know why, can someone please give me some guidance on what I should do ? How do you pray in the SPIRIT as well ?

  3. LORD help me to hear your voice clearly in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen

  4. Lord let me hear you I need you with me I surrender my life to you Lord I need to hear your voice

  5. It is not silly that Papa God said that the cat is eating your pie. Because it's the little things that matter to him a lot among everything else. In my walk with God through these many years, it was those little things that saved my life! And I'm so glad that he is my papa and I need more of the Lord Jesus Christ everyday!


  7. ​Aux saints, fidèles en Jésus-Christ: For more on the power of the Holy Spirit, watch WASH in Christ Ministry. Comment & subscribe!

  8. "And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him." For sure it is how you are walking with God in all truth that you can receive. He is seeking those who are seeking him in all truth. "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." I know that I can hear so clearly when the love in my heart is aligned with the love in his heart.

  9. I remember the first time I heard the Lord ..a still small voice…and 4yrs I hear the Lord very clear MELISSA ….I had to ask my dad a question the Lord told me to ask him and He began to speak to me very clear and everything THE LORD has spoken to me is backed up in the Scriptures …and He loves to talk with his people and he has a sense of humor that is amazing and healing and He is very bold in HIS word….Thank you Jesus for your Holyspirit revealing mysteries of Truth AMEN…I have to read the Word of God everyday because his Word is forever …And the prophetic word is always backed up by HIS WORD always…I HEAR the Holyspirit in my Gut not my head HIS VOICE COMES FROM THE DEEP PART OF MY GUT AND HE IS LOUD AND CLEAR

  10. Oh shit, your hearing voices, your psychotic, or are suffering and number of mental maladies, and again a story, true or not banked into a book, your Christian niche, how fucking special

  11. I know shes from the UK..but with that American accent mixed in she sounds like an Aussie

  12. Another program that I didn’t learn a thing. Why will someone not tell us what they heard God say and what were they doing when they heard and how was it applied. All that was said in this program was you can hear and no examples.

  13. The problem with folks of faith or religion is that lack a critical thinking mind.

  14. I got a msg back in 2016 after laying my broken life at the foot of the cross, I died to myself that day and I gave my life to Jesus. In my baptism I morned in the pool and I realized I was saying goodbye to her, I sensed a presence and for a moment there was silence and a solomnes, there was cheering, microphone blaring and in that moment he was with me,,,I made a covenant with God, I will spend the rest of my life in service to you Lord. I started going out into the world and come across strangers and something was happening,,,in my stomach,,,as if having butterflies,,, seeing a person and knowing for some unknown reason that I am to go to this person,,,being a abused person, I kept saying Lord what is happening? I don't know that person,,,it became known for some reason I was to speak to them and I don't do this,,,I pretend I don't see you, it's safer. But a msg very clear not audibly but inside of me, Don't worry what it is you are to say for it is not you that speaks but the Holy Spirit that speaks through you. So the words be obedient, came. I said, ok Lord, I went to person after person and the msgs that came,,, did not come Frome my brain,,,it bypassed my brain, it was my voice but not my words. They were words of knowledge and I believe words of wisdom. I started noticing that I was asked questions and the answers would come out of my mouth and I realized that this was happening. Also at another point I realized that I truly wanted God's will in my life. I was still one day and I got a msg to tell a person who had a very sick daughter that she was going to be alright, I ran away and did not tell anyone until many many months later. I was so confused at what was happening,,, People thought I wasn't all there, even people who I went to church with did not understand the things I asked them about. I believe I got an imprint from Holy Spirit concerning healing. I was woke up one early morn and as I prayed, there was a surge of power that shot throughout my body and it radiated the most powerful currents as it moved in me then it left me running down my arms and literally shot out of both hands leaving me trembling but everything in me knew it was the Holy Spirit,,,I lay there praising him and asking him, Lord if I were walking around in the day would I just die if that happened then and I said Lord can you do that again,,,,he did it again,,,this was no dream,,, everything in me was in high alert from the very first filling of the Holy Spirit's power!!! Holy Spirit filled me with that incredible power that was so powerful that afterwards I lay there praising God say Lord I have never felt power like that before!!! At my request, he did that exact powerful filling again, and left me again shoot out of both hands,,,I literally felt the power shoot out of both of my hands.

  15. I do not think the part about the cat is silly at all. I think it is encouraging and powerful. Thank you for sharing

  16. What exactly does praying in the spirit mean? Some people say it means praying in tongues but others don't.

  17. Thank you so much for this life saving teaching, just when I need it more than before.🙂❣

  18. God speaks through people and give you direction and answers through a person, even a stranger

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