How to take care of your tattoo aka aftercare tutorial to help your tattoos "POP!"

Glenn Chapman


  1. Wash three times a day ? And when it started to peel do you still put aquaphor

  2. but what if after i do the washing and put lotion and the next day i go to job and i really sweating a lot does it affect my tatts. if so many sweats comes to it?

  3. I used paper towel as instructed on a different video but I did not dab quick enough, so i lost ink in the very fine areas of my tattoo.. thanks for clearing this up for me.

  4. I got my first tattoo a few days ago. But it's summer here now and really hot. How long do you wait to go swimming with your new tattoo?

  5. dude i wanna be like you with my favorite cartoons from childhood and now like DBZ, spiderman, and naruto! ๐Ÿ™‚ its good to see someone like you with cartoon tattoos because i rarely see it around here so its good to see some peoeple actually get these kind of tattoos ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. No color loss from my end. I think it's all on the person's skin type too. My work looks as good as it did after 3 days of healing.

  7. ๐Ÿ™‚ I stopped tattooing for Christianity, but I agree that when it sticked, it sucked! LOL

  8. I leave it on till morning. A lot of people would say otherwise, but it's always up to you. It's your tattoo. I would wake up with it on then immediately clean it off when I wak eup

  9. I hate when my tattoo sticks. I usually spend the 1st day after wrapping at home without clothes lol. I'm so ready for my next tattoo. Addicting in the best way.

  10. Nothing really to keep it from sticking, unless you put saran wrap in between it.

  11. aup dude ! love your tattoo videos, i'm going to get the top of my arm done soon, just wondering after applying the cream what could i do to stop it sticking to my t-shirt ?
    dont want colour coming out ;(

  12. I did except for major areas that would be affected by working out like the inner elbow cause it bends a lot.

  13. the a & d should just help with the healing. Just don't take out any of the scabs. let it scab by itself. Hope it turns out well for you

  14. I just got a tattoo yesterday. ๐Ÿ™‚ if it is saving in some spots will my A&D ointment take the scabing away?

  15. that robocop is fucking bad ass look closely at the details of these tattoos the dark and light areas and you can fully appreciate the full talent of an artist looks fcking MEGA

  16. I did but it depended on area. Inside the elbow or outside the elbow i avoided working out for weeks cause it was pealing and scabbing bad. It's best to skip working out till it's fully healed on areas like that where it folds a lot otherwise you might have to get it retouched.

  17. Bubbling? That might need to be seen by a Doctor. Hopefully it's just your special way of pealing.

  18. i really recomend using a MULTI vitamin skin cream it makes the colors glow cuz it gives you a fast healing๏ปฟ affect which keeps alot of colors in the skin ๐Ÿ˜‰

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