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  3. 90 percent of the land in my country has gold,diamond and other minerals,others found the gems when farming,any idea how do I detect them plz.

  4. Hello everyone, introduce me iwan from Aceh, I also like to look for gold in different ways. watch the full video at :

  5. here's a new safe and easy way to recover gold from cell phones using only coke

  6. E-waste contains many valuable, recoverable materials such as aluminum, copper, gold, silver and PGM. Whatsapp: +905077889109

  7. Parallel dimension
    Cellphone: now I'm going to show you how to scrap bones out of humans

  8. because im work in the factory off electronics thats why i know it.

  9. use gloves when you are opening cellphone bacause thier have a leadwire that makes you sick.its very dangerous to your health can caused kedney failure its true.

  10. Fact: 6000 mobile phones can gives you 340gm of Gold, 3.5kg of silver, 140gm of palladium and 130gm of copper.

  11. Manufacturers would not really tend to put some amount of genuine gold of value in an ordinary mobile. Not a chance….

  12. can this scrap yield what a successful entrepreneur needs… what the average cost of material thus obtained from a broken phone.

  13. wanted some more information about. planning some business for this…does it yields profit or not..

  14. i read 10.000 phones have about 10 troy ounces of gold aka 15k$. so that would be 1.5$ per phone. idk it seems to take more than a few seconds to get it out so other jobs might be more profitable

  15. За что тебе лайк, за то что ты телефон разобрал чтоли сулило пендосовское

  16. I tear them apart for fun – you mean I can be making money??

  17. s m mobile

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