How to Swim Competitive Butterfly Stroke : Butterfly Stroke Sprinting Tips

PHILLIP TORIELLO: Hello and welcome to Expert
Village. I’m Phillip Toriello from the Avila Bay Athletic Club. Butterfly sprinting: What
can be said? Basically, hold your breath and go. The butterfly sprint events include the
50 and the 100. So, it’s up to 2 lengths or 4 lengths, and it’s an all-or-nothing type
race. Most people have enough energy to make it through that with consideration that they’ve
worked on their technique, keeping their head low, working on their recovery position, and
working on the timing as far as their kick/two-stroke ratio is concerned. Again, on a sprint race
though, you’re really looking to increase that turnover while trying not to compromise
that technique. As far as your breathing during a sprint, it’s completely optional. It’s not
like the breaststroke, which requires you to lift your head up out of the water every
stroke. You can breathe as often as you like. It is the bottom line. In a sprint race though,
like we’ve discussed before, the more often you lift your head and the higher you lift
your head, the more resistance and drag you’re going to add to your race and add to your
stroke. So, if you wanted to keep your head down and fly through the 50, while–if you
could maintain your efficiency during your stroke, by all means, do so.

Glenn Chapman


  1. just to complain, thanks for asking.


    because i thought i might learn something.

  2. @l33tm4st4hpwnz0r Im sorry, but you obviously have never swam competitively before, because the 100 fly is definitely a sprint

  3. @metallilover83 yes i swim competivley and the 100 is a sprint

  4. I'm dutch and I did 50 meters Butterfly in 1956 in 26 seconds –
    I was 20 % faster than other guys with TUMPEK invented by an hongarian swimmer, copied by Atie Voorbij who I saw doing it, and then next day I did it just like that – It's inhaling one time per two strokes and you swimm much more under water like a dolphin – it's beautiful –
    I wonder if I'm the only now in the world knowing how to do it. – I'm 74 but still able to demonstrate TUMPEK – IT'S HEAVY but fast and very gracious –

  5. @ankhaton For some reason i dont believe you swam a 50 fly in 26 secs in 1956.
    And breathing every two strokes is something youre taught on most swim teams. I seriously doubt you're the only one in the whole world who knows how to do it.

  6. @MrSwimmingmango do you swim in college? because theyre probably talking about high school. i remember swimming the 100 fly in hs was much different than swimming it in college.

  7. @yoyamidoingthis – yes it was amazing
    If Atie Voorbij is still alive , she can testimony
    and perhaps she has a film
    She was a kind of world champion with it.
    And of course : Mr Tumpek himself
    Or the Hungerian swimming national club
    Or next summer I'll do 3 or 5 strokes myself !
    It's not very important you believe or not
    But some national equipe trying this
    will collect a lot of Gold

  8. @yoyamidoingthis the 100 fly is a sprint. I swim below high school. 100 yards is a sprint i get what your saying though

  9. @MrSwimmingmango So are you in a swim league then? respect very nice. Yeah i know 100s are sprinting events. i personally swam 100 breaststroke and 100 back, i was just asking if you were on a high school swim team because, at least for the high schools ive seen, they dont train for any thing over a 50 as a sprint.

  10. @yoyamidoingthis yeah i do. cool i just thought you were being snotty at first, no offence

  11. This is pretty good advice, since my lung infection I haven't been able to do my normal 1 breath out 1 breath on the wall and 1 breath going in. But with all that said I still swim the 50 yard butterfly in 25 seconds flat, I'm 17

  12. Expertvillage dont bring your hands so close before the pull

  13. I'm going to a swim meet tomorrow and I have 100 butterfly which is my worst stroke helpp

  14. fucken idiot can't swim shit!  head looking down is the biggest lie every told in swim sprint!! 

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