Glenn Chapman


  1. With Threelly AI; YouTubers, Educators, Governments or Corporations can now extend their YouTube capabilities; getting a brand new, unique and distinctive way to standout from the crowd, WOW subscribers, learn quicker, discover new insights, search deep into their videos; thus making any YouTube Channel – more FUN, RELEVANT and ENGAGING for viewers.

  2. 90 percent of the land in my country has gold,diamond and other minerals,others found the gems when farming,any idea how do I detect them plz.

  3. use gloves when you are opening cellphone bacause thier have a leadwire that makes you sick.its very dangerous to your health can caused kedney failure its true.

  4. Manufacturers would not really tend to put some amount of genuine gold of value in an ordinary mobile. Not a chance….

  5. can this scrap yield what a successful entrepreneur needs… what the average cost of material thus obtained from a broken phone.

  6. i read 10.000 phones have about 10 troy ounces of gold aka 15k$. so that would be 1.5$ per phone. idk it seems to take more than a few seconds to get it out so other jobs might be more profitable

  7. За что тебе лайк, за то что ты телефон разобрал чтоли сулило пендосовское

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